The 365 day penny challenge 2019

I started this challenge in 2017 but due to the pressure of a large amount of debt I struggled to keep up with it. As of this month I am debt free and determined now to save as much as I can to have a more secure future. I know some of you will be in a much different situation but we are all here for our own reasons.

The aim of the challenge is to save 1p on January 1sr, 2o on January 2nd till the 31st of December where you would save £3.65. Obviously this make the end of the challenge very expensive so I find it better to just mix it up a little bit. If I have £3.01 in my purse, I’ll just mark that day off.

At the end of the year you will have £667.95. Use this money as you wish. Pay off some debt, treat yourself or just continue to save it.

Here is a printable chart so you can monitor your progress.

I’ll keep this thread going even if I’m on my own as I want and need to stay motivated. If anyone wants to join me along the way you are more than welcome.

Happy saving
Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150


  • Hi I would love to join if possible :)

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    Debt Remaining: £0.00 - Debt Free
  • awinterstaleawinterstale Forumite
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    What a fab idea.. please may I join? :j
    TOTAL DEBT @ 01.02.20. = £21,452.67 :eek:
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    Of course you can. The more the merrier
    #1 helejenkins £112.98/£667.95
    #2 a random man £1.50/£667.95
    #3 a winters tale £86.38/£667.95
    #4 too_much_debt
    #5 buffythedebtslayer £108.50/£667.95
    #6 cybertortoise £6.19/£667.95
    #7 sleepy-saver
    #8 pinkfluffybabe £12.57/£667.95
    #9 blackberrycurved £7.77/£667.95
    #10 motivated £12.03/£667.95
    #11 chocolatelover93 £12.72/£667.95
    #12 donkidds22
    #13 Leelad £6.45/£667.95
    #14 Mandthehusbus
    #15 seahorsey
    #16 Example79 £14.06/£667.95
    #17 Cado1
    #18 hummingbird £5.00/£667.95
    #19 MaisieM £13.89/£667.95
    #20 unicornrose2804 £108.50/£667.95
    #21 Igamogam
    #22 Leothecat £7.00/£667.95
    #23 Cake_Angel
    #24 fatpat £9.21/£667.95
    #25 ikeby £4.12/£667.95
    #26 claremylove £59.75/£667.95
    #27 cydneyb £36.05/£667.95
    #28 Iwillsucceed £42.78/£667.95
    #29 sodrea
    #30 raspberryjamming
    # 31 CazzieLT £32.49/£667.95
    # 32 Mapbroke
    Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150
  • Hi!

    Can I join please? I did this last year, didn't save the full amount but am aiming to have a good go this time. I have already done 24 days so far.


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  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    Can I join please :)

    I would love to do this :)
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  • cybertortoisecybertortoise Forumite
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    I'd like to join please. I have zero savings and plenty of debt, my car is due its MOT in a week and Christmas was so stressful financially, I really need to be more motivated to save for a rainy day!
    Restarted my journey toward financial stability on 1st September 2021 - I will succeed!

    Total debt - £38570.75 @ 31.08.21
    Current debt - £31090.89 @ 01.10.2022
    Paid to date: £7479.86
    Number of debts: 37 35 33 31
    Pay off 12% in 2022: 9%
    DFD: December 2029 Back on track for May 2029 July 2029
    Emergency fund: £28.03/£1000
  • I’d like to join please. I tried to do this challenge last year but failed miserably due to changing jobs twice. I’m determined to do this and the £1 per day challenge.
  • pinkfluffybabepinkfluffybabe Forumite
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    Can I join please?
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  • BlackberrycurvedBlackberrycurved Forumite
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    Can I join please hopefully posting regularly will keep us motivated. Instead of buying a coffee I can’t afford I’ll do this. I’ll try to stick to it often I try to do more than the challenge then give up a bit like the gym. Please give me a number and I’ll put in my signature
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    14TH JULY 2021 DEBT FREE
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    motivatedmotivated Forumite
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    Can I also join please
    I've tried doing this on my own before and failed miserably :o

    But the template you have is great and will help keep me on track. I too will also be mixing up the payments to make it easier

    I've started myself off with £10 to get me started.
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