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  • Beshki
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    Yes, no sale shopping for me either. Infact, we’re enjoying a pyjama day at home - though we are doing some DIY. I had picked up a couple of bits in the sales through the year for various people, but actually regretted it as when I came to wrap them I realised that actually, I had bought them mostly because they were reduced in cost and not because the person would want them. So I won’t do that again. Weirdly, I put less thought into some people’s presents this year than I have previously, just bought things that were useful (if not to the person receiving, then at least to someone) and received much more grateful comments. Weird. So for me, thoughtless is the way forward lol! Happy Boxing Day all. I think I shall almost miss the present buying - though not the bank balance that goes with it!
  • Redredrobin
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    Merry Christmas everyone [better late than never !]

    We had a lovely quiet Christmas , i had to wake Dd up because the dog could smell his new toys and was being a pain wanting to open them .

    We usually take the decorations on Boxing day but Dd wants them to stay up until NYE for some unknown reason !

    Anyone braved the shops today ? I have made a start for next year , wasn't intentional but got an email from a British knitwear company about their sale so got my dad a lovely jumper oops ! Also saw an earring set in John Lewis sale so that's part of my mum's done too ! A lovely local lady makes little pleated skirts so got one for my little niece +a matching top / pj's and a couple of Christmas themed books . I think i will be more organized for 2020 than i was for this year .

    What is everyone doing for NYE ? We don't do much other than seeing in the new year then off to bed !.
  • Peppapig
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    Happy Christmas everyone, hope you all had a lovely time. We had a lovely, if full on, day yesterday but are chilling just DH and me today. I need to conserve my energy - I have a strawberry cheesecake to work my through by the end of the day.

    Thank you ILOVECOMPS, it’s felt strange but we managed to fit in two visits to mum yesterday without disrupting the day for everyone else so it wasn’t too bad although the guilt we feel about the situation is sometimes almost unbearable.

    PRINCESSKITTY what did you think of the G&S special? I couldn’t believe it when it ended, I felt like it had only been on five minutes! I’m glad they didn’t reveal all about the fishing trip but what an ending:eek:

    We don’t do anything special on New Year’s Eve REDREDROBIN, usually just a normal evening but we watch the fireworks on tv at midnight and then go to bed. I’ve never been one to go out at new year so I can’t even blame getting older lol. I might made some aspirational resolutions as the measurable ones I usually make tend to fail miserably.
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • aimeemum
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    Merry Christmas all.....What a fab 4-days I've had. We ate, drank and were generally merry.....as always it's over all too soon!

    No sales shopping for me although I am off to the shops on Sunday morning so may have a look for some bargains of gift wraps. cards etc and maybe even a bit of clothing. I have a NYE get-together with friends to prep for too :D
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  • junior_j
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    Belated merry Christmas you lovely people. :beer:

    I worked Christmas Eve , Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I have Saturday the 28th off than I'm back to it lol. Joys of working in a club. However I actually enjoyed working so can't complain really.

    Peppa having to work through a cheese cake can't be all bad. :rotfl:

    Red robin I'm tempted to take down secs today. Really not happy with tree. I did get some lovely reduced tree decks in tesco and sainsburies which will be great for Xmas 2020.

    Beckshi I think I get myself totally worked up over Christmas gifts.i need to have a better and more laid back approach.

    Kerri lots of cold turkey sarnies in order.

    Happy belated birthday Chrissy G

    I had some beautiful and awesome Christmas presents. Including my beautiful toy story surprise bedrooom. Work tonight , I also need to go get dog food.

    Have a great day everyone.
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  • junior_j
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    :eek: had a total nightmare after my last post.

    Went to go for a shower and my one year old sausage dog managed to get under the bath and stuck between piping.

    An hour of stress , using everything that was at my disposal to try to coax her out. I even called my dad as me and mum couldn't retrieve her and were seriously contemplating getting the fire brigade out to rescue her. Randomly as my dad pulled up she came out like nothing had happened. My dad then fitted our new bath panel , so thankfully all has turned good and ultimately another job has been done.

    Right I'm showered and in uniform and off to work x

    Have a good evening.
    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
  • 3forholidays
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    Hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas.
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  • nic2075
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    Merry Christmas to you all. Apologies for not being on. But I’ve decided to lay off Facebook and the internet more. So over Christmas I haven’t been on. I’m limiting all my use online, trying to encourage the kids to do the same.

    I had a lovely Christmas. Lots of family over on Christmas Day for a meal, it all went well. Then more on Boxing day.
    My girls had a dance class this morning to blow away the cobwebs. But other than that I have just snuggled with the kids, watched movies and ate and drank. It’s been great :D

    I still felt I didn’t want to be at my new job. I’ll give it time. I hope it works out in Jan when it’s not end of term and everyone is all over the place.

    Hugs to anyone who needs one. X
  • StokieBecks
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    Nipoed into Boots. Hope no one is waiting on further reductions the shelves in ours have been ransacked and the sale section was as good as empty.
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  • kerri_gt
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    Nipoed into Boots. Hope no one is waiting on further reductions the shelves in ours have been ransacked and the sale section was as good as empty.

    I popped into a local(ish) one yesterday and there was loads and loads left. I also realised I hadn't actually been into a Boots store since they started stocking for Xmas in Nov :eek:

    Picked up skme reduced cards today in M&S as O2 didn't do their 'usual' free box on the app this year. Might need to pick up another box for next year too.
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