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Giving up/ Cutting Down Alcohol Thread Part 16

edited 8 April 2019 at 9:03AM in Debt Free Diaries
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  • CuppaTeaCuppaTea Forumite
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    14/17 for me please

    Trying to stay on track which was difficult with the start of the week being a BH and I didn't drink on Saturday or Sunday and Monday was sooo nice and sunny in the garden.

    So I haven't got a day to spare now, must keep on the straight and narrow, no more s*d it days.
    I'm dealing with stuff.:D
  • CuppaTeaCuppaTea Forumite
    1.1K posts
    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    Oh and 17 for May please. Thank you.
    I'm dealing with stuff.:D
  • 5/5 WDC
    25/28 April
  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    18/26 AFDs today
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  • Honey_BearHoney_Bear Forumite
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    marahouti wrote: »
    Good morning everyone. Didn't drink yesterday so 6/10 for April challenge please Shaggy. It was very hard yesterday evening. My husband and I sat and watched a film on tv; DH made popcorn and we finished off an Easter egg, very nice. He didn't try to make me have a drink but I was SO tempted, he opened a bottle of my favourite merlot and drank the whole thing during the course of the film.

    It's really, really tough breaking a habit, and booze is soooo seductive, Marahouti, so you did fabulously well to resist temptation when your OH opened your favourite wine and then drank it all in front of you. In the early days of cutting back or cutting booze out that kind of 'in your face' stuff means the decision not to drink has to keep being reinforced over and over again in your own head and it's hard. However, your real determination to make this change in your life won through and that is a HUGE victory. Well done.

    And you're right, it's a lot easier if people don't do that kind of thing, but they do. A lot of people do, not just your OH. It's their way of communicating their feeling of being threatened - are you thinking they shouldn't be drinking? - are you thinking they've got a drink problem? - are you thinking you're going to try to talk them into giving up? - etc etc etc. There are literally hundreds of micro-thoughts like that going through other people's minds when anyone abstains who used to join in, and they go on all evening, all the way through their drinking the bottle basically getting !!!!!!.

    It's why people behave so badly in the pub when you're having an evening off the booze and they suddenly decide after a drink or three that you're being a spoilsport and have a bullying session aimed at the non-drinker. The more they do it, the easier it is to see they're behaving rather badly because you're the sober one and basically they're not.

    The really good news is that having done it once, you'll find the next time a lot easier and that knowledge, that you can resist temptation, grows and the confidence it gives you means that in the end you won't want to join in the drinking. Just because other people do something doesn't mean we have to, and that's a huge new freedom.

    I'm so chuffed you did it! :T :T :T
    26/30 please, Shaggy.
    Keeping it AF
  • cathybirdcathybird Forumite
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    Morning all, 25/21 for me today thanks :)
    10 in Save 12K: £3,477.46/£12K. MNSDs: 15/15 Tilly: £1,620.14
    May AFDs: 23/21 2020 AFDs: 131/260 D: 60 2019: 310/260
  • shaggydooshaggydoo Forumite
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    Afternoon :hello:

    I've updated #208,209 and 210.

    Schoolnight challenge 28th April to 2nd May anyone?

    What do we do when we fall? We get up, dust ourselves off and start walking in the right direction again. Perhaps when we fall, it is easy to forget there are people along the way who help us stand and walk with us as we get back on track.
  • ArkersArkers Forumite
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    Good afternoon,
    16 please Shaggy
    Arkers x
  • mamanmaman Forumite
    22.2K posts
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    shaggydoo wrote: »
    Afternoon :hello:

    Schoolnight challenge 28th April to 2nd May anyone?

    Shaggy x

    Count me in for 4 for the SNC please.

    And thanks for scoring April and I love my Easter smileys.:T
  • AnnieGAnnieG Forumite
    796 posts
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    I'm so busy with all my moving preparations, but I think I'm nearly ready... nearly!!
    Today I'm on 15/18... I'm out tomorrow saying goodbye to my friends, not sure whether I'll make my target but if not I'll only miss it by one day.
    Say what you mean.. mean what you say... without being mean.
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