50th Birthday, present & party ideas (merged)

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    I think outside the box - I can also think round corners. :p
  • louise35_2louise35_2 Forumite
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    for my 50th birthday last september i went on a 5* luxury holiday to tenerife it was unforgettable
    stay lucky!
  • youngieyoungie Forumite
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    why not have a luxury pampering and make over day where you get spoilt and have a portrait done at the end of it when you are looking super glamourous
  • I personally favour a nice trip away somewhere, but if he insists on a keepsake how about a nice piece of jewellery?

    There is always something someone wears be it a watch, necklace, earrings etc.
  • Ericson_2Ericson_2 Forumite
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    My wife is 50 in November I was going to buy her Saga Membership, am I being unromantic ?
    I used to be confused, now I just don't understand ;) :rotfl:
  • LondonDivaLondonDiva Forumite
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    a ring / bracelet?

    Or if you're serious about the new body, you could always get him to book 10 or so sessions with a personal trainer :p
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  • glenstanglenstan Forumite
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    my hubby bought me a piece of the oldest fossil on earth a beautifull amber pendant,it always feels warm to the touch, when i play with in times of boredom or stress, it looks stunning with whatever i wear, but at the end of the day i guess it is because he chose it himself that it means so much.
    :hello:What goes around - comes around
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  • walkswalks Forumite
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    thank you all for your replys please keep them comming,

    Ericson tut tut !!!
    I am a very young 50 or shall be in august.lol

    some good ideas comming up please take note for Ericson!


    Every cloud has a silver lining:j
  • susisusi Forumite
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    Snap Walks, I will be 50 in August too, I dont have the problem of thinking of something he can buy me though.....................cos I aint with him!!!!!
  • walkswalks Forumite
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    Hi suzy
    other people might want to treat you to a prezzie. so you need to tell us all what you would like, i rather like the one wally surgests A TOY BOY what do you think LOL Only joking !!! i need lots of ideas as no one else will want to buy me anything

    Every cloud has a silver lining:j
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