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Is it acceptable to order a kids meal as an adult?

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  • deanosdeanos Forumite
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    I often order children's puddings, only in chain restaurants tho , never been refused yet.
  • olgadapolgaolgadapolga Forumite
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    I do this all the time. haven't had a problem yet.

    You can but ask!
  • Annie35Annie35 Forumite
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    Peter999 wrote: »
    Ricky Gervais covers this in after life. It's quite funny.

    I was going to say that Peter! :p it was funny.

    I kinda agree with him, as is it really a concession, really?? as it's a smaller portion (usually) happy meal have mini chips & less nugs then a regular portion... kids plates at places are side plates (portion control ;) )... stonehouse pizza have a 'kid's pizza on a small plate + a 'skinny'pizza on the main menu (30% smaller = kids plate!) SAME PRICE... see they know :p
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    adindasadindas Forumite
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    SamOli94 wrote: »
    Is it okay to order a kids meal at a restaurant if you're a fully-grown adult? Some restaurants don't let you, is there a reason behind this?

    Well, this is tricky question.

    But this is worth trying, when ordering meal
    - You dress like a kid,
    - You suck pacifier while ordering a meal
    - Thereafter you sit in the kid zone on the kid chair and play with the kids

    Please inform the forum the success rate. If the success rate is high it might help other people on MSE to save money.

    But you must be already aware. Most kids will bite your hand if you try to steal their meals.

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    taurustimetaurustime Forumite
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    My late mum never had a great appetite in her later years so we always asked for a children's portion - not the children's menu! - when we ate out. She'd order what she wanted from the main menu but served on a side plate as a full-size dinner plate put her off. We'd never been refused. I think most tuned-in restaurants would rather have a little of something in the way of payment rather than a lot of nothing in the way of potentially lost future custom. I have tea in one of the major coffee franchises every Friday. I don't like any of their tea bags so I bring my own from home. It's hit and miss whether they charge me for a pot of hot water, even although I always offer to pay as they still have to heat the water, provide me with crockery and seating, heat and light and clear up and wash up after me. All that's missing is the tea bag! Again, I've never been refused a pot, in most cases, for free.
  • jo132000jo132000 Forumite
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    I have done this many times, as I got towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn't eat a lot without feeling awfully sick or having terrible heartburn so if we went somewhere I often ordered the kids porition and no-one seemed to have a problem with it.
    Also I did it recently when on day trip with my little boy, the adult portion would have been far too big for me and would have ended up being wasted but the kids portion was just enough!

    Don't see the problem personally as not everyone has huge appetites.
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  • alandmalandm Forumite
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    I am not a big eater and will nearly always go for the kids meal (unless it specifically states that these are for children only).
  • pink_pirliepink_pirlie Forumite
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    Funnily enough, I had a kids meal in Spoons last week. There was actually very little difference from the adult version of the same meal and the kids version came with a drink and a snack which the adult version didn't. Will be doing it every time from now on.
  • I often have the kids' meals, unless they state 'for under 12s only' or similar. Their portion sizes often suit me better, and sometimes are still too large - especially kids' packed lunch options!
  • You're a paying customer and you can buy whatever you like.

    Restaurants are service businesses and in my experience it is rare that they won't accommodate a request of any kind if they can reasonably do it, and that includes selling you a smaller, or children's portion.

    If your chosen restaurant refuses your entirely reasonable request, vote with your money and go elsewhere in future (or even cancel your immediate order). Perhaps also leave a customer service review...
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