* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread



  • aimeemum
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    Wish my Tesco man would hurry up - I've placed my last orders on Smyths and Amazon this morning (including returning one gift that turned out to be wrong and getting an exchange for it) and now I'm just waiting on a whole host of deliveries.......fingers crossed it will all arrive by next Tuesday:eek:

    Now I need to focus on wrapping....thinking I'm going to have a 'wrapping day' tomorrow to get the kids stuff all done. Lots of movies, mince pies, twinkling lights and paper and tape everywhere! lol
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  • princesskitty29
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    I only have two presents to wrap now, although I’m still waiting for one that hasn’t arrived yet and I need to get DH a car magazine for his stocking which will need wrapping. Oh and the few kids presents I’ve had sent to my mum’s – one day I’ll be finished wrapping! :p Squeak has got a bad cold, he woke with a temperature during the night and is quite poorly today, Wiggle also woke up with a sore throat in the night. Wiggle has got a busy day at school as it’s party day and he’s got a disco after school so he’s going to be really tired tonight, luckily he’s finishing at 2pm tomorrow so he can have a rest.

    aimeemum I’m with you, I WILL be done by end of November latest next year! Although don’t believe everything I say as I say this every single year! :p Fingers crossed you get all of your orders in time.

    kerri apologies that wasn’t me having a dig at you, I missed your suggestion when I was reading through. Perhaps something like ‘Step into 2020’? A play on ‘Step into Christmas’? Although other people won’t realise it’s about Christmas and might be surprised to find a load of Christmas nuts when they click on the thread! :p Like you I literally cannot believe it’s 20 years since the turn of the millennium! I remember it so well.
  • mandco
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    Peppa - fridge/freezer breakdown right on top of xmas is the worst timing esp as you were so organised. fingers crossed you get everything replaced with minimal fuss.
    We have a buffet on xmas day every year and its great no rushing around or worrying about timings

    JJ Hope your recovering ok and fingers crossed for no more visits this year

    Nic goodluck in your new job. Its always daunting making a big change/trying something new but hopefully its just nerves.

    3forholidays thank you for continuing to run the thread it is much appreciated.

    The last couple of weeks have flown by and I still haven't started wrapping yet :eek:
    I do still need to pick up a couple of top up vouchers but I don't like to get those too early just in case ( i got ds one a little while ago and when he tried to add it it said it had already been used :mad:)

    Picked up a large cooked ham for our buffet & another large tin of quality street from costco today. Just need to get a few last minute fresh bits but all other food shopping is done.

    Hopefully dd is going to take the grandkids presents at the weekend as they are taking up so much space

    Seems strange to think this time next week its all over for another year

    Going to do some xmas baking with taz and watch lots of movies snuggled on the sofa over the weekend as I refuse to go near the shops

    Hope you all get to enjoy some of these last few pre xmas days
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  • princesskitty29
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    nic how was it at your new job?

    mandco yes I find it strange to think it’ll all be over this time next week. I always think I’m going to feel sad when it’s over but I’m usually ready by then! I guess it’s because there’s lots going on in the build up to it. Hope the wrapping is going well!

    We arrived at the farm yesterday (we rent a converted barn on a farm when we visit my family for longer that a couple of nights) and they had put up a 7ft tree for us which is lovely. I was worried I wouldn’t feel festive here but I definitely do and there’s a log burner too which will make it all the more cosy. The boys and DH have all got man-flu, but hopefully everyone will be brighter for Christmas day.

    When my best friend and I were younger we always used to go shopping in Gloucester on a Saturday, I especially remember it at Christmas time and I’m excited as we’re going to go there tomorrow for a browse! Normally I would avoid going to the shops this close to Christmas but fortunately I don’t need to get anything so we can just soak up the atmosphere, and if it’s too busy we can just leave and go for coffee somewhere. Although of course it won’t be as I remember it as it was a long time ago, we always used to head to BHS first for breakfast which has obviously gone now and I still desperately miss Woolworths! I was devastated when that closed and it’s the one shop I’d bring back if I could.

    Does anyone else find it extremely frustrating that the shops sales are now starting before Christmas?? I didn’t mind too much if I’d seen something I bought before Christmas in the sale afterwards but I’m not very happy that some things are already in the sales. You’re basically being penalised for being organised. It used to be January sales that moved to Boxing Day, and now it’s starting before, they’ll be selling Christmas stuff at sale prices in the summer in a few years!

