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  • kerri_gt
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    Meant to also say, yes, I find it annoying when stores start their Jan / Boxing Day sales early so you feel like you're being penalised for being ordganised, or having to buy things and post them for arrival before Xmas.
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  • princesskitty29
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    I had a really lovely day wandering around Gloucester yesterday with my best friend and mooching around the shops. We haven’t done it for years and years and it was lovely reminiscing, I even found it a little emotional at times. My auntie always lived with my grandparents, and from a young age she used to take me into Gloucester shopping on a Saturday and we’d go back to my grandparents where I’d stay for the rest of the weekend. Happy times. It wasn’t too busy (except for M&S Food which was rammed!) so it was nice and relaxing.

    It’s my brothers birthday today so we’re going to congregate at my mums this morning before he goes to work (he’s a carer), then we’ll probably go and get some lunch and head back to the farm to settle in for Christmas Eve excitement.

    3forholidays I like ‘Step into Christmas 2020’ – it addresses Christmas and the new decade, but to be honest I really don’t mind, I also like Peppa’s suggestion of ‘Driving Home for Christmas.’

    Peppa OMG that made me smile, EVERY time I hear ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ I always say ‘turn it up Dave, I love Chris Rea I do!’ I can't wait for the Christmas special this year, although because we're at the farm we can't record, pause or rewind so if the boys wake up they're on their own! :rotfl: I hope you get your Christmas mojo when the family arrives, you must be going through quite a stressful time with your mum, anything like that could certainly affect how you are feeling. I hope she settles in the nursing home and that you can be reassured she is being looked after. I know what you mean about the weather, I was lying in bed listening to the rain this morning and thinking how it was so not Christmassy! Gosh it’s absolutely hammering down as I sit here now!

    mrsinvisible wow your dinner table needs sound complex! Perhaps a buffet is the way to go so people can pick and choose?? I hope you all have a lovely time.

    kerri I’m so sorry to hear about the bereavement, there’s never a good time for these things but Christmas always makes it particularly harder, sending love and hugs to you all. Good luck with your shopping trip, I went yesterday and it wasn’t too busy at all. Fingers crossed your chocolate bombes turn up, Lakeland were selling something like that a while ago but they kept selling out and then discontinued it so I couldn’t get any in the end.
  • Clumsy42
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    Goodness, Christmas Eve already!

    Better pop in to say Merry Christmas all.
    Hope you all enjoy yourselves xx:xmastree::santa2:
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  • mandco
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    :xmastree: :xmassign::xmastree:

    Just popping in quick to wish you all a Merry Christmas hope the day goes well however you're spending it

    Happy Birthday ChrissyG
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  • Treasurequeen
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    Just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. :xmastree::xmassign::snow_grin:xmassmile:snow_laug:santa2::rudolf:

    Happy birthday ChrissyG:bdaycake:
  • 3forholidays
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    Hi everyone! :xmastree:

    Just dropping in to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

    Happy birthday to ChrissyG.
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  • princesskitty29
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    Merry Christmas everybody! :xmastree:

    It's been chaos here with the boys and hosting my family but we all enjoyed the day. I'm finally sat on the sofa (first time all day!) with a glass of prosecco watching Uncle Buck and eagerly awaiting Gavin & Stacey!

    I hope you've all had a lovely day, our hard work leading up to today has paid off and we've done it for another year - well done all! :beer:

    Happy birthday CHRISSYG in case you're still reading xx
  • murie
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
    I hope everyone had a fab day x

    Happy Birthday Chrissy xx
    lovin' this site!
  • Dennis800
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    Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope we’re all having a good one!
  • kerri_gt
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    Belated happy birthday chrissyG

    Well yesterday went off ok, lunch / dinner was enjoyed by all three with loads left, well loads of turkey. Next year I might get their stuffed breast for 2 rather than rolled crown for 8 as there's only two of us who eat it. There's so much left it's bonkers, even after DM was sent home with a food parcel.

    Presents opened and OH liked most of his bar one that is going back. He wants a second pair of the joggers I bought him instead so at least they were a success.

    Watched a couple of films last night, I got told off for not watching one right from the beginning :o

    Can't believe people were queuing for the sales at 5am this morning :eek::eek: I love a bargain but not that much. Not sure this year if I'm going to be trying to pick up gifts for next year in the sales or not, DN * 4 are getting to the ages where what's 'in' now might not be in 12mths. This year three of them got unicorn lights I picked up last year. I did see some other unicorn bits this year which I thought they'd like next year but I the unicorn thing has been around for a few years now and I can see it may have a limited lifespan left.

    I've also got a couple of gifts LO that I meant to give people over the years and didn't, so really need to think what is :money: and what isn't.
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