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Is it acceptable to order a kids meal as an adult?

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  • Abbafan1972Abbafan1972 Forumite
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    My Mom always used to order a child size meal for my Nan, as she was such a slow eater and could never eat an adult sized one anyway. The rest of us were full paying adults. I don't think she ever had a problem.
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  • General_GrantGeneral_Grant Forumite
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    andygb wrote: »
    Years ago, I had my last meal at Pizza Hut.
    My wife and I went in and I wasn't feeling that well so ordered a side dish of salad, whilst she had a pizza. We both had diet Cokes.
    About midway into the meal, she asked me if I wanted to try a bit of her pizza and she passed a piece over to me.
    Within seconds the waiter pounced on us, saying that we couldn't do that because I hadn't ordered it, and if I did it again he would ask us to leave.
    I simply said OK and said that I was leaving, and we left having eaten half the food but didn't pay.
    I saw no reason why they should have the right to throw someone out for that and then expect them to pay in full for a meal.

    Did they think it wasn't "her" pizza (as in an item specifically ordered for her) but that she was having pizza as part of the "buffet"? If the latter, then I can understand (but they should have said you would have to pay the buffet price too) but if it was her simply sharing (however much or little) of a pizza then clearly that should not have happened.
  • jjhdeejjhdee Forumite
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    We had a friend who opted for kids meals because she does not have the appetite for a normal sized one, and it was a tad cheaper too. Never had a problem with it personally but not all restaurants may want to.
  • dobbiesloandobbiesloan Forumite
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    In my Morrison's cafe you can get a main and a drink after 3pm for £5:75. or 2 for £11:50. However they have a deal for 4, 2 adult mains and 2 drinks + 2 kids meals and 2 drinks for £10:00. So my friend and I ordered the £10:00 deal. When the food arrived at the table we were asked where the other 2 were. I told them that there were only us two. I was told we were not allowed to do that so I said they were on their way and if they did not arrive in time then we would eat it for them. They were not happy about it.
  • AndyCFAndyCF Forumite
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    Their portion sizes often suit me better, and sometimes are still too large - especially kids' packed lunch options!

    I found this (at the local chip shop actually but same principle) in that what was aimed as a junior type meal deal thing was just about ideal for me with a mini-fish + a very small portion of chips and a pot of gravy or curry. Although the price difference was like £5 vs £8 (ish) I think for the full size fish and mix etc, I could not eat it all. :)

    They never said anything, actually the first time I asked for a mini fish the lady said there was that meal offer on! So it was not like I demanded it to start with.

    I've not had one for about a year now thinking about it, and it was only a once every two-three weeks treat for myself really given the highish cost.

    Summary is as others have said I don't think there's anything cheeky in trying to order a junior meal or whatever for yourself unless its stated its for under 12's or whatever and/or has to be purchased with an adult meal etc, regardless of outlet. Ultimately they want you to buy "something" :D
  • AskalabaAskalaba Forumite
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    My partner tried to order a kids meal and was told she couldn't because she was over 18 :D
    Absolutely love a good bargain. If anybody has any money saving tips please send them my way :j
  • One-EyeOne-Eye Forumite
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    8 of us stopped for breakfast on the way to the airport, and I found myself 6th in the queue. The first 5 ordered a Big Breakfast:
    2xBacon, 2xEgg, Sausage, Mushroom, Tomato, Beans, Hash Brown, Fried Bread, 2xToast
    Kids Breakfasts were exactly half the price, so the last 3 of us each ordered two Kids Breakfasts:
    1xBacon, 1xEgg, Sausage, Mushroom, Tomato OR Beans, Hash Brown, Fried Bread, 1xToast
    The staff didn't mind, but the 5 with a Big Breakfast weren't that happy ;)

  • nigelrtaylornigelrtaylor Forumite
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    If a restaurant refuses just leave. It's there loss.
  • It's stupid not to let people order from kids menu, why would they care, I do what I want, lol
  • no problem with Macdonlads ordered kids meals but said we didnt want the toys - (pretty skint at the time)
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