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Storage heaters vs electric radiators, or mixture of both

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Storage heaters vs electric radiators, or mixture of both

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Hi, I live in a small flat (owned) which only has electricity on Economy 7.  I need to replace at least one of the three storage heaters but am wondering if this is the way forward for me.  I am at home quite a lot during the daytime but, obviously, am finding the storage heaters run down by the afternoon.  Is it feasible to have some storage and some elec radiators?  I am looking at Rointe as they are cheaper than replacing storage heaters but am aware they will cost me dear during daytime hours.  An practical advice would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the wrong sub forum.

    Read this thread amongst many others and realise what a close shave you and your worth had in relation to Fischer Rionte etal:
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    That's three posts that you've put up - if you want answers just use one (not on this one) - check the electricity forum and choose the one that people are actually answering you on
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