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Have an oak kitchen which I am thinking of getting resprayed. Been quoted about £2300 to do all 10 bottom cupboard doors and 8 top doors + drawers and end panels.

Wondered if anyone has had it done, whether it was successful and who they had to do it.

any help greatly appreciated.



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    £2300? That's not very moneysaving is it?! You could have someone paint your entire house for that!

    I would be far more inclined to paint the kitchen in one of Farrow and Ball's colours which are the most beautiful out there - expensive but not even a fraction of what you're looking at and with the change you could seriously buy yourself a new granite worktop (or simply update the tiles, worktop, sink, taps and flooring) You could easily pay someone to do it for you if you weren't comfy with DIY and still save yourself a fortune. Properly prepped they will look really wonderful. You could them