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Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 2

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  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Old Style Weight Loss Challenge 2019 Second Quarter

    01/04/19 - 30/06/19

    Imperial (lbs)

    Brambling 0/10
    Cranky 0/9
    dandy-candy 0/7
    Doing it my way 0/13
    dumpling 0/10
    ellie99 0/10
    enthusiastic saver 0/14
    hatful of hollow 0/11
    Iheartichokeyou 0/10
    Izadora 0/18
    K9zz 0/12
    Munchin 0/10
    Rose Wood 0/7
    s_glover 0/16
    SIRENS 0/10
    star trek fan 0/14

    Metric (kg)

    butterfly2507 0/9
    July grocery challenge £22.18/£250  
  • katiepantskatiepants Forumite
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    Thanks for the new challenge. New thread, new start. Took the plunge and weighed myself this morning and I'm really embarrassed to say that I am 2lbs heavier that I was at the start of the previous challenge *hangs head in shame*
    I am going to aim very low on this challenge in the hope that it'll make it seem more achievable. Please could you put me down for 13lbs, which is 1lb per week.
    Sealed pot challenge 11: number 594
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    Good afternoon, I would like to join in please :)

    Dare I aim for 20lbs over the three months!

    I've changed my eating habits, monitor intake and walking over the last few weeks and am ready to shift a lot this year!
  • MrsLottieMrsLottie Forumite
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    Thank you Cranky for starting us off again on a new challenge .I have had a lovely weekend away having eaten out for every meal and quite a few glasses of wine too.So starting from tomorrow and I’m going to aim for 7 lbs over the next 13 weeks .I’ll weigh in next Monday .

    Good luck everybody !
  • Doing_it_my_wayDoing_it_my_way Forumite
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    Toast for breakfast, pate and crackers for dinner and it's a special day so we are walking to the chippy for tea. Not fantastic dieting I grant you but considering what has my usual diet has been consisting of its pretty darn good and I am breaking myself in gradually. Starting at 11stone 4lb would like to be 10stone 5 by June's deadline.
    Weight loss 6lb/16lb 10lb to go
    I spend an insane amount of time wondering if I am doing it right, sometimes I remind myself that I am doing my best....and that is enough
  • dumplingdumpling Forumite
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    Good evening everyone :hello:
    Well I have had a very good day today, staying within my calories and trying a new recipe for dinner. It was chicken and leeks with a blue cheese sauce (page 112 Cranky) and it was absolutely delicious, not like diet food at all :D. I have organised shopping to be delivered tomorrow with more ingredients to try more recipes out.

    Nice to see so many people rejoining this challenge, I always think I may not have lost very much so far this year but I am not giving up although I may go off and sulk for a bit every now and then :o:). I hope we are all successful this quarter and even though we may stumble, we all manage to get back on track with the help and support of each other. Right I'm off to bed before I get the tummy grumbles, take care xx
  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Hi Everyone,

    A late post as I've been working this evening. I have added up what I've eaten and gone over my carb target so not a good start. Partly because things got switched around and I ended up not having lunch till nearly 3pm in a hurry before dashing off to work for four.

    Lunch: 2 poached eggs on homemade sourdough toast.
    Dinner: Cauliflower cheese with bacon pieces (left over from yesterday)
    Treats: 2 chocolate biscuits. 6 pieces of dark chocolate

    I have achieved my step total and played an hours tennis this morning so I suppose I could have had a worse start. I really need to fit in a supermarket shop to stock up on vegetables again.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
    Target 8st 12lbs

    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
    Average daily steps: January 19,317, February 19,449, March 20,330, April 22,026, May 20,412 June 15,690
  • chocolatebumchocolatebum Forumite
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    Could i join in please, really need to get a grip of my weight.

    i would like to lose 14lbs
    31/12/2018 = £21,740.10 - 31/12/2019 = £18,581.29 (14.53% PD)
    31/01/2020 - £18,685.22 (14.05% PD)
  • GingerlilyGingerlily Forumite
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    I would like to join this challenge if I may. So far this year I’ve lost 11.5lbs but regained 3.5 of those when I lost focus last week :wall:
    Hoping this challenge will help me stay on track. I would like to lose 14lbs by the end of this challenge :D
  • dumplingdumpling Forumite
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    Good morning everyone :hello:
    Welcome to all the new people wanting to start, good to 'see' you.

    I am popping on to write my meals down for the day as it helps me to stay focussed. So, todays meals are:

    b - weetabix and a banana
    l - tuna salad rolls and a packet of baked crisps
    d - chicken biryani
    s - fruit, cornetto

    Hope you all have a great day and make good choices, take care xx
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