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    edited 11 October 2018 at 8:49AM

    Amazingly, as I apparently have no sense of style and don't understand anything about these things, the jacket I bought for DD has gone down well. Wonders will never cease. She's off shopping with her birthday money with my sister tomorrow so who knows what'll come back.

    One of my FB people has delayed pickup again. I'm never quite sure with the excuses people give but I hate confrontation so usually end up being the one who puts themselves out. Other people seem so hardnosed on there. Oh well, still one more pickup on for this evening, another £5. Another item listen on Freecycle too.

    Feeling a bit demotivated work-wise. Think I'm just knackered! OH said I need a 'kitten day', which is basically sofa time, Netflix and kitten cuddles.
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  • greent
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    Any chance for a kitten day tomorrow? x
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  • Unfortunately not, Greent. I edit a newsletter for a national body and it's the print deadline on Monday so I'm caught up with that. But I am wondering if Tuesday (even if it's just half a day) could be an option. They are just so lovely at this age (3 months), really playful (although now pretty boisterous) and affectionate so it's the best tonic when you feel tired and run down.
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  • Just increased OP by £25 starting next month. My CC is looking good this month after a succession of £1k+ months (target is around £800 to cover food, petrol and other costs - I spend on the CC rather than debit card as then I get a nice little stash of John Lewis vouchers every 6 months) and if I can keep it up there's no reason not to OP more on a regular basis, plus the occasional boosts that come in from savings bonuses or FB selling. £25 is quite cautious but if I can really keep the CC spends down then I'll be in a good position to increase the OP again.
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  • edinburgher
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    Kitten day sounds great, all I need is a kitten and I'm set! :D
  • Hmmm, maybe this is a business idea :p
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  • Morning everyone! :)

    Another week stumbles to its end...

    DD is away overnight with her aunt so OH and I get an evening to ourselves (with the kittens). Decided to stop in but a W@itrose dinner for £10 might be calling (hope they're doing it as we have our hearts set!) Only other spends today catfood, bread and milk for £4.75.

    Expenses came in from work so immediately paid off the CC. TT last night added £1.01 to the OP pot. Let down again last night for a FB sale so offering that on today, plus another buyer in last chance saloon :p Loft bed arriving tomorrow so OH is watching the YouTube video to prepare for the construction!

    Plans for today:
    Update spending spreadsheet
    List couple of FB items on Gumtree
    Take pics of DD's bed for listing on FB and GT
    Stop into work for meeting with students (otherwise working at home)
    Go for a little run in the park

    Have a good Friday - catch you all later :D
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  • Kittenkirst
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    Hey Hazelnutty, we got kittens in April last year and I can honestly say they are just wonderful and add so much joy!

    I love an evening snuggling with the little boys- hope you get some time over the weekend for some kitten time x
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  • Thanks Kittenkirst! They are the best waste of time ever. At the moment they're tearing around the house in and out of my study. We've just been dismantling DD's bed so there are lots of new things to climb on (cue major excitement).

    OH and I have been watching Prime Suspect from the beginning on Netflix (it's quite hard to watch as not enough has changed since they were filmed in terms of sexism :mad: but it's great to see Helen Mirren in action) so it'll be the next episode and kitten cuddles tonight :)

    Bed is dismantled and listed on FB and GT :j
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  • Just thinking I'm not actually on the MFW list :doh: I guess I should fix that! I might just wait for the mortgage statement in November so I can my actual position and then set a target for OPs in 2019...
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