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New me New start, Pania's positive Progress!

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New me New start, Pania's positive Progress!

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt Free Diaries
Hi All.

Well, those of you who read my diary will know that just lately it has been getting more and more depressing. I have really been through some brown stinky smelly stuff but I'm starting to come out the other side again,

I feel positive, I feel happy, and most and best of all, I feel WELL!!:T

So I have decided Pah! to the old diary, let it die and start again here in a new and much more positive vein.

I've decided, Life is for living and we only get one chance. whoever throws the brown stinky stuff deserves no more than for us to side step around it and carry on as before.

I toyed with the idea of starting a new challenge for myself on 1st January but i'm sure so many of you before have made resolutions that have faded with the hangover of new years day. I have on countless occasions so what the hell, here it is, right now,

I will lower my debt by£15,000 by 25th December 2008!!:p

It will go in my sig as a new challenge and anyone wishing to join me for moral support is more than welcome. A big challenge? yes. scarey? too bl00dy right!! but £12,000 is a figure my debt has not been at for many many years and i would be so happy to have it that low and whats more that would settle all but one default:j

This is how i will do it....

1) make a proper attempt at a spending diary rather than being silly and just putting half a heart to it.

2) make a proper attempt at meal planning to lower the food budget

3) Use mobile ONLY for work calls when out of the house, NOT because i am sitting on the sofa downstairs and can't be bothered to walk upstairs:o (any fellow DFW'er catching me do this has full authority to launch me into orbit-hypno)

4) throw myself properly into my work and stop letting boss demoralise me into not doing my job properly. I AM good enough I CAN do it:rolleyes: maximise this opportunity for what it is worth

5) throw myself into my canine training, it is amazing how much of a good side line this can be.

6) start to budget properly and stop being scared of the real unalienable truths.

7) Ask for a bread maker for crimbo!!!!:D

So there we have it folks, progress reports here much more frequently than before, plus a shiney new SOA being posted asap. Feel free to rip to shreds, other than the mobile phone usage. I know i know i know and it frustrates hell out of me to but really is nowt i can do about it!!!!:mad:

Love you all. A healthier, much happier P XXXXXXXX
debt @05/11/11 £12210.63!! slowly chipping away!!
:heart2:impossible is nothing.:heart2:


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