100,000s of TalkTalk TV customers face £48/yr price rise - MSE News

TalkTalk TV customers will be hit by a £4 a month charge from February - but if you're affected, you can opt out...
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'100,000s of TalkTalk TV customers face £48/yr price rise'
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  • teedy23
    teedy23 Posts: 2,088
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    edited 21 January 2019 at 4:32PM
    I have been with TalkTalk for at least two years and never had a box, I have a land line and broadband with them. Should I have had one?
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  • Neil_Jones
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    teedy23 wrote: »
    I have been with TalkTalk for at least two years and never had a box, I have a land line and broadband with them. Should I have had one?

    TV you have to opt into.
  • dawyldthing
    dawyldthing Posts: 3,438 Forumite
    Teedy your not missing much, it’s a glorified free view box with chance of watching sky sports etc. I went on chat other day and said they can have it back after 19th Feb as I’ve got sky sports with them until then then I’ll pick a now tv box up as it’s really not worth £48 a year
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  • I have just complained to TalkTalk about the price increase as I did not need the additional TV in extra rooms and they have agreed to keep my package as it was in order for me to keep my original TV channels. I was going to lose my entertainment package if I opted out of the new charges but after complaining my package will remain the same.
    Thank you Martin for the article alerting me to the option to opt out.
  • When I received the email about the £4, I started a chat session. I asked if I was now going to be charged £4/month for what previously was free, and that, if the answer was yes, I would switch to Plusnet or whoever. The answer was confused (about multi-room, boosts etc.), so I repeated the question. The answer now was, "yes, but as a long-standing loyal customer, we offer to waive the charge." I said thank you, but that it wasn't quite right to imply I already had a TV service, when I didn't, and that many unsuspecting customers would pay the £4 out of ignorance, laziness or fear ... and that wasn't right from a big company. Freeview means 'free' after all.
  • I have just renewed my contract for 18 months with TalkTalk will I be affected by the TV Box increase, as surely a contract is a contract?.
  • I also just renewed in December and was told yes I would have to pay the additional £4 per month

    So I "opted out"

    They offered me 1 month free, but I told them to shove it

    I think I'm too far out of contract agreement (18th December) to cancel the whole lot?
  • Quote from latest Moneysaver Email ref £4 increase per month

    "If you do choose to opt out of the new service, you will still be able to use your box and TV service to watch Freeview, pause and rewind live TV, watch on-demand content such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, and to rent movies."

    Contacted Talk Talk and they say this is not the case and we will lose our entire TV service and be unable to do any of the above if we do not pay the extra £4
  • Hi there,

    I would like to say a big thank you to Martin Lewis and MSE.

    On reading this latest newsletter, I saw the warning about the TalkTalk TV price hike. When I looked on their website, on the “My Account” page, I could see that the charge was to be applied from February, but could find no explanation about the fact that it was for the multi-room service or access to other boosts. It looked as if it was an unavoidable charge if you had any access to TalkTalk TV. I would not have known I could keep all the services other than multi-room service or access to other boosts if it had not been for the newsletter.

    I think it is disgusting how devious TalkTalk have been re the introduction of this charge.

    Has Martin got his Knighthood yet? He sure should have, for all the savings, etc., he (and MSE) reveal.
  • I'm really annoyed with TalkTalk over this charge. It's a sneaky way of extracting more money out of their customers. As agilpin said, many users won't notice the charge until they see their bill has gone up.
    What really hacks me off is that I have to waste my time (logging on, getting onto the webchat then having to decline each incentive to make me take the service). Why should I have to opt-out of this imposed charge when I don't have any TV Packages extras as it is?
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