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Three contract renewel - Surely this can't be right

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Three contract renewel - Surely this can't be right

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DalemarDalemar Forumite
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I would be grateful for some advice.  
My one year sim contract with Three is due to end in 29 days.  I phoned up Three to see what my options were.
My current deal is 4GB data with unlimited limits and texts, for which I am charged £7.19 per month.
Three were only able to offer to renew my contract at £9 per month for 12 months for the same deal.  I politely declined, and said I would just continue my current deal on a monthly rolling basis at £7.19 pm.
I was a bit shocked when the adviser told me this was not possible, and I would be charged £16pm for a one month rolling contract at the end of my present term.  So my options appear to be either a 25% or 120% price increase on my present deal.  I therefore requested a PAC code.
My understanding has always been that when a fixed term mobile contract ends, you can just continue on a rolling monthly basis at the same price you have always paid (subject to yearly RPI increases). 
Am I Incorrect, or do the customer advisers at Three do not know what they're talking about?


  • jnhuasdjnhuasd Forumite
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    I might be wrong, but it depends of the terms of the contract. Certainly they were going to put up my price so I left for Smarty. I'm now paying £9 for 30gb data with unlimited minutes and texts (group plan), I asked Three to beat this as I was paying £16 for the same deal with them and they couldn't which I found weird seeing as Three own Smarty.
  • Big_Red_2Big_Red_2 Forumite
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    Just changed my wifes rolling 1 month  sim deal with three. Used company recommended on here and selected 3 sim only. Got 12gb data, unlimited minutes and text for £8 a month, 12 month contract. Look at and select three sim only for the hidden deals
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    End of contract then usually for most contracts you move on to standard price .
  • DalemarDalemar Forumite
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    Thanks for the responses.  
    I spoke to Three again who confirmed I will continue on a monthly rolling contract at the price I am currently paying once my term ends at the end of June. 

  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    You are incorrect: unless it's a fixed price contract, then they can increase the price any time they like. If it's above RPI, you can leave within the min term without penalty..
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    sdduksdduk Forumite
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    OP It can go either way with Three...If you signed a 12mth contract at the price you have now then the original price could come back after 12mths because most are cut priced deals. .

    I signed a 12mth contract with them for unlimited everything for £11 but i am not holding my breath that i will get that after the minimum term but you never know till the end i was told that it would continue at that price.

    So i would just keep an eye on the My Three app on Phone or off Three's web site and see if it changes after the 12mth if it does then text for a pac code and move to a different provider thats what i am going to do....You will get a final bill in with your pac code if you do it by text.

    The last time i left Three like this they owe me £11 which i have not got back yet ( my thought ) not bovvered to ring 

    One more thing is Smarty is good because you don't have a contract you can leave anytime it's like Payg on a rolling DD but you can stop it anytime. 
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  • dazzaofdagenhamdazzaofdagenham Forumite
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    I’m finding the offer from smarty are quite good....3 of us are on smarty now under a group plan and receive a discount for doing so

    worth a look 
  • MurmanskMurmansk Forumite
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    I've just renewed my 3 contract, I was paying £10 for 8gb and unlimited calls and texts. I did an online chat via their Android app and asked to renew it at £8 and they just agreed.
  • DalemarDalemar Forumite
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    Thanks for all the responses.  
    A quick update to let you know that I have just agreed to the deal that mnbvcxz kindly highlighted.  12GB with unlimited minutes and texts for £8 per month.  Seems a pretty good deal, although I am unlikely to use anywhere near 12GB.
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