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VCS Claim form. CCBC.

edited 14 January 2020 at 8:45PM in Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking
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  • Coupon-madCoupon-mad Forumite
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    Well done, very happy to hear it. 

    I hope VCS and Excel fall over as a company and the employees end up having to get proper jobs.
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    D_P_DanceD_P_Dance Forumite
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    Lots of villages may have vacancies for idiots. 
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  • beamerguybeamerguy Forumite
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    Mrowka said:
    Another update.
    Few weeks ago County Court provided hearing date.
    Couple weeks later I have received letter from VCS stating that the matter has now been proceeded to the Small Claims Track and that they are very confident they have a strong case against me and are offering/accepting reduced settlement charge of £125.00. Obviously I have ignored this letter too.
    Yesterday I have received another letter from VCS with enclosed Notice of Discontinuance with copies sent to me and court.
    I will give a call to court to confirm it, but it looks like genuine discontinuance form.
    Thank you Coupon-Mad, KeithP, beamerguy and others who keep helping motorists fighting unfair parking fines.

    Great stuff well done.   There must be a sense of madness here saying they will win and then to discontinue

    HAHA, Simon chickened out  As said above, what on earth does their village do when he is in the office

  • Le_KirkLe_Kirk Forumite
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    D_P_Dance said:
    Lots of villages may have vacancies for idiots. 
    Are you trying to do me out of a job???!!!
  • FruitcakeFruitcake Forumite
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    Well done and thanks for letting us know.

    Please still complain to the ICO about the data breach, and please complain to your MP about this unregulated scam if you haven't already.
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