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Shell energy broadband - any feedback from recent joiners ?

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  • Hi !

    I`ve just received my first bill and the VAT has also been added on at the end. The pricing has turned out to be a lot higher than my previous supplier.
  • I`m confused by my billing with Shell Broadband. It`s showing total charges £29.06, more than my previous supplier . It includes Voicemail £1.65 and evening and weekend calls £3.76. However the VAT is added on at the end ! I thought the VAT was supposed to be included in the package ?? I did ask them if I would receive a penalty charge if I reverted to my previous supplier and they didn`t answer. Looking at the other threads there seems to be some confusion over the billing and we don`t always get the right answers.
  • I was with Sky for a few years and had negotiated a good deal to renew with them in Aug 2018 but they were not able to beat the Shell price this year so I went ahead and swapped.

    All went very smoothly, good communications and the router turned-up much quicker than expected. Changeover day was all good too and everything has been up-and-running fine since then, with consistent service and no down-time that I'm aware of.

    1st bill, quite naturally, was for 1 month plus the few extra days, although a few hours after they issued it they said there was an error and adjusted it down a little. 2nd bill just arrived covering 09/10 to 08/11:
    Caller display (in advance) 0
    Fast BB (in advance) 18.32
    Line rental 0
    Promotional discount5 4.17 credit
    Package Total 14.15
    VAT 2.83
    TOTAL 16.98

    So that seems to tally with what I was expecting. I'll keep an eye out for the £75 discount due at end of this this month.

    I've not had reason to contact them, so can't comment on customer service levels, but so far I'm quite happy.
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    shammydodgershammydodger Forumite
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    I signed up to their Superfast Fibre and Landline deal, via MSE link, for £31.99/mth, with promotional reduction of £9/mth and £75 bill credit to be paid on or about 31st December. I have a welcome email from them, dated 18th Sep 2019, that has all these salient details and that also contains a summary box of charges at the bottom that explicitly states that (excluding any call costs), the total monthly charges will be £22.99. In brackets below this figure is the all-important phrase: this includes VAT.
    My service went live on 3rd October.
    Imagine my unpleasant surprise when I received my first bill to discover that, for the period 3rd October to 8th November, they had charged me £27.59 which, itemised, consisted of £22.99 for my package and £4.60 VAT! By my own calculations, because the period was for longer than a calendar month, the total should actually have been £27.64, so I am 5p up on the deal. At the moment!
    I called their customer services and was speaking to them for 15 minutes, trying to explain my problem with the VAT, but he wouldn't listen to the point I was trying to make. "I've been 2 years in this job, I know what I'm talking about", he said. Well, tell me this, then, sunshine: why does your supposed clear-as-a-bell, itemised bill fail to show the charges broken down into (a) a service charge for a calendar month plus 6 days, VAT excluded and (b) the VAT for the same period? You've charged me, as far as I can tell, the flat monthly fee of £22.99 inclusive of VAT, PLUS an additional VAT charge of another 20%. The additional 6 days you seem to have forgotten about!
    Like I said, I'm currently 5p up on the deal by my reckoning, but my confidence that it will remain that way over the next 12 months has gone into hibernation if they can't see my issue with that.
    Oh, and the itemised bill didn't become visible unless I first viewed the email in my browser and then clicked on the link "View My Bill" embedded in that page. A direct Login to my account would only show a summary bill. Yes, very simple billing indeed!
  • lizardkinglizardking Forumite
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    If only I'd known in advance..

    So the router as others have mentioned is terrible, it only comes with 4x100mbit ports which was a standard introduced in 1995 and the wireless is only 2.5ghz. Imagine a cheap router from 8+ years ago and you get the idea.

    The prices listed in the MSE broadband checker don't actually match with what is on offer, looking at 12month Superfast Fibre Plus you have it listed as '£29.99/mth Shell Energy Broadband line rental & broadband' when it is actually £36.99!

    As for the billing this is my first one..

    From 4th Oct to 8th Nov 2019
    • Caller display (in advance)

    • Superfast Fibre Plus Broadband (in advance)

    • Line rental (in advance)

    • Promotional Discount 9

    • Package total£27.21
    • Total before VAT

    • VAT at 20%

    Total charges:£32.65

    If anyone can work out how they have come up with any of those numbers I'll be impressed.

    Oh and the worst part is they are a virtual broadband supplier and you are actually on the talktalk network.
  • mnbvcxzmnbvcxz Forumite
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    Lizard king, I think they are charging you £28 a month. What price were you expecting?

    I based this on £28 for one month plus £4.60 for the extra four days. But it is hard to be sure what price the four days are based on.

    I agree it is sneaky that you will end up paying 18 or 12 months at the discounted price but also an extra four days at the undiscounted price. But it is pennies in the end I guess.

    So it's a bit of a guesstimate, was I close to something that makes sense?(
  • keef-WhatStandardskeef-WhatStandards Forumite
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    In the T&Cs Shell say they won't be paying out till December, so ......
    Keef - Sheerness, Kent UK
  • keef-WhatStandardskeef-WhatStandards Forumite
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    Recently signed up for the Shell deal and the speed seems to be OK. Previously with Sky based NowTV. I've found there isn't much to choose between suppliers. Customer service with Shell is very poor, but they have sorted out one problem and promised to sort another. It's just a pain to have to keep chasing and repeating the requests.
    Keef - Sheerness, Kent UK
  • keef-WhatStandardskeef-WhatStandards Forumite
    271 posts
    100 Posts Second Anniversary
    Like yourself I was disappointed by the first bill. Even allowing for three extra days the £19 odd just didn't add up. Shell eventually agreed their calculations weren't right and they would send a bacs to my bank. When I chased this I wad told it would take 10 days! Fingers crossed next month will.be for the quoted £16.99.

    The £75 credit has also moved from Oct to Dec.
    Keef - Sheerness, Kent UK
  • staggeredstaggered Forumite
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    I was tempted to go with this deal - it's incredibly cheap - but when I had a gas and electricity account with Shell Energy their CS was appalling and, judging by comments on here, their broadband CS isn't much better.

    I think I'll pay more and avoid the hassle.
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