    Anyway I hope you’re all getting on ok and nearly ready for Christmas, it’s been a bit quiet on here lately, hopefully we can all catch up when this busy period is over!
  • princesskitty29
    princesskitty29 Forumite Posts: 1,233
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    :bdaycake: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY 3FORHOLIDAYS! :bdaycake:

    Sorry it's so late, I just popped on the front page and saw it was your birthday on the 15th! I hope you had a lovely day xx
  • 3forholidays
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    Thanks for the belated birthday wishes PrincessKitty. I had a lovely day.


    I was thinking about titles for the new thread and thought of the following:

    Driving home for Christmas throughout 2020
    Step into Christmas and 2020
    Ding Dong Merrily on High into 2020

    Do let me know your thoughts on these titles. :)
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  • Peppapig
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    PRINCESSKITTY I completely agree, I can’t believe the number of sales that have already started. I’m thinking of buying late next year and saving money but then knowing how things go I’ll probably end up not being able to get anything.

    I’m really not feeling Christmas this year, I don’t know if it’s because we’ve had a lot going on (Mum’s worsening dementia meaning hospital and now a nursing home) or the weather being so unfestive (constant rain isn’t Christmassy, I need crisp and cold) but I really feel like I’m just going through the motions. Hopefully once the little ones get here tomorrow the Christmas spirit will come back.

    3FORHOLIDAYS I’m sorry I missed your birthday, I never think of checking, I miss FREESPIRIT keeping us all on track. Anyway, belated happy birthday wishes and I hope you had a lovely day. Oh I’ve just seen you’ve posted and you did have a lovely day so I’m glad.

    I’m probably the only one but I don’t like the 2020 part of the thread titles. I love Driving Home for Christmas (even though it does make me want to say ‘turn it up Dave, I love Chris Rea’ which you won’t get if you don’t watch Gavin and Stacey 🤣), that definitely gets my vote but for me having ‘throughout 2020’ tacked on the end spoils it. Just my opinion.
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
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    Peppapig My mother has dementia and has been in a nursing home for 2 years and Christmas has is different. This will be my 4 Christmas with my having dementia - but she has had dementia for 3 years. Sending you hugs as you face the thought of a nursing home for your mom
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  • mrsinvisible
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    Wish you all a very merry Christmas, hope to get back posting regularly next year. please can someone remind me how to subscribe to the new thread when it is created? 3 for holidays, l rather like 'step into christmas' as a title for it. Thanks for doing this for us.
    Peppa, that is a real catastrophe, l admire the way you sorted it out and hope you and your family get through the nursing home dilemma and are able to have some Christmas joy.
    JJ so sorry you have been ill again. Hope it is the last time, and that 2020 is a good year for you.
    Chez invis continues to rock from chaos to crisis, but that's not new.
    Family have arrived from China, house looks like a padding can, l have no idea what we are having for Christmas dinner, l will have, round the table; 1 vegan, 1 vegetarian, 2 dairy intolerant, 1 of whom is also near vegetarian, 1DGS who doesn't eat 'real food' so will be on turkey dinosaurs and chips, 1DGS who will eat most meats but no veg, 2 who need soft/liquidised foods, and me...…. wish me luck.
  • kerri_gt
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    princesskitty no offence taken, I certainly didn't take it as a dig, and we're all grown ups entitled to our own opinions ..it would be a very boring world if we all agreed on everything (though sometimes it would make a nice change :rotfl:)

    3forholidays happy belated birthday xx

    How about 'Step into Christmas 2020' or 'Deck the Halls with 2020 boughs of holly' ?

    Although I quite like the idea of a non Christmas title and everyone thinking we're a bunch of total nutters :rotfl:

    Well Christmas prep has taken a back seat for the past week and a half, sadly we had a(mother) close family bereavement :( so Christmas will be feeling somewhat different this year. OH in particular has had a really tough year.
    I've wrapped most of what I'd bought, OH presents are all a bit of a mish mash as I'd planned to used the past few days to finish his shopping but obv that hasn't happened, so I do need to visit the shops tomorrow which I'm slightly dreading :eek:

    I also ordered some hot chocolate bombes from a lady on FB, which are still en-route with the courier so goodness knows if they'll arrive before or after Xmas. Had planned to have them as a surprise with OH tomorrow evening with a film. The lady had some postage problems and her products were featured in the national press so the poor lady was totally overwhelmed with demand. She's done her best. Hey ho, if they don't arrive in time, c'est la vie.
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