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Frugal, thrifty, make do, mend! Let this debt come to an end!



  • SuzeQStan
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    That is very good news Elisheba - I tried the MSE calc as well and it said I was lined up for more than I was expecting too.  So at this point am hoping for something in the middle 😂😂

    don’t let the timescales get you down - there is no age limit on mortgages - you will have a healthy pension so you can even make some more mort payments if needed into retirement. And then like you say let the equity buy a cottage in lovely Scotland.

    PV 5.04kWp 
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    Mortgage freedom January 2024 - paid off 7 years early by making overpayments where we could.

  • DawnW
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    edited 8 March at 8:32AM
    It is perfectly possible to get a first mortgage after 50 - we did.  Circumstances, financial and otherwise, didn't allow it till then.
  • Makingabobor2
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    Must look at the MSE calculator to work out DH' s rise in NI. Every little helps  
    I think mortgages can be taken out a lot later now, its just a case of if you want to be paying in your retirement years  
    Making the debt go down and savings go up

    LBM 2015 - debt £57K / Now £32,466

    Mortgage June '24 £16,000 Officially ends June '26 but plan to be MF sooner
    Total OPs 2022 - £240   2023 - £1766
    OPs so far in 2024 £738.00


    EF #68  £190/£1000
    1p a Day '24 #12  £106.49/£667.  SPC '24 #41 £14.55
    Christmas '24 £28 
    Make £5 a day June £18/£150            
    NSDs June 12/15

    My debt free diary...https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6396218/we-will-get-this-debt-down-the-savings-up

  • Cheery_Daff
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    Our mortgage goes up til Mr Cheery is 80 😊 Hoping we won't keep it that long! He had to sign a 'lending into retirement' form, and give amount of pension income, and it was fine. So don't despair 😊
  • Slowdown
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    Still loving your diary! I feel like I’m living in the Welsh countryside when I’m reading along. 😊
  • fionaandphil
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    We've got a splitter and love it. Used to have a little one but it sheared off eventually, and then bought a big one which is very heavy but cuts through logs brilliantly. Don't forget you will need to dry for at least a year after cutting - you need to plan well ahead. We built log stores from pallets. Chainsaws are touch and go, cheaper ones tend to work less well but might be worth checking the German shops and picking up an electric one. Don't forget you will need protective equipment too 😀 will certainly keep you fit as it's hard work!
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