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Old Style Weight Loss 2019 Part 2

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • zafiro1984zafiro1984 Forumite
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    Trying hard hopefully a result on Sunday which seems such a long way off.

    visitors here for lunch so I'll have to be careful
  • s_glovers_glover Forumite
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    Pleased to report another 3lb loss this week! Am now just snuck in under 11st.

    Pretty good day yesterday. Nice walk at lunchtime. Tea was a pretty large bowl of pasta and I did have a couple of malteaser bunnies and a cookie with a cuppa after. Another lunchtime walk for me today.
  • MrsLottieMrsLottie Forumite
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    I sympathise with you Izadora I’m feeling pretty much the same as you .Why is it that some situations which should be hard to handle turn out o k and when being good should be simple to handle ,it isn’t ? .I’m going to have to take myself in hand and not let one ginger biscuit turn into four .! .
  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Good afternoon all,

    As expected i have STS this week. I've meal planned for the week ahead though and had some words of encouragement from my friend who is also trying to lose weight. It's one of my days off today but apart from 10 minutes at lunch time this is the first time that I've sat down.

    I called in at Tesco for some diet coke (caffeine free) after dropping the HT at school, then I cleaned the kitchen and put away all the bits that were on the side. I've freecycled the air fryer because I never use it so it was just taking up worktop space. I did a load of washing and dried it, I've been to the dentist, I've baked 24 oat biscuits to share between 2 friends and the HT and I've made mocha squares for the HT. Some of the biscuits went into a parcel with some other stuff and have been posted, a third went into a tin for the HT and the other third are for a friend in hospital that the HT and I will visit later this evening.

    Going to work seems to have somehow increased my energy levels. I'm hoping that all this increased activity will be reflected as weight loss next week.

    Izadora some of the gain will be water. Don't be so hard on yourself. My friend has had a dose of the "fat, useless, total fail" thing lately too. She's a clever and very talented doctor (who kindly told me what was wrong with my arm on Sunday while we were strolling through Chester) so I'm fairly sure you're not a fat useless waste of space either.

    Take care all of you :)
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  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Evening All

    I didn't get chance to post yesterday as I was so busy but did stick to all my targets. I am going to change my weigh in day to Friday if thats ok as I find I sometimes put a pound on over the weekend with doing all the meals for the family. I know most of it is water weight but I find it quite disheartening.

    I have just reached my step target for today. I had a couple of short walks this morning and a longer one this afternoon. I also did Pilates this morning.

    Lunch: Homemade mushrooms soup. As I am trying to up my protein, I also had a couple of slices of ham and the last of the smoked salmon with some cream cheese.
    Dinner: Airfried chicken breast with left over cabbage, cauliflower cheese, sauteed carrot and yellow pepper.
    Treats: Small bar of dark chocolate.

    I am managing to cut down a bit on the cream in my coffee but still need to cut back a bit more. I am having a lemon and ginger tea in the mornings but am still having to make myself have it rather than really enjoy it!!

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  • dandy-candydandy-candy Forumite
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    Sorry I've been missing, I've had a few black dog days but hopefully I'm on the up. I completely forgot to weigh myself, and as I'm already up and dressed I will wait until tomorrow.

    Yesterday I just couldn't stop eating, so I decided to keep myself busy with the housework as a distraction. The problem was I had to keep going into the kitchen to put on the next load of laundry or get the cleaning stuff, and more than once suddenly became aware that I was standing in front of the open fridge completely unintentionally :rotfl:

    Have a good day all :)
  • s_glovers_glover Forumite
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    I haven't lost a huge amount yet but enough to spur me on and remind me of what it feels like to be lighter. Even a few small steps can make a difference physically and probably more important mentally and I find it empowers me to see more progress. Does anyone else feel the same?
    Sometimes it's really hard to pick yourself back up, when you just can't see the way forward but I find it's always worth the effort, just difficult to get out of the cycle sometimes.
    I read somewhere a long time ago, that it takes about 3 weeks for new habits to form and I think it's not far off for me.
  • MunchinMunchin Forumite
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    Hi all

    STS last week but might be a gain this week. I was away for a long weekend and ate, drank and was merry. I could have got back to basics yesterday but it didn't happen, but hopefully I'm back to plan today and managed a run.
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  • Been MIA last week. Not been well and then the black dog descended. Managed to put on +3lbs so now weigh 2lbs more than when I started. Refusing to beat myself up about this.
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  • Rose_WoodRose_Wood Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Evening All

    I've just got back from blood donation - so hopefully will weigh a lb less tomorrow!!

    The weather was unexpectedly gorgeous today. It got up to 21C this afternoon although it hadn't been forecast. I had a lovely swim this morning and then played tennis this afternoon and even wore my shorts. I shall take it easy tonight although I don't usually suffer any after effects from blood donation.

    Lunch: Mushroom soup. Scrambled eggs with ham.
    Dinner: Pork shoulder chop with peas, cauliflower and almond mash, and sauteed apple, onion and carrot. (I've been experimenting with ways of serving vegetables today - can you tell?)
    Treats: Half a small bar of dark chocolate.

    I was very good and didn't indulge in any of the free crisps or biscuits pressed on you at the donation session, although I did bring home a pack of biscuits for DH.

    Hope all you suffering from feeling down have had a good day and that there's been some sunshine in your life.

    Weight Loss Challenge 5/7/19 10st 6lbs
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    Daily Steps Challenge 16,000
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