Make up to £10 a day in October 2018 - Everyone welcome

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Hello and welcome everybody

This is the 134th month of this challenge, which was first started by Batgirl, in September 2007. Here is a link to the original thread as I am sure some of you are interested to read where it all began.

Thanks to Batgirl for starting it and for everyone who has kept it going for 11 years! I would especially like to thank Aesop who has run the thread for the last few years

Quite a few of the regulars have taken a break recently so we would be really pleased to see some new faces and of course we would love to hear from any of our old posters even if it is just to say hello

It is only natural for the thread to evolve and change in a different direction and for new ideas to be explored.

The same with the challengers in this thread. Some become debt free, mortgage free, life takes a new path, new challenges, etc.

It is definitely worth joining, reading and joining in. It has helped so many people over the years and it has been amazing.

People will be missed and are alway missed when they stop posting. You are forever in our hearts and on this challenge.

I am posting the new thread again this month and Kantankrus Mare will be posting the list of challengers. I will be back at work next week so may not have as much time in September. We hope to make the running of the thread a collaborative effort so it doesn’t become too much work for anyone so please help out if you can.

This challenge was recently renamed as people seemed to be put off thinking they HAVE TO make £10 a day.

You don't.

The original purpose of this challenge was to help people to try and make an extra £10 a day on top of their normal income to help things along. Ie paying off debt, making savings, paying for holidays, overpaying mortgages etc.

That is exactly what this challenge is about, attempting to make extra income on top of your normal income to help you wherever you need it.

People start the challenge by setting a goal of £1 a day. Then when they find they are smashing this regularly, they up it to £5 a day. Some of us gluttons for punishment go for £10 a day. It really is entirely upto you. We only ask you to post what your goal is to help you keep motivated. Some days you make more and some days you make less, but aim for extra at the end of the month.

The idea is that everyone posts how they are making extra money and these shared ideas help all of us to learn new ways to help cut debt or earn/save money.

What cannot be added:
Wages from your main job

What can be added:
Income from a second job
Daily clicks
Mystery shopping
And much, much more.

This board can move pretty quickly, so be sure to subscribe and read it regularly.

So who wants to join us?

Join this challenge and let's make those bank accounts fat, mortgages paid off, holidays paid off, savings account grow fatter, debts paid off and much much more!!!
£10 a day April - £4/£300
2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30


  • shariann
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    1. Shariann..............£10
    2. Milly-Ann-Molly.....£20
    3. redlaces..............£200 total
    4. Villagelife...............£5
    5. A Random Man.....£320 total
    6. Ziggy2407...............£5
    7. TizerCat.................£260 total
    8. Lenore13................£10
    9. Hopeless case...........£1
    10. Bellyflop.................£2
    11. SSDD23.................£50
    12. A silver lining.........£300 total
    13. MrsCautious...........£200 total
    14. Avogirly...................£10
    15. Mrs Badger...............£10
    16. Starting again............£1
    17. Truebluemummy.........£5
    18. Sunshine81...............£10
    19. Unicorndeva...............£10
    20. Aesop.......................£10
    21. Rosie........................£10
    22. Fifamaddad...............£1.50
    23. Best life now.............£5
    24. Jools1985.................£150 total
    25. Kantankrus Mare.........£5
    26. LexieLou...................£300 total
    27. Shellwishes................£3
    £10 a day April - £4/£300
    2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
    Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30
  • shariann
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    I will add to this as and when things get mentioned on the thread.

    1. Sell unwanted items - Clothes, toys, electrical goods, furniture, books, CDs DVDs etc, etc

    Right, first ideas post. This is a really good way to make some extra cash and declutter at the same time. Now the regulars on here will know that I am by no means a minimalist and in fact the words bomb and site often come to mind when I think of home but there are loads of ways to sell unwanted stuff these days so here are a few.

    Carboot sale - ideal this time of year and also good for bulky items or general things with wide appeal.

    Jumble/Table top sales - All year round and usually making money for a good cause too from the table cost. Not usually as big an audience but can be good. These are sometimes specialised eg baby items. Check on line or local paper/community notice boards etc for details.

    Gumtree, Facebook selling pages - also good for bulky items like furniture, bundles of clothes, dvds games etc. Usually local pick up so remember to stay safe but this saves time and cost of postage.

    Ebay - good for a wider audience, more specialised items, expensive things. The fees can put people off but there are often offers like free listing, pay only if you sell and maximum fees.

    Here is a link to the Ebay, Carboot and Jumble Sales Board on MSE

    Shpock This is a phone app for listing and selling items locally. An alternative to Facebook, gumtree etc it is free to use and good for selling things locally. You can use the website if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet.

