Is a SkyQ self setup possible?

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    duchy wrote: »
    Awful lot of effort when the current new customer deal is £20 set up and £10 a month for eighteen months for the Entertainment pack.
    Sky are MUCH more on the ball at turning them into bricks than Virgin too.
    (And yes I do work for them )

    Still if saving £2.50 a week is worth it to you .......... my time is worth more than that though ....each to their own.

    Awful lot of effort???? Really!!
    Five mins on a step ladder that end, five mins on a step ladder my end, and five mins to swap the box.... ooo yeah i was shattered from all that effort!!

    And as stated I am not a new customer so that deal is worthless to me, I asked for a Q renewing my contract, and all they would give me was £10pm off my entertainment pack, no Q unless I took out cinema or sports packs!!

    If it bricks, it bricks, not like it cost me anything ( apart from a lot of effort lol..)
    Like I said i'll then revert to my old HD box..
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    I wonder how long the box will continue to work?
    Why do you care? The point is, it's evidently working now.
    I certainly don't know (and why would I?
    That's quite apparent from your persistent baseless claims that what the OP wanted to do wouldn't work.
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    Chino wrote: »
    Why do you care?
    I don't care :D
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    If you worked for them you'd know that Entertainment is priced at £20 a month not £10.

    And how exactly do you think they'll get a Q box as an existing customer as they generally quote £199 or an additional £12 a month for 18 months?

    As you say, just saw an ad on tv saying new or existing cust can have entertainment pack with Q for £32pm (£20+£12)..

    I am currently only paying £25pm for Ent pack, line rental and fibre unlimited, so i'd say yes it was worth the effort!!!
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