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What small DFW things will you do w/c 13th May?

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    1LuckyLady1LuckyLady Forumite
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    edited 14 May 2019 at 2:54PM
    Morning all,
    I'm another who uses washing powder :D
    Yesterdays list ended up pretty big, today will just be the basics as I've got to collect ds2 from school soon for his hospital review.
    So todays list
    * ys bread/muffins for breakfasts :D
    * refilled water bottle at the gym :D
    * check banking/update spreadsheet :D
    * ring hairdressers to see if I can change my appointment :D
    * all meals from stores
    * no heating on
    * iron dh's shirts later if I get time (and switch off before starting last shirt toi use the residual heat
    * make a note on the calendar about when the coucil are collecting our old bed and the ariel man is coming to move our cables after moving stuff around yesterday
    * share bath water
    * take drink and snack for ds2 to have whilst we are waiting :D

    Thats about it, anything more will be a bonus today.

    Take care all.
    Sticking with the "Small things" thread to keep up us on the straight and narrow.
  • determined_new_msdetermined_new_ms Forumite
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    Morning :D Hope you are all well and the day looks trouble free for everyone!

    I am feeling super efficient and motivated today :D have already:

    * dropped madam off to school
    * rustled up a pack up for her as she has a school trip ;)
    * done a load of washing & hung on dryer o/s - am nervous as have had to put the heated dryer out as only have 1 small non-heated one! Will be hawk eyed in case of rain!
    * washed up, tidied up d/s and put a load of washing away
    * discovered a skirt of madam's that she has grown out of but think I can use the waist band for another skirt I am making her :money:

    Still to do (in order of priority):

    * sew in zip to a gillet. Text customer to say it's ready to collect :money: - bought zip on fleabay for £2.40. To buy at shop in town £7 :eek:
    * hem top - today, in fact this morning, is the day
    * [STRIKE]NSD[/STRIKE] will be a lsd as need stamps!
    * go to allotment for an hour :D
    * go to PO & post 2 things on way. Using recycled packaging :money:
    * tuna salad wrap for lunch as all of the ingredients need using!
    * read book - have today and tomorrow to finish! Will have an hour in the garden reading :D
    * do some filling & cutting in
    * put away washing when dry
    * risotto using last of chicken for tea :D

    Ok that's my lot! Have a great day everyone
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    brednallbrednall Forumite
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    edited 14 May 2019 at 9:07PM
    Afternoon all. A late entry from me today.

    * breakfast and lunch from stores. Need to replenish bread and milk though from Mr T's after school run DONE
    * posted off Amazon return plus 3 letters to USE for a swap group. I have now pulled out of said swap group as I didn't realise most participants were overseas.
    * more craft time later DONE
    * mow the lawns when I get home as it is garden bin day tomorrow which is already paid for DONE
    * will try to check bank later on and update ss DONE
    * sort out some washing later DONE
    * enjoy some peace and quiet later after listening to inane chat all day at work :mad::mad:

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  • foxglovesfoxgloves Forumite
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    Hello Frugalistas,
    Waves to whoever it was mentioned they are in Derbyshire.....I'm in a neighbouring county.
    Glorious day here. Job list finished apart from two tiny garden jobs which will be better done when it isn't so hot. Frugal bits as follows:
    *Still doing use-it-up on foundation & mascara.
    *Baked wholemeal bread.
    *Baked mini-muffins. It's a generic recipe from a frugal book, you just chuck in 125g of whatever fruit you've got. I had 2 over-ripe peaches so did peach & ginger. No food waste here.
    *Planned a no-spend trip out tomorrow plus a picnic. All ready except sarnies which I'll make tomorrow as hummus & cucumber can go a bit soggy.
    *Staked & tied in greenhouse tomatoes.
    *Watered veggie garden & continued hardening things off for planting outside soon.
    *Rubber pork day 3. Hot pork cobs with apple sauce.
    *Cut a big bunch of oregano for drying.
    *Weeded a salad trough.
    *Laundry done overnight on cheaper tariff plus a mini-wash to freshen up a summer coat for the charity shop.
    *All line dried in the sunshine for free.
    *Went through a couple of magazines to snip out some recipes, now filed, & mags in a bag ready to pass onto my friend.
    *Hoed herb bed & bean bed.
    *Started new library book.
    *Free fitness.... Well, yes, but not really. What I mean is that I've done over 8000 steps already & I've not so much as set foot out of the front door. What I have done is just be generally active. I like to be busy & it's amazing how the steps add up. I'm. not very tall, & a walk from our back door to the end of the garden & back is 200 steps, so 5 such trips, which is frequent in growing season, racks up another 1000 steps on the Fitbit. My daily step target is 7000, as that delivers the 2000 calorie burn I need on the flab busting front. No expensive mail order weekly boxes of diet meals here, it's far more pedestrian (literally!)
    Well, I think I'll read another chapter, then cave in to cat's dinner demands.
    Cheers all,
    F x
    Money can't jump out of your purse on its own so ask 'Can I borrow one, make one, grow one, bake one, re-purpose or recycle, acquire it for free?' Yes? Then put that purse away & keep your money because little savings
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  • Emzmom88Emzmom88 Forumite
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    Evening all

    The past 2 days have been very successful lsds spent £2.50 yest and only 20p today :) i have booked my car in for its mot and need a few bits the weekend so it will be quite spendy!! Oh has gone to the football and were watching the same match at home (me and dd im not really into football but dd is starting to enjoy it) its a localish derby for midlands teams so theres a lot of talk around here about the match lol!!