    Vinted Another website and app. This is free to use and is for selling good quality clothes and accessories

    Depop Another app based selling site that was described to me as Ebay for young people! It’s mainly clothes and accessories again. We used this to sell some things for our business which were new items but you can sell second hand stuff too. There is a small charge when you sell.

    There are quite a few sites now which allow you to type in the isbn number of your book or the barcode number of CDs, DVDs etc and then offer you a fixed price for the item. The amounts offered can range from a few pence to a few pounds and vary wildly from site to site so it can be worth trying all of them. However most of them have a minimum amount you can send. They usually offer free collection for large/heavy packages or carriage with parcel services like collect+ or myhermes.

    All of the sites below have a smartphone app where you can scan the barcodes to save time. Some of them offer cashback through TopCashback or Quidco and some have a referral scheme. If anyone knows of any others I have missed please let me know!

    NB When I refer to video games these are console games (Xbox,PlayStation etc rather than PC games

    Ziffit accepts books,CDs, DVDs and games. Minimum £10 or 10 items. Cashback offered via TCB and Quidco. No referrals. Collect+. Payment by bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or voucher. Offers bonus codes regularly (extra 10% etc)

    Fatbrain Accepts books only. Good for university textbooks. Minimum £15. No cashback. No referrals. Collect+ Payment by PayPal or cheque.

    Zapper Accepts Books, cds DVDs and games. Minimum £10. No cashback. No referrals. Collect+ Payment by cheque or bank transfer

    Momox Accepts Books, cds, dvds blu-rays and games. No cashback. DHL or Hermes. Payment by bank transfer. £5 bonus for newsletter sign up.

    Music Magpie Accepts CDs, DVDs books and games plus some phones, laptops, tablets etc and more recently Lego! Minimum £5. Cashback via TCB and Quidco. No referrals. Myhermes. Payment by PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or donation to charity.

    DiscFlipper Cds dvds Blu-rays games. No cashback. No referrals. Minimum 25 items. Free collect or drop off(not sure which courier) Payment by cheque (can be made out to charity

    webuybooks Books (obviously!) cds dvds games. £5 minimum. No cashback £5 per referral. Myhermes. Payment by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Offers regular bonus codes.

    and finally ....

    CEX This is the only one of these sites that also has physical shops. They do buy stuff online too and uniquely they do buy some PC games. No books but they do buy CDs games DVDs old consoles, tablets, phones etc. No minimum if you sell in store and no minimum is quoted on the website that I can see. Payment in store by cash or voucher. The website payment is by bank transfer PayPal CEX voucher or cheque. You can donate to Muscular dystrophy uk or help for heroes. Royal Mail or collect+

    Phew... think that is it for now:rotfl:
    £10 a day April - £4/£300
    2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
    Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30
  • Milly-Ann-Molly
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    Hi, Please add me in for £20 a day... really need to get back into it.
    Thanks x
    Make £/day February: £163.83 / £290
    Quidco £2,643.80 NSD Feb: 5
    2018 Road Kill £0
    Nectar 8.05 Morrisons 15.00
  • redlaces
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    Hey, please can I join again?

    I'm going for £200 for the month again... hopefully I'll get there this month!

    Thanks guys for running x
    Debt Free - October 2022
  • villagelife
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    May I please join. I could do with the extra money. I will go for £5 a day please.
  • A_Random_Man
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    Can I join again looking for a total of £320 this will be mainly done through eBay, matched betting and also I will start looking at micro jobs

    EF - £1025/£2000 (51.25%)
    Debt Remaining: £0.00 - Debt Free
  • ziggy2407
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    I'd love to join again and am aiming for £5 per day
    Goodreads 2023 Challenge: 41/52

  • TizerCat
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    Newbie here, I need to get motivated to raise some more cash so joining. Please put me down for a modest £30 for the month to start :-)
    Debt at LBM 27 Sept 2010 £40,640.17:o cleared it in 2017. Debt now £3600 on credit card 0% and £20k on consolidation loan Oh dear will I ever l learn!? B][/FONT
  • Lenore13
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    Count me in for £10 a day please. :)

    Also, you can add Preloved to the selling list, I haven't used it yet but it seems similar to Shpock, plus you can get 30p for registering and 10p per listing through Quidco. :)
  • Lenore13
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    A Random Man - I'll be doing the reverse of you. I'm going to keep up with the micro jobs and get in to matched betting! Did you catch my update on the micro jobs? I've found another one called Easy Shift, the jobs are more involved but the pay is still good (£5-£6 for around 15 mins work). :D
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