Our Romantic "Value" Meal for Two

I met a guy off the internet, we talked for six months and have been going out for nine! The great thing is he is a natural Oldstyler. He came, complete with breadmaker and EasiYo!!!! How amazing is that???

Anyways, we were having a laugh yesterday about making a meal entirely from value products and we are going to do it. This is our menu but we may need some help and would value (get it) your suggestions.:)


Prawn Cocktail salad (Can you get value prawns?)
Sauce made with value tomato sauce and value mayonnaise

Main Meal

Spaghetti Bolognese
(using value mince, value mushrooms and a jar of value sauce)
Value Cheese
Value spaghetti
Value herbs


Value Apple Pie
with either
Value Ice Cream or Value Custard.

Washed down with Value Lager or Wine (do they do this?)

We thought if it works out ok we would try some other menus from the value range.

What value menu would you have? Also if possible could you state name of supermarket. I shop mainly at Sainsburys and Morrisons. He uses Tescos.

Grocery Challenge £139/240 until 31/01
Taking part in Sealed Pot No.819/2011
Only essentials on Ebay/Amazon



  • how fab!
    Let us know how it goes. I want to learn to become more OS!
  • JenniO
    JenniO Posts: 547 Forumite
    my partner and i had a laugh the other night coz we had the basics range of cheese (4 kinds), reduced organic french loaf baguette, basics rose wine all from sainsburys one night! It was very romantic with candles actually and tasted fabulous! :beer:
  • rach
    rach Posts: 5,476
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    yes they do do value prawns :)
    Mum to gorgeous baby boy born Sept 2010:j
  • Yes, you can get "value" prawns. Sainsbury's do them. They are a bit small, but otherwise OK.
    The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in my life. :)
  • Sounds great! Yes you can get value prawns, they're smaller but they tase just fine, you can also get value seafood sauce.

    Jenni O, sometimes i get something nice for tea, all from the RTC section (we had Asda's Thai stuff the other week), then light candles and bring a huge blanket downstairs for me and OH to snuggle under. He thinks i'm being romantic but i'm just saving on the gas and leccy :rotfl:

    Kate xxx
  • AussieLass
    AussieLass Posts: 4,066
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    Can't give you any advice from over here obviously but just popped in to say that I'm so happy you've found someone like minded and hope you have a lovely value packed evening. :D You deserve it Larmy16. :A
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. ;)

  • bulchy
    bulchy Posts: 955
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    What a great idea. We've had the value wine from sainsbury's, it was in a box, reduced of course :rolleyes: unsure if you can get it in bottles though. It was nice.
    Let us know how you get on, it sounds fun, I might challenge to OH to something like this, as I've just opened the bank statement and I'm not happy with what I've seen :eek:
  • JenniO
    JenniO Posts: 547 Forumite
    Mine was the spanish rose table wine from sainsburys in a bottle for £2.56! It was fab!
  • I've bought Tesco Value prawns for the cat before, but as a veggie I wouldn't know whether it's a good idea!

    One thing - I did try Tesco Value pasta sauce once... if the value bolognaise sauce is anything like it, don't bother! It was really minging - tasted like it had already been eaten IYKWIM. Much better to buy fresh tomatoes and make your own sauce :-)

    Tesco Value frozen apple pie is fab, though - delish!
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  • Enjoy!


    I think we'll do the same this week. Great idea!
    May all your dots fall silently to the ground.
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