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Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 2

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Good morning all,

    Here we go then, a fresh new challenge :j

    dumpling my sister and I have bought the same cookbook as you so we'll be able to compare notes. The idea of old style weight loss is that we do cook from scratch rather than rely on ready meals so at least we'll be doing that part right. As far as I can remember from my childhood though, my nana's idea of dieting was no carbs and drinking PLJ which I think was lime juice. Nana was probably right about the low carbs though.

    Take care all of you and happy losing :)
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  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Old Style Weight Loss Challenge 2019 Second Quarter

    01/04/19 - 30/06/19

    Brambling 0/10
    Cranky 0/9
    dandy-candy 0/7
    Doing it my way 0/13
    dumpling 0/10
    hatful of hollow 0/11
    K9zz 0/12
    Rose Wood 0/7
    SIRENS 0/10
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  • enthusiasticsaverenthusiasticsaver Forumite, Board Guide
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    Thank you for running the challenge again Cranky. Please put me down for 14 lb loss as I will be present for the whole challenge. I have some holidays, parties etc within the next three months but will work round them.

    I have a busy day going to toddler gym today with my 3 year old DGD and looking after the baby so must be away. Have a good day everyone.
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  • IzadoraIzadora Forumite
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    Thank you for setting up the new challenge Cranky.

    I've spent so long umming and ahhing about what I think is a realistic target and finally settled on 18lb

    It sounds a bit scary but I'm working on the basis that it's just under 1.5lb a week and I averaged just over that on the last challenge. I know that I've got Easter, quite a few birthdays (including my husband's and mine) and a week away during the next 13 weeks so will hopefully keep it together on the weeks when I've not got too much going on.

    Best of luck everyone xx
  • s_glovers_glover Forumite
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    Hi Cranky and everyone else on here.
    Please can I join in? I'm going to set my target at 16lb
    Hoping being on here will make me a little more accountable and keep a nice track record.
    Am going to make Tuesdays my weight in day if that's OK?
  • Hello, I'd like to join please? Can I be put down for a 10lb loss. I'm going on holiday in September and am currently at my all time heaviest weight so have a lot to lose. Thank you.
  • Morning all, after failing the last challenge where my end weight was the same as the start although being positive I didn't put any on, I'm optimistically aiming for a 14 lb loss. It would be nice to nudge under 15 stone. However, I do have 3 boxes of chocolates to work my way through, thanks to my lovely children.
    I must also make time to read more of my binge eating book, managed the first couple of chapters which are pretty much just summing up binge eating.
    Changing my weigh in day to Monday, so I'm starting at 15 st 13 lbs.
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  • butterfly2507butterfly2507 Forumite
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    Good morning everyone :beer: Thank you Cranky for the new thread!

    Can you please put me down for 9KG again? (Since I'm still stuck on the same weight, ugh)

    I lost a whooping 0.2 KG within a week :o :rotfl: I could ist here and make excuse but oh well. Once I'm done with my meds it will (hopefully) be better :beer:
    books read 2020: 29 / 100
    Weight loss journey: 1,5 KG / 9 KG

    english is not my first language, sorry for any misspellings :o
  • MunchinMunchin Forumite
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    Good Morning.

    Thank you Cranky for the new challenge. I would like to go for 10lb this time round.
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  • ellie99ellie99 Forumite
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    Hi Cranky40, can I please join the new challenge? My clothes are getting tight and uncomfortable, and I don't have any larger ones!

    I haven't weighed myself yet, will remember tomorrow. My plan is no snacks and smaller portions.

    I will aim for 10lbs please.

    If you could live one day of your life over again, which day would you choose?
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