What small DFW things will you do w/c 30th September?

When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

So be proud of those small steps, they really are important! :money:
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  • Morning thanks for getting us started. Finally pay day has arrived, it has taken forever it seems to get here. Very busy day at work today, but my mind is all over the place worrying about money and debt and sometimes I think I will go mad :( So all I can do is all I can do:

    * Check bank - done
    * Update budget - Done
    * Pay a couple of bills - done
    * Dinner - sausage casserole in slow cooker, first time making this dish so hope it turns out ok as I am not a domestic goddess in any way
    * Drop DD at college
    *Take medication
    * try really hard not to get distracted at work
    * try to get a couple of surveys in

    Have a good day
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  • Morning :D thought I'd start us off, been up since 5!


    * TOMM
    * do some sewing
    * go to allotment
    * load of washing, extra spin & line dry
    * all meals from stores
    * might go in to town as need some bits for a couple of projects I'm working on and want to complete this week. I don't know will see if I fancy it....
    * go for a walk
    * need to go through my cc statement but not sure I'll want to face it today...

    Ok that's me. Have a good day :D
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    Morning all,
    Well, after a weekend of not feeling 100%, I need to have a week of achievement. So today, I plan to set myself up for a good few days ahead. Frugal tasks today will be:
    *Bake bread
    *Cut up & freeze fresh fish order which is being delivered today.
    *Defrost all foods required for tomorrow when I intend to get a meal into the slow cooker first thing.
    *Peg out as much laundry as possible as big rain arriving this afternoon.
    *Make tomorrow's packed lunch.
    *Wrap birthday gifts using materials from my recycled stash.
    *Knit..... or rather re-knit, for anyone who has seen this sorry & massively annoying tale on my dfw diary.
    *Update grocery budget.
    *Move a few funds around to keep different budget pots correct.
    *Check card stash to see how many winter birthdays it can stretch to.
    *Copy a recipe out from a library book, as I defo want to make it.
    *Tidy & vacuum. Not money saving but a tidy house makes me feel more in the positivity zone.
    *Check medicine box to see what needs buying ready to deal with colds & lergy season.
    *Defrost watercress soup for lunch (with a yellow sticker cob, I'm pleased to say!)
    *Two baths from one lot of hot water.
    *Check greenhouse & pick a couple of peppers.
    *Make a 'Christmas 2019' presents list in my diary. Am aiming to turn out the presents bag this week to see what I already have for people.
    *Triage of the fridge so small bits of things are used up & not binned.
    *Check online banking for a particular payment.
    *Check for Prolific surveys - I've had 4 from Yougov this weekend.
    *Check for long-awaited email from solicitor..... Oh look, a flying porcine making its way down our road.......
    Doubtless there will be other things too, as the day progresses.
    F x
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    Morning ready for a productive week. This week will be a challenge to do a birthday party and gift w minimum expenses and maximum fun.
    And make up for the fact that I did not apply to full time job by working towards relaunching my own creative business.
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    Morning all :)
    Thanks for starting us off DNMS :)
    Today's plans:
    HG berries for breakfast (done)
    Check banks and update spreadsheet Done
    Need to do some tidying and cleaning Very little done :o
    And a small shop - Lidl today I think! Done, spent £35 and got loads! Also popped into the stationers / craft shop as I needed a new sharpie, and wanted to buy new paints, glue, brushes etc for GD and any other visiting children. Sorted out the drawer I keep such stuff in, and threw away old dried up paints and various other rubbish.
    And take some items to my sales unit Done, also bought some back, now put away :A
    A load of washing, which I fear will have to go on the airer Currently in machine
    Food will be from home, some of the nice things I bought from the country fair the other day plus leftovers from yesterday's roast I think! Done
    Got a quote back from one of the companies I contacted re repairing our camper van awning after it was damaged by a norty New Forest pony trying to get in to check for food (there wasn't any, we know their sort and would never leave food unattended in a tent). Will wait to see if the other company respond and then decide.

    Better get on with some of it!
  • ziggy2407ziggy2407 Forumite
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    Good Morning Everyone

    DNMS - Thanks for starting us off today.

    Hi to all of the regulars and a BIG welcome to all the newbies, this is a really FAB thread with so many lovely, caring, considerate and supportive people.

