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Sealed Pot Challenge ~ 13

edited 8 October 2020 at 1:50PM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • Sue-UUSue-UU Forumite
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    YAHDi wrote: »
    I’m really late to this but would love to join. Saving for a big holiday next year after illness and this’ll be such an incentive!
    catherinen wrote: »
    I would love to join this challenge please
    Loopylucy wrote: »
    Can I please join as well. Hoping by making little changes and saving small bits of money, that I will be pleasently surprised by opening day ☺️

    It's never too late to join us YAHDi (062) catherinen ( 067) Loopylucy (068) A VERY warm welcome to you! :grinheart Have fun saving and enjoying the banter. You'll find your number at the bottom of the list on the 2nd post of page 1. Please read through post 1 as it'll let you know exactly what to do with the challenge. PS. We always empty our pots and declare our savings in November, please make a note of this year's date: 29th Oct 2020.

    Please also subscribe to the thread by clicking on "Thread Tools" (lower green bar) and clicking "Subscribe to this thread"...or you may lose us! To put your SPC No on, go to "Quick Links" (right side of top green bar), click and then click on "Edit Signature" and you're away. ;)

    *Please pop your number on your sig, it really helps us


    Hi there SPCers!!! :hello:
    I hope everyone had a lovely, if very wet, weekend and is settled back at work...where it's still wet!! :cool: I hope you're all keeping well. I see you're all saving so very well, brilliant work!
    For all those who may be poorly in any way, take good care of yourselves and here's hoping you all recover quickly. :grinheart

    Our darling 2 year old Great-Grandson has hand, foot and mouth disease! Fingers crossed he doesn't pass it on to his 2 week old Brother!! :eek:

    323in2013 wrote:

    so lovely to hear from you Sue-UU <3


    Thanks so very much dear 32b3. :D Thank you soooooo very much for filling in so brilliantly for me since I've been rough, you're an angel for certain. :grinheart

    Hi Maddie, a nice amount saved towards your holiday, good for you.

    [Quote=Saver-upper[/quote]Potted £1.24 just now.

    Welcome all the newbies to our lovely friendly thread.It all adds up by the end of the challenge.Don't forget to come back regularly and tell us about you latest potting adventures,because we are very nosey interested around here![/quote]

    Let's hope those words you've given to the new members will apply to you too, Saver-upper! :rotfl: Very well saved.

    Brilliant work in saving cash so quickly, Loopylucy! :j

    Very well done, delta13, that's a super sum saved! :D

    You'll have to be quicker off the mark when your partner's around, welshywoo!! Still, you've done well to pot what you did.

    Excellent potting, SummerDays!!! :j Keep up the amazing work!

    £15 has gone in the pot after shopping! :dance:

    Have a relaxing evening, everyone, a good Wednesday too! Don't forget to POT what you can!!!!

    Sue x

    NB folks: Opening date for SPC 13 is 29th October 2020!!! :j

    Anyone wishing to join us, it's NEVER too late, so please just ask, you'll be made very welcome!
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  • MrsMeMrsMe Forumite
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    We're going away this weekend to Bruge for my sister's 40th birthday and today I exchanged our £s for €s :D. I have potted £1.76 change from the exchange.

    Hopefully I'll come back with some change that can also be potted (once exchanged back of course!) :j
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  • sijusiju Forumite
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    Hello Potters - lovely to see you back Sue-UU

    Major disaster was averted over the weekend, thank goodness. As I may have told you before, our family only arrange a Secret Santa for Christmas. I was speaking with my DS and his partner and he asked for our help because his partner had my FIL for Secret Santa. No, I say, I have FIL and I have already bought him a present! Oh dear, when I checked, I was supposed to buy for MIL not FIL!!!!! All sorted now, we have swapped as I had already bought something for FIL. Imagine DMIL on Christmas morning if she had nothing and DFIL had two presents :eek: My popularity would be in short supply, I'm sure. Lesson to be learned from this - check and double check my Secret Santa person :rotfl:

    Nothing much to pot today apart from 1p, but, hey-ho, every little helps. Enjoy your week, Potters.
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  • Maddie57Maddie57 Forumite
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    Hi All

    I have potted another 3 £2 coins today so another £6 in the pot.

    Maddie x
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  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Hi everyone
    Well my holding jar came in handy today as I had a vets bill that was unexpected, it wasn't a lot of money but the holding jar made it easier, trouble is it means the holding jar is nearly empty now - ah well that's what its all about.
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  • BarbedukBarbeduk Forumite
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    Thank you for my number!

    I've only put the odd pence in this week so my pot was sad. Then the window cleaner came and I got a £2 coin in change! The pot is feeling a bit more cheerful!
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  • welshywoowelshywoo Forumite
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    91p for pot :) I seem to be saving the change and emptying the bank account due to large bills g'ahhhh!!! here's to being less of a spender in december haha!!!
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  • ChocolatedrinkerChocolatedrinker Forumite
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    No 133 checking in... Found a couple of 5ps in the car so they've been potted. Also I got £1.77 cash back on my bank account this month, so I've potted the cash amount as well. I have some scratch cards to cash in as well, and that money will be potted when I get it.
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  • HettyhoundHettyhound Forumite
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    Hello everyone :hello:

    I potted £2.05 yesterday but most of that went into topping up my cash bags from emptying SPC 12. So very nearly there with some of those bags! I took more housekeeping out yesterday to cover the Christmas groceries etc so hoping there may be a little left for the pot! We get paid again before Christmas but I ignore it and do not allow myself to touch it until “normal” payday, although I will have to a couple of days before this as my son is going round to a friends for lunch so I’m going grab that shopping window of opportunity on my own; can’t believe I’m planning my life for post Christmas already :rotfl:
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    32b3in201332b3in2013 Forumite
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    How is everyone. How are you getting on Sue?

    I have been busy doing nothing this week, which has been nice. I have been potting away too, so all good.

    I can't believe we have already done a month of this challenge, doesn't time fly when we are enjoying ourselves.

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