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2019 Frugal Living Challenge

edited 27 November 2019 at 8:46PM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • KaylatasteKaylataste Forumite
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    Sorry to hear people having uncertainties with jobs,such a worrying time.I haven't had work this week so I’ve been baking fairy cakes and helping my friend whose Mum passed away unexpectedly.Its been a sad week.
    Still spending a lot less than I used to,I had to use 4 pounds of my savings so that’s annoyed me,but I will put it back in as soon as I’m able to.
  • So it looks as if I'm going to come in on budget. Most surprising is that I have £14.43/£100 left on my dining out fund despite all the eating out and coffees whilst my daughter was in hospital. May be able to lower that budget, or perhaps just save anything I don't spend each month. Budgeting has definitely reduced my spending.

  • FrugaldomFrugaldom Forumite
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    Sorry to read all the shaky news regarding shaky jobs. Spudsmum, perhaps it isn't as bad as you are thinking for DH - can but hope. And Whippet1, maybe there will be a surprise turnaround of events. Good luck to both of you.

    Saved a few pennies on fuel costs by walking to and from Frugaldom today but only because the car wouldn't make it up the hill in the snow. :)

    Well done to all you folks making your own beauty products. I'm sure it will be a massive saving if you are used to spending on such things. Hair & beauty are 2 things I don't spend anything on but being self-employed and working beween a field & barn and the computer, I've never realy thought about these things. This is probably why daughter is a beauty therapist and son is married to a beauty therapist!! :rotfl:
    I reserve the right NOT to spend:
    The less I spend, the more I can afford!
    Now running Frugaldom as a lifestyle social enterprise! :D
  • Whippet1 wrote: »
    Thanks Frugaldom, it's good to know i'm not the only sucker. I may be losing one of my part time jobs soon so will have to get to grips with the problem.

    Just wanted to say I know how you feel. I have 2 part time jobs and one of mine could be going soon, its been a bit up and down since last year and owner can't make her mind up if she is selling the shop and if she does the new owner will not want the staff. Then the other day I found out that my other job could soon have the hours cut if the can't turn things around. I am nearly 62 and TBH, probably won't bother looking for anything else as both jobs suit me so well and are so flexible.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)
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  • HettyhoundHettyhound Forumite
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    Yay, pay day at long last! Just been and taken cash out for the month; started using cash only last January for around 95% of day to day purchases and really noticed how it makes you think about what goes into your shopping basket. Been to the supermarket and spent £26.65, slightly over budget of £25 but included coffee to take to work (to save on buying there) and some ingredients to make extra for freezer meals. Will go and get household and pet food at the weekend but definitely cutting back on non essential cleaning products. My mum just used bleach and some of the cream cleaner stuff and we never caught any bugs and seem fairly robust!

    I managed not to break into the balance I’d left in my current account so have moved that to pay off the credit card and I’ve also managed to pot £5.90 purse left overs into my sealed pot. Also found out yesterday I’ve been shortlisted for interview for a higher grade position in another department. Keeping my fingers crossed but I had 5 interviews last year and 0 job offers. In the short term it wouldn’t make much difference financially as I get childcare tax credits so they would reduce as my salary increases but I feel a lot more comfortable knowing I’m earning the money myself.
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  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Photogenic
    Hi everyone
    Still managing to stay within my budget, but I have the car insurance in February, the 6 month water bill which I thought I would have heard about but haven't as last year it was issued just a few days into January and I still have another big bill that needs paying before the end of March, but I will plod on being careful and eating as cheap as possible.
    Frugal challenge 2020
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    Emergency fund 260.83/1000
  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
    2.9K posts
    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker Mortgage-free Glee!
    Hugs to those with job issues.
    Have managed 22 nsd's this month.
    Pleased that the flat is finally decorated. Carpet and lino fitted.
    Paid for 2 extra excursions for my holiday in April. Only need spending month and the plug adaptor.
    Have to really mind my spending next month. Cannot believe how quickly January has gone. Have booked my dental check up for next week and also have a gp appointment about my mh - have stopped taking my antidepressants.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2020
    Mortgage free as of 1st August 2013
    NST May 2020: May the force be with you NSD 25/20
  • IgamogamIgamogam Forumite
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    Hettyhound wrote: »
    Just been and taken cash out for the month; started using cash only last January for around 95% of day to day purchases and really noticed how it makes you think about what goes into your shopping basket.

    I started using cash again a couple of years ago now.....revelation! I only take a set amount when food shopping and use the self scan so I can see exactly how much I have in the trolley. I have change pots for £2 20p 5p and coppers and picture 50ps....they quickly fill up now so I save so much more that way too:D
    Be the change you want to see -with apologies to Gandhi :o
    In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn
    'On the internet no one knows you are a cat' :) ;)
  • little_greenlittle_green Forumite
    536 posts
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    well I was around £100 over budget for January & that's not including a couple of additional purchases for the house (wardrobe for 1).
    Bit disappointed in myself tbh but gonna put it down the January sales lol... well in part .... Definitely striving to be stricter for February.
  • little_greenlittle_green Forumite
    536 posts
    100 Posts Name Dropper First Anniversary
    Says I'll be stricter I'm February yet here we are oat 7am on day 1 and I want to buy an adult unicorn onesie :rotfl:
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