    The sun's shining and I am pretty sure it wont last all day so have washed a load of towels and got them out on line while we are pottering around. Today we will:

    Check Bank & made PAD - Done
    Post parcel for DS -
    Continue decluttering -
    Make soup -
    List a few more bits on Freegle -
    Swagbucks -
    Purge a few emails -
    Enter comps -
    Surveys -
    All meals from cupboards/fridge/freezer -
    Checked: Lucky Bob, PMP, WinaDinner -
    Read Book -
    Headspace app before bed -

    Have a great day!

    C x
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    Good afternoon all and thanks to DNMS for starting us off this week.

    I'm still not feeling 100% but hopefully I'll feel better for getting a list up.

    Todays list
    * 2 gym sessions and refilled water bottle did two classes but with only half effort so equates to a class I'd say!
    * wash 3 loads on the quick wash and hang on airers in the house as unfortunately we already have lots of rain done, already fed up of seeing wet washing around the house!!
    * into town to the optictians - my prescription has changed so taking back my unopened boxes of contact lenses so that they can swap them and decide on a pair of glasses to order done and went for cheap frames as I'm usually wearing lenses
    * buy ds1s birthday card for later in the week, card was a really nice one - perfect for him and when I got to the till it was half price too :)
    * Go to icyland as we had a £5 off £20 shop voucher, bought lots of veggies, some milk and some mince
    * check banking and update spreadsheet - need to tweak budget as I remembered at daft o'clock this morning a one off spend that I've not accounted for coming up in the next few weeks done, wish I'd remembered about this weeks ago as its messed up my budgets through to Jan :( ah well sorted now
    * help kids to sort out their pocket money spreadsheets as its their payday tomorrow and I want to change how they're recording the info to help them spot patterns in their spending done
    * rm surveys done, I'm coming to the end of this cycle too which I'm pleased with
    * triage fridge and make sure nothing is going to waste. done
    ** blitzed the end of a loaf of bread for breadcrumbs - added them to a bag of them in the freezer
    ** ironed dh's work shirts and switched off as starting the last one to use the residual heat
    ** made families lunches for tomorrow - saves us a small fortune

    Thats my starter, I'll check back in a bit.
    Sticking with the "Small things" thread to keep up us on the straight and narrow.
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    twiggy86twiggy86 Forumite
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    Afternoon all!

    Hope you are all well and had a good weekend.

    Today I have/will:
    * Check bank
    * Go back through statements to find out who home insurance is with as been waiting for renewal docs!
    * Cash out £1 on TCB
    * Do washing up
    * Put load of washing on 30 degree eco wash
    * Do monthly budget (payday!)
    * Do comparison for home insurance
    * Check OP/PA
    * Order wool for crochet project
    * Do meal plan
    * Write shopping list
    * Shop to list!
    * Get lift to parkour
    * Dinner from stores

    Think that's everything for today!
    Starting again..
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    Baileys_BabeBaileys_Babe Forumite
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    DNMS thank you for starting this weeks thread :A

    Today I put in an online order for a few things we had run out of, I made good savings on our order because I used a loyalty voucher, money off voucher code, most items were on offer, we qualified for free delivery, I went through Quidco to get cashback, used our for points only credit card and used my loyalty card. This is a shop we regularly buy from so I keep an ongoing list of things we are running low/out of to make the best of offers/discounts etc. Savings of over 50%, plus cashback and points :money:

    I continue to be unwell and symptoms are effecting my sleep, which in turn is effecting my mental health and the wet, grey days are not helping. I am hoping once my sleep improves everything else will. I usually do the majority of our grocery shopping on Monday's, decided instead to rest at home today to see if that helps me start to recover, I have yet to reschedule when I'm going but we have all the food for tomorrow in so no great rush. We are running low on fruit but the trees in the garden will cover that.

    Today's list:
    Pmp etc
    Make bread
    Make porridge
    Stuck to the meal plan
    B/L/D from stores
    RM survey

    This is a pathetic list. I hope tomorrow I can do better.
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  • 1LuckyLady1LuckyLady Forumite
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    BB, I hope you are feeling better soon, I'm too not 100% and sleep is always the first thing to go for me. I agree that the weather doesn't help with low mood. You did brilliantly with your online order today!
    Sticking with the "Small things" thread to keep up us on the straight and narrow.
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