50th Birthday, present & party ideas (merged)

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    do you have a place called olan mills down your way. i know they do a great deal on this type of thing and you can take your friends too.

    its a photographers but they do make overs too. i am up north and they have a chain of shops so worth a try!!
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    thanks for the replies everybody - right I had better get knitting and get it finished for Saturday :D
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    Don't forget to put a litttle card in with the scarf saying "hand made by ****

    For *****
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    Another vote for Olan Mills. I bought my sister a photo package a couple of years ago. It cost £20 and they do your hair and makeup for you and you take several outfits.

    I've just had a look at the website and it's gone up to £24.95 now. The website is here.

    My sister did get one free 7x5 photo but the site doesn't mention it, so not sure if that's still the case. The price list for the photos is here and you can get packages, which makes it a bit cheaper. Since it's a present, I'd pay the £24.95 so you get a voucher to give to your mum and then say to her "I'll pay up to £200 (or whatever) for the photos you want". She can then wait until the proofs have been developed before she picks the photos she likes best.

    The photos were superb quality and my sister bought quite a few afterwards, which they mount into a photo album for you (similar to a wedding album). They did a couple of photos which were head and shoulders shots, but my sister had bare shoulders (she had a wide necked jumper on, so just lowered it over her shoulders) so it looked as though she was naked but she wasn't. Might be just the thing for your mum.
  • I don't know about the photography bit, but I would recommend Colour Me Beautiful for the pampering and self-esteem bit. Their core service is in advice of what to wear to suit your colouring but they also advise on styles of clothing and make-up and it's a lovely relaxing way to be completely indulgent for yourself, as well as coming away with useful advice.
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  • I went to a colour me beautiful coffee morning with my Aunt and was enamoured of the scarves they had there, made of designer yarns and very expensive...

    For my birthday a few weeks later I received a gorgeous handmade scarf in luxury yarn and the perfect colours for me - which my Aunt made herself.

    I do think the time and care someone takes to create a gift is very valuable and is an enhancement to the fact that the gift can be the perfect choice as well :)
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    Wrap it in tissue and nice paper or gift bag and it will be a really fab gift, your friend will love the fact you've made it and so much more thoughtful than buying something off the peg.
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    My mum used to say "its the thought that counts" ....
    but if you can afford a £50 note in a home made card...perfect
    I am 50 in November
    Good luck Alan
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    Hey guys, its my father in laws 50th in a couple of weeks and i want to get him something nice. Have no idea what to get though! My boyfriend generally leaves things like this to me so i need your help! Was thinking of around the £50 mark and was thinking of something different or an experience or something. Any ideas?

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    How about a meal in lovely restaurent? Tickets for a show in town? Membership fees for a club he belongs to? Good luck with your search!
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