NST February 2020

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Flappers are we, Flappers are we
February Flappers are MSE
February’s rule is plain enough -
To squeeze every Pound and treat it rough.

Now we are into the 2020’s and have the shortest month of the year to look forward to, with only 28 days between paydays, it is time for some frivolity.

So who were the 1920’s flappers?

They wore different clothes – Nobody expects spats and hats and gangster chic suits. Examine your wardrobe, really think about what you have in there and what you are going to wear, make sure you know what you have. No surprises in your drawers! Rootle through them and stop wearing the same thing. Spats, hats, fringing and pearls strictly optional. Try not to buy any new clothes - charity shops do not count. It looks like it is going to get a good deal colder. Prepare.

They listened to different music – dust off your cds, listen and decide if you still want to keep them. We have the internet and other resources, listen to old favourites or try a new radio station - they are even on the tv! Try a new style, you might hate it, you might love it. I bear no responsibility if you discover a love of C&W or Bluegrass. Some of the 80s stations are a total hoot for an hour or so.

They danced different dances - so dance outrageously every day. Even if it is only while the kettle boils. When you are doing the washing up or cooking have a kitchen disco – each to their own abilities, if a spot of arm-waving while sitting on the sofa, or a shoulder dance in bed is all you can manage, then you are still involved. It all counts. Sing loudly.

They "dated," - make at least 3 dates this month – dating is not just romantic, ignore that Feb 14th thing unless it is your anniversary or your birthday, take the time to meet a friend, look up what is on at the local museum, library, art gallery, or a cheap film date with a mate (241 or Meerkat movies) or a DVD at home, bonus points for a free date, it is too easy to stop being sociable when it is cold and grey outside. Invite someone round for a coffee and gossip. Bake a cake. Play dates for kids count - they love museum/ gallery/weekend morning kids Club cinema trips – borrow someone else’s kid if you can’t get another adult to join in. Lots of Chinese New Year events are on into the first week of Feb.

The flappers used make-up. Scandalous! Prior to the 1920s only actresses and prostitutes "painted" their faces – make an effort even if it is just clear mascara or moisturising daily (or nightly, put it on your bedside table). The leaves are unfurling, so come out of hibernation.

Flapper Gentlemen, moisturise! Do some manly primping. Pluck something. Take care of your beautiful faces. Paint your toenails – who is going to see them? You are! There are some lovely non-traditional colours in £shops, black, silver, blue, metallic green – manly car bodywork colours. See how long it takes your partner to notice - do you need to spend more time noticing each other? Slap on a face pack. Take care of you.

The Roaring Twenties was the birthplace of the consumer society (boo! hiss!). It has become accepted that every family has credit card debt, and that living in your overdraft is simply a fact of life.
February asks you to consider – if you have an overdraft, how to reduce it (with an aim to be rid of it entirely asap, you know those fees are coming), if you have credit cards, that you are on 0%, and know when that 0% ends. Have a look at the 1% debt challenges – divide your debt by 100 and focus on paying that 1% off. We are not tied to these mindsets. Don’t believe the adverts.

It was also the time of Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot first appeared in print in 1920 - so examine all the tiny clues of your spending, and understand your triggers, be forensic, your spending patterns should not be a mystery to you. Investigate them.

The Rules: It is a short month, aim for a minimum of 14 NSDs - that gives you every other day to spend on if necessary (it will not be necessary, trust me). Hardcore Turtles can aim for 20 NSDs. Petrol, meds and YS are exempt.

Plan ahead – budget in advance as much as possible. Bills. Travel. Birthdays are on the same date every year. Keep a diary, or at least a calendar (they are reduced right now). If you don’t know it is coming up, you can’t budget for it.

Post 3 gratitudes, and stop by regularly to let us know how you are getting along.

Stay away from chain coffee shops / big business food franchises/ takeaways unless they are part of your “dates” and have been budgeted for. Set yourself the budget before you go and stick to it.

Anyone up for a Fabulous Flapper February?
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  • Thank you F0xh0les!!! Absolutely fabulous! Chin chin! Abundant is in!!! :rotfl:
    DFD = August 2027 @ £250/month
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  • misstara
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    Yes please :D
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  • ditty1234
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    Sounds lovely - I'm in please.
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  • Count me in please f0xh0les :) x
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  • mothernerd
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    Love it F0xh0les. Please count me in. Congratulations to anyone who only gets their birthday once every four years.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • Me please x
    Count down to retirement 2023
  • dolly84
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    Thank you f0xh0les. I'm in. My budgets for February are all done and dusted but it is the unplanned spends that I am trying to get under control.
    Debt Free and now a saver, conscious consumer, low waste lifestyler

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  • apple_muncher
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    Me too, please! Love it!
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  • f0xh0les
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    February Flappers signed up so far:

    1. F0xh0les (of course)
    2. Abundant
    3. misstara
    4. ditty1234
    5. Deni-debt-free-dreamer
    6. mothernerd
    7. shabbychic12
    8. dolly84
    9. apple muncher
    8. greent
    9. Calling14
    10. CCL
    11. MediumDino
    13. DawnW
    14. MidsHollie
    15. Toni'sfriend
    16. CJRyder
    17. Facethemusic
    19. Siebrie
    20. Tanya12345
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    Count me in for a foxy flapping February, please! :)
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