    Tomorrows aims:
    •work all day
    •all meals from stores
    •put 1 load of washing on tomorrow morning and oh can peg it out
    • need to look for cheap replacement window wipers for car
    • the garden could do with a tidy up and will sort bits to take to the tip on the weekend of when oh is off next week
    • had a big bag of clothes given me for dd so need to sort them out and see what will fit her now
    • dd is desperate to sort out holiday clothes so will do this and make a list of what is needed oh will buy the last few bits when he gets paid
    • try to convince oh to wash my car...not sure if he will go for it

    And i think thats it really....need to go and make shopping list after football and do online shop (saves me a fortune)

    Have a lovely evening all :)
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    ziggy2407ziggy2407 Forumite
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    edited 14 May 2019 at 9:56PM
    Good Evening everyone

    PF - Thanks for starting us off this week, sorry I forgot yesterday :(

    Today we have:

    Checked Bank & made PAD
    Returned Library Book & collected books ordered
    Dropped some surplus mugs off at community PAYF Caf!
    Hairdresser @ home
    Surveyor called to measure for new front door and new patio doors (funds saved)
    Walk after tea (challenged myself to walk 100,000 steps in 7 days for Guide Dogs - so far its Day 5 and I'm at 78,158)
    RM Correctly Delivered survey
    All meals from cupboards/fridge/freezer
    Checked: Lucky Bob, PMP, WinaDinner

    Night all!

    C x
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    carrielovesfantacarrielovesfanta Forumite
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    edited 15 May 2019 at 2:33PM
    Morning all!

    ziggy - well done on your step total!

    Another lovely day here and it's my Friday! Woohoo!

    Today's mission:
    :heartpuls B/L/D from stores
    :heartpuls Charge phone in work - done
    :heartpuls Washing outside to dry - done
    :heartpuls Gym at lunchtime TURN ME OVER I'M - done
    :heartpuls Lovely massage after work
    :heartpuls Bit of crochet
    :heartpuls No alcohol. Might pick up some non alcoholic drinks on the way home though as need to nip and get coffee as we are out! (emergency situation) - OH has picked up coffee and milk!
    :heartpuls Set some yogurt to strain
    :heartpuls Take meter readings and put into app - done
    :heartpuls Try to fix notifications on my phone

    Have a good one all

    clf x
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  • PurpleFairy26PurpleFairy26 Forumite
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    Morning all :hello:

    Well done on the walking Ziggy:T

    My list for today:
    Was going to do some washing and peg out as it's so nice but actually I only have a few items so I'll defer until tomorrow
    Meals from stores
    Check banking
    DH to health check, cost £10 but will more than get that back as it's linked to a reduction in health premium
    Get some steps in
    Drink plenty of water
    Post a couple of forms that have been hanging around for too long
    Short list but I need to fit work in there somewhere :o
    Have a great day all.
  • Baileys_BabeBaileys_Babe Forumite
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    Wednesday is always a busy day. The children have 2 lots of training in 2 different towns, plus dd goes to a group in the evening. So we are here there and everywhere as well as 2 of the groups clash with meal times.

    Todays plan:
    Take packed snacks and drinks with us
    Go shopping with list
    Only buy what is on the list
    Put ALL shopping away
    Record spends in diary
    All food and drinks from stores
    Dry washing outside on the line
    Win dinner etc
    Renew library loans
    Squeeze a couple of lessons in somewhere
    Make porridge
    Make bread
    Freeze tonights leftovers, box and label in individual portions
  • determined_new_msdetermined_new_ms Forumite
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    Morning carrie & purps :D I also want to do a wash purps but need to wash madam's school dress so it will have to wait until tonight...

    Whoop on the steps ziggy! That's so impressive! Where have your found the time????

    Wow glorious day here again! Weather says it's going to be 15 but I think it's warmer than that already! Have long day today as madam at asc so I have until 5 when I need to be somewhere :D Feeling quite tired though so may just have a lounge around and read for a bit and maybe a nap :D

    Things to do:

    * Got batch made gammon pasta sauce from freezer for oh to do with madam when they get in
    * write a small shopping list & list of jobs to do while in next town later
    * reaffirmed my commitment to not buying anymore fabric until I have worked through fabric already bought for projects!
    * water any plants that need it
    * sow some more coriander and basil :D
    * filling & cutting in - didn't do yesterday :o
    * sewing
    * read newsletter
    * los for lunch

    Ok right now that's all I can think of... Need more coffee!
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