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  • Yup it's all good in the nutty household. So funny - she's always telling me I have no sense of style so I should have thought of offering it to her as a solution :D
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  • Well the bed arrived today but not without drama. Delivery driver arrived at 6.20am! My phone was on overnight mute so I missed his call and he drove away. Luckily after 3 missed calls he answered and wasn't that far away so we got it about 6.45. Assembly to follow later!
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    Oooof! That's early!!! - at least you got it, though! :)
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  • It was an epic build! Took two of us most of the day and quite a bit of sweat and swearing! It looks amazing though and is a good quality (noa and nani - impressed, plus cheaper than an Argos bed she was after, go figure). DD is now arranging everything in and around it and singing to herself happily :A

    In other news, my 1 year bond with Chartered is all set up and, after splitting up one of my FB bundles, I have a couple of sales being collected tomorrow. Giving myself until the end of the month then I'll bank and OP the proceeds and donate the unsold items to charity. The declutter won't be ending any time soon though. A major sort through DD's room is needed and we have waaay too many shoes (mostly sports trainers/boots of various kinds and a burgeoning collection of Converse :cool:) It's a bit embarrassing to be moving on all this stuff, much of which wasn't cheap when bought new, but I am more selective in my purchasing these days and so I won't (I hope!) be refilling the space with new stuff :D

    Batch cooked curry for dinner tonight, DD on pizza as it's a little spicy for her. We've made it 2 weeks from the last big shop (£70) but another is needed at the weekend. We're also baking for a friend's charity fundraising coffee morning, so that'll add a few quid to the bill, but wilingly done.

    OH and i have a weekend to ourselves for the first time in a month so much as I love my DD I won't be sorry to see her go (only for 24 hours!) Unfortunately, I suspect we'll spend much of the weekend doing DIY (siliconing yay!), food shopping and household jobs :(

    Hope everyone's having a good evening!

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    Hazelnutty wrote: »
    DD just got home, saw the naff desk and said oh wow that's so cool can I have it :rotfl:

    Result :rotfl:
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  • Exactly PP! Although now she has her fancy-schmanzy high sleeper with built-in desk she hasn't mentioned it again. I think we may be able to use is as an arts and crafts station in the storage room when it's a fully functioning room again :p
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  • Crumpets
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    Hazelnutty wrote: »
    Anyway, I now have a not very nice desk in the boot of my car and am a tenner down. I may just relist it immediately but I can't believe what a numpty I've been. Supposedly strong, independent person :o

    Oh no Hazelnutty! that's exactly what I would do too :rotfl: glad that dd didn't see it's naffness though and it will (hopefully) still get used )

    Well done on all the batch cooking you (and oh;)) have been doing! and your grocery bill is amazing! I cannot seem to get ours lower no matter what I do.

    Great news on DD's new bed :j enjoy your child free time, try not to do too many jobs:p
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  • Thanks, Crumpets. We are a household of 3 humans (2 adults, one 9YO) plus 2 kittens and we can usually manage with £60-70/week (although I have a budget of £320 total for the month - I don't tend to hit that except with DD birthday, Christmas etc). That's shopping at Aldi though and very little at the big supermarkets. I have found that it's meat (oh and cheese - I LOVE cheese!) that's the big difference to shopping bills. OH and I both love veggie food so batch cooking soups, chilli etc has been helpful in bringing bills down. DD is less keen but we are going to batch cook spag bol for her next week. I've also weaned myself off branded/posh toiletries, washing powder etc and gone for Aldi's own. It's not always a success - I have quite a sensitive scalp so I 'splashed out' in Boots on some nice shampoo :A

    I'd forgotten we'd agreed to have some friends over on Saturday so have suggested we go out for a curry instead. There's a great place in our town that does one menu for £15 (you never know what it is) and they just keep bringing stuff out. It's all super fresh and yummy. I'm well under-spent on my ents budget this month so I figure it's OK to spend it. Plus we both need a treat. There's a local trail race on on Sunday so I figure I can burn it off then :D

    So far today dropped 2 FB sales off (totally not worth the petrol for a total of £5!), one buyer's not coming but 2 more sales to collect. I get paid next Friday so that'll be the time to add up my OP pot and set my target for next month.

    Bed-wise I was mortified to discover the desk is on wonky! But I'm not sure I can fix it - maybe the bed itself isn't square?? DD says she doesn't care but it's bugging me as I'm a bit of a perfectionist. It does look ace though, overall (if you don't poke your head at the back where the desk joins on!)
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  • Hello!

    Enjoying a lazy Saturday. FB pickup went smoothly - DD's guest bed - and managed to pay in a total of £75 into my account (will go into the house virtual pot to go towards DD's new bed, which was v proudly shown off to Dad this morning and no mention of the wonky desk! She looks so grown up working there it kind of pulls at my heart)

    OH and I went on a lovely walk ending with a fine pub lunch. Back, showered and in our jammies watching Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Back by 3.30pm! But much needed downtime. One more FB pickup today but I'm going to have to just own the fact I'm in PJs.
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  • Another FB no-show yesterday afternoon - just don't get it. Surely it's common courtesy just to let someone know if you've changed your mind or can't make it? Anyway, we just slumped on the sofa for the rest of the day in a fish and chip coma! I didn't eat another thing.

    1st big shop since 5th today and spent £78. OH is currently on a batch cooking extravaganza. We have 1.5kg of mince being turned into spag bol and chilli and a soup on the way. I think this should see us into November no problem bar the odd fresh food top-up.

    Picking up DD at a country park later so might do a little run there ahead of time.

    Hope everyone's having a good Sunday :)
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