100,000s of TalkTalk TV customers face £48/yr price rise - MSE News



  • I have received this letter and they were going to charge me £4 a month for a service I have never asked them for and have never used. The only times I have discussed TalkTalk TV with them is me constantly trying to refuse it or having it removed when they've added it.

    Apparently I have activated it, that must've been when I borrowed a youview box when my freeview box died. That was not supplied by talktalk to me and I did not ask them to trigger any premium services on it. Just to watch TV. Which is free through the aerial (well, not free with the licence fee, but certainly not something talktalk can bill me for).

    The lady on the phone tried to con me that even accessing any catch-up service through my smart TV will counts as premium and activate the talktalkTV charge. Because "when I took up talktalk they installed a TV line" - no they didn't - I have phone and broadband, I have never had any TV equipment from them, but they insist that they are my TV provider. Which they aren't. It comes through the aerial.

    It is also incredibly pathetic of them to send out their price rise letters (for that is what it is) without containing ANY information about how/who to contact to discuss and dispute the charges, but it had plenty of whiff about the "benefits" of throwing £4 month down their drain.

    And then she had the gall to try and upsell me additional services at the end of the call, completely misjudging my mood and my opinion of them, and also completely ignoring that I can't afford any premium content right now.
    (Although I could be wrong, I often am.)
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    I have had a Talktalk freewiew box for several years & pay £12 per month for "TV services". As I have a Smart TV now what would I lose by cancelling the TV boost? I never use any extra paid for channels, films etc. It doesn't sound as if I can trust Talktalk to give me an honest answer.
    As no one seems to know the answer to this: I have cancelled my TV Boost, saving £12 per month & Refused the £4 increase. (By using the online chart service). So far my box still works as normal and all I have lost is a couple of channels I never watched anyway.
  • I was given the 'free' tv box when we were jettisoned from Virgin in 2015 to TalkTalk. When I received the email saying they were going to start charging £4/month I thought that I would opt-out and keep the box, but when I spoke to them they requested the box back before they would opt me out. So beware thinking that you can opt-out AND keep the box. I've now bought my own Youview+ box and will be looking for a new broadband provider when my contract's up.
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    I have phone and broadband with Talk Talk and years ago they gave out TV for free, although I think I paid for the box via them. Never activated their TV Boosts or bought any extra channels or films.

    Having heard about this £4 charge on several Martin Lewis TV appearances and through the MSE e-newsletter, it struck me as strange that I had no communication from Talk Talk about the charge. How could legally such a charge be introduced without notice officially from the supplier? They can’t.

    When a letter from Talk Talk arrived in the post yesterday (26 Jan) I expected to read of the charge and for me subsequently having to waste time trying to contact them to dispute it.

    The letter opens with the typical marketing fluff about improving your service and giving a £5 discount off ordering a film of the month. It also states from February, Talk Talk TV will cost £4 per month (all as per MSE so far...) but then says “...you won’t get charged. You’ll see a £4 charge for your TV on your bill, but we’ll also apply a £4 discount so you’re not paying more. Your broadband package and any TV Boosts or discounts will not be impacted by this change”. So it seems not all will have this charge. Perhaps they are waived for older existing customers. Not sure but MSE might need to change the warning slightly.

    The letter gives this website link for more details. Might be useful for others who have been unable to reach TalkTalk by phone or webchat.
  • And how does every one else feel about them sending a price rise letter out that contains absolutely no details about how to get in touch with them to discuss it? A bit of a shyster's move in my opinion.
    (Although I could be wrong, I often am.)
  • For anyone not quick enough to avoid getting billed for this, I sent the below email to concerns@talktalkplc.com and received a refund and cancellation of the TV service the following day.

    "Hi there

    Account number 61......
    Landline number 01........

    In my latest bill I have been charged a £4.00 fee for Talktalk TV.

    I do not use any TV boosts or extras so I believe I should not be charged this fee.

    • opt me out of Talktalk TV (with no charge or penalty); and
    • refund the £4.00 charge on bill number TT....

    Kind regards... "
  • Got to admit that the free Youview twin tuner recorder box I got from TalkTalk is a really good piece of kit..Excellent sharp recordings, better than any Humax recorder I ve had. They upgraded it last year to a smart TV/catch up and improved the recording section which is what I use most.. It really is an absolute bargain at £48 !.. I remember paying £250 for a Humax twin tuner not that long ago.
    I ve left TalkTalk and gone to an inferior Plusnet broadband supplier . Talk Talk have nt requested the return of their brilliant Youview box
  • I've just been on to talktalk re this new £4 charge for something that was free in my talktalk package, they say they have cancelled it and that i will receive a refund. Like a few others i will be leaving talktalk as soon as i can get out of the contract with no charge. Talktalk certainly know how to upset customers.
  • I am furious with talktalk and have spent several days now going back and forth to them asking why they have added TV to my package when I only have phone and broadband from them - they cannot give me a straight answer.
    I bought a youview box years ago from currys and only swapped to talktalk last year due to cheap deal on internet. When I spoke to the 'complaints manager' at the call centre he said it was a glitch which I don't believe, so I switched to emailing them after getting no joy from their chat team - they couldn't give me a straight answer either - and am now waiting for the management team to get back to me after 3-4 emails which equally don't give me a straight answer!
    It seems if you own a youview box they automatically assume it is to watch their premium channels - absolutely ridiculous way to treat customers!!
  • I thought I was on a fixed price 24month deal, but according to TalkTalk that doesnt include TV , when I took the deal it said phone Broadband and TV so how can they change this half way through the contract..
    Asked to remove the £4 charge and they said I will lose the TV..
    this must be illegal...
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