Money Moral Dilemma: Should I have refused to pay again for my shopping?

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    You were right to pay again. If the store had no record of you having paid and you left the store, you could have been accused of shoplifting. Pay with a more reliable means next time!
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    My grandson paid for something at a self-service till, and it said he was £1 short of the amount, even though we knew he'd put the full amount in. he never did get that refund because it was a cash transaction/he was a kid and kids aren't customers / the staff weren't watching. (Tesco)

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    Yes, but it's done now so nothing u can do. Why worry about the past, focus on the future and learn from mistakes. Next time, go to a physical human being who is paid to do that job, taking the stress out of your day. Namaste 🧘🏻!♀️
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    MSE_Sarah wrote: »
    This week's MoneySaver who wants advice asks...
    I paid for lunch at a supermarket self-service till by scanning its payment app, so it automatically charges my credit card and awards me loyalty points. I got the usual instant notifications (from that app and my credit card app) that the payment went through - but the till said it didn't. I alerted staff who insisted I pay again and told me I'd get an automatic refund if there was a double charge. I paid again, but should I have kicked up more of a fuss?

    Well now, that depends on how much of a fuss you kicked up?

    I mean if you were getting close to punching someone first time around, I guess we can safely say you kicked up plenty
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    Just pay again, and ask the credit card company to refund if a double charge has occurred.

    I see some people saying their credit card asks them to query the charge with the shop - nope, tell the credit card it's a double charge and you want it refunded back, they can contact the shop themselves if they want to.
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    What day of the week was it?
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    If you have paid and can prove it just leave. If challenged, e.g. by security staff, explain that you have paid. If detained, warn you'll ring the Police for help and if that doesn't do the trick, dial 999 and ask for urgent Police assistance.

    However, if the staff do not advise you that you have been arrested, politely say you're leaving and leave.

    Then write to head office. I favour a short letter sent by post, it generally gets better attention than a 'phone call or email.

    As you can prove payment, it's most unlikely that you can legally be arrested or penalised in any way.

    Some years after a dispute like that, I was approached by a manager in a major supermarket who said to me, "I thought I had banned you from the shop". I told him that I had written to the head office and he had been over ruled. Interestingly, he didn't argue.

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    “ If detained, warn you'll ring the Police for help and if that doesn't do the trick, dial 999 and ask for urgent Police assistance.”

    Ridiculous. Just pay it again and sort it out afterwards with their head office.

    Who in their right mind has time to get into an argument with the store security guard?!
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    I find it staggering how so many people have such different opinions but all state them almost as fact, like 'how could you possibly consider any alternative way of dealing with this?'. Guess that's just how the internet is these days, been a long time since I got involved in a forum thread...

    Anyway, in my opinion i'd just go along with it and wait for the refund, but i'm financially stable enough that it's unlikely to cause significant problems for me if it didn't get refunded quickly. If it was likely to make me overdrawn i'm not sure how i'd handle it.

    This has happened to me once before and it took over a week for the money to be returned but it was returned without me doing anything. The explanation from Bowmill is very helpful and makes perfect sense so it seems the simplest solution is to just pay twice and wait for the refund but only if you can afford to do this.
  • Pay a human being with cash and get a receipt, you can't go wrong. Don't support this way of paying, then you won't have the problem.
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