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Weekly Flylady Thread 17th June 2019

edited 20 June 2019 at 9:54PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • kazwookiekazwookie Forumite
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    Carbooting was ok, but not now making any major money, as I've run out of stuff to it is odds and sods, with folk offering 50p here and there.
    Best one of all today, was a woman haggling over a towel for £1, she offered 50p, I said no, she then told me she was deaf, so I just smiled and said yes me too.............don't know why being deaf should make a difference to price, but then there are some odd people about!

    Car unpacked
    Cat refed
    Kitchen needs sorting
    Needs to find out what everyone wants for dinner tonight.

    Jazee if I was nearer to where ever you are, I'd come with you on a bike ride as I am getting better, and now trust myself and other road users and I'm using the local roads, rather than just the park ride. Shed clearing out sounds good. :)
    :) Sun, Sea :)

  • JazeeJazee Forumite
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    Hello again. I moved my tomato plants from the greenhouse to a huge planter outside and then we went for the bike ride. Went a bit wrong on a poorly maintained track and ended up crossing paths on fields to get back to a decent surface again. I kept smiling but DH scratched his leg and the chain came off his bike ( and no, I didn't hear him shout for me to stop). Anyway we've laughed about it now and it's great that DH is doing stuff again now he's getting professional help for his alcoholism.

    Have just had a sort out of the cupboard of doom now there is room in the shed, but other than that just enjoying the garden in the warm weather.

    Kaz, I'm in North Yorkshire.
    Spend less now, work less later.
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  • kazwookiekazwookie Forumite
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    Jazee you are a little far for me to bike to easily :) a basic google reckons at least 170 miles via the M1 !!

    Cleaning done basic around the house
    2 hot spots moved to the bin, I'm just wainting for 'I wanted that' well tough it is in the bin
    :) Sun, Sea :)

  • FayolleFayolle Forumite
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    Been awol but been busy flying! Went to the allotment this morning which was a bit depressing as it’s looking neglected. I’ve then spent the afternoon on a flying mission. Bathrooms cleaned, kitchen and DR swept, kitchen floor washed. I might now stand some chance of doing some smaller jobs in the week from the lists. Maybe.
    DW to empty now, then dinner to cook.
    DD was being a pita earlier but has now had a flinging spree which has put her in a better mood ;)
    Hope your DS is ok, Round.
  • roundtuitroundtuit Forumite
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    Round I really hope DS is ok xx
    Fayolle wrote: »
    Hello.Hope your DS is ok, Round.

    Thank you ladies xx I've not heard from him since breakfast - I'm assuming no news is good news! Fingers crossed he enjoys the rest of his holiday x

    Two loads of washing have dried outside and are now brought in and folded.
    One bowl of pots WUDUPA

    Rosemary Ikpeme
  • asparklyblondeasparklyblonde Forumite
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    Really pleased to hear it, Round xx

    Everyone is fed (random use up/leftover type dinners tonight), DW is on and we are all in PJs. DH feels poorly therefore cannot do anything it seems :cool:...

    Need to get my flylady big girl pants on this week so get my course and essay done and dusted...

    See you all on the new thread. Has anyone seen YL recently? I'm really missing her xx
  • ValliValli Forumite
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    Don't put it DOWN; put it AWAY
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    Thank you Honey Bear
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