Money Moral Dilemma: Should I have refused to pay again for my shopping?

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  • This happens more often than not when a card is taken out the pin machine too soon, or left in too long, occasionally If the till freezes. The shop doesn't have your money so they can't give you a refund, your bank will ring fence the money until they are satisfied the shop won't take it. Which they won't so you do have to pay again to complete the transaction and take your products.

    I get the frustration if money is tight but how long before the money is released is down to your bank, some are better than others. This is more noticed now with online banking apps showing pending transaction's immediately.

    But no you shouldn't have kicked up a fuss maybe if not sure ask a manger for an explanation if they are competent they should be able to reassure you, but going in shouting will not help.
  • If challenged by a member of staff give them your name, address and telephone number and tell them that, if the charge does not go through, they should contact you. Be polite, but be aware that, since you have prima facia proof that you have paid, you cannot be accused of shoplifting.

    If it turns out that the payment did not go through, ask them for a way to pay without coming in and insist on some sort of documentation of you having cleared the debt.
  • Since my earlier post, I've been thinking on and I have a funny kind of feeling that the original scenario is just a hypothetical one which MSE has dreamed up in order to stimulate a discussion.

    Many of the replies, including my own, are concerned with the use of cards and card readers but the original question is about the use of in-house payment apps with no physical card use involved.

    The nub of the question seems to me to be 'is a transaction which is recorded on a retailer's in-house app as good a proof of payment as a printed till receipt?'

    The best people to ask would be the retailers themselves. Lots of people don't pick up their printed receipt at the point of payment but they don't seem to have a problem leaving the store unchallenged. Some self-service tills invite you to choose whether or not to provide a paper receipt. I have never used a payment app myself and I always pick up/ask for a paper receipt when I use my credit card.

    On reflection, I think that, in the hypothetical situation which MSE has presented, I would say that the record on the in-house app ought to suffice as proof of payment. But, unless the shop floor staff have been re-trained, then they are likely to continue to insist upon seeing a paper receipt.
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    Why would you waste police time, assuming they could be bothered to turn out, on a payment technology problem? The only person likely to be arrested is the person the supermarket is accusing of non-payment!
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    You haven't said if it came through to your bank a/c once or twice?!

    So were you overcharged, charged double?

    That's my question

    Also why are we all paying for our lunches and food when the Houses of Parliament have just written off over £17,000 because some people won't pay?!! Why haven't they been arrested because we would be if we tried to leave anywhere without paying?
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    -No it's not hypothetical, this sort of thing happens in real life.
    -Yes you should pay again and wait for the refund of the ringfenced money to come back again.
    -No you shouldn't kick up a fuss at the minimum (or near minimum) wage nobodies with no power who work in the shop.
    If you're enraged with the situation write a snotty e-mail to the shop/bank/card issuers overpaid software developers who like to write software in loads of different languages, none of which seem to communicate with each very well, and then deploy them with out bother to do much of the way of testing to see if they actually work in the real world!

    Source & Bias - Me (a near minimum wage shop nobody for over 10 years, & yes since I experience the same frustration you do with badly written and tested software not working, multiple times a day, you can multiply your rage towards those who write it many,many,many times to get what I feel about crap software developers!)
    Loving the Big Bang Theory!
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    And this is why cash is King....:beer:
  • I see a lot of sway towards settling cash in the supermarket to avoid these events but this is not for me. I pay on my credit cards to collect Avios, which is my aim, and it works well along with all my other points making opportunities, albeit getting harder by the day.
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    This happened to me with £80 of DIY stuff in Wickes, the bank processed it twice and couldn't help recover it. I had to go back to Wickes who thankfully refunded it manually, but it could have been expensive trusting the shop systems
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    I have not got a clue but if you had used cash you would never have had this problem:rotfl:.
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