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List of forum challenges 2019

edited 15 January 2019 at 5:19PM in Savings & Investments
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edited 15 January 2019 at 5:19PM in Savings & Investments
Why not get inspired this year by joining one of our 2019 MoneySaving challenges? This forum houses a host of fantastic MoneySaving challenges that are great for info, motivation and competition.

They're started by users and at the turn of each year they're rebooted, as has just happened for 2019. If you haven’t already, join the forum to join in the challenges. Here's a full list:

  • The 'Make £2,019 in 2019' challenge. Whether it's selling on Etsy or working overtime, this thread has folks trying dozens of ways to boost their income. See Make £2,019 in 2019.

  • The 'Pay ALL your debt off by Xmas' challenge. There are more than 100 people involved, encouraging each other with tips and support to pay off debt by Xmas 2019. Alternatively, get help in the Debt-Free Wannabe board and Debt Help guide.

  • The 'Bring your lunch to work' challenge. Say no to coffee shops and ready-made sarnies. Instead take a delicious meal from home and report back what you ate. Bring your lunch to work.

  • The 'Make £10 a day' challenge. This is a challenge to make £10 EXTRA a day, every day for a month by flogging stuff, mystery shopping, freebie loopholes and more. Try the Make £10 a day challenge.

  • The '50p Savers' challenge. Collect every 50p coin you get and save it for a goal, eg, a new driveway or removing a tattoo. See the 50p Savers Club. There's also the Sealed Pot Challenge, where you sellotape up a box and fill it with change. You then prise it open on 31 October in time for Christmas.

  • The 'Marie Kondo tidying' challenge. Fan of Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo? Join the popular KonMari 2019 thread, where fans of the Japanese tidying craze share tips on how to donate, sell or chuck every item that doesn't "spark joy".

  • The 'Frugal living' challenge. From making your own jam to charity shopping, it's all about Frugal living.

  • The '20p Savers' Club. Just like the 50p Savers Club, the aim of this is to collect your 20p coins and save them towards a goal.

  • The 'Saving for Christmas 2019' challenge. The aim of this one's to save £1 a day, so you've a nice stash for next Christmas. See Saving for Christmas 2019.

  • The 'Grocery' challenge. The aim of this thread is to share tips and tricks on slashing your supermarket bill. Join the Grocery challenge.

  • Fashion on the ration. Stay stylish while keeping clothing purchases to what you'd have been allowed under the 1941 coupons system. It's all explained in Fashion on the ration.

  • The '£1,000 emergency fund' challenge. Join others building a savings buffer to protect against hard times in the £1,000 emergency fund challenge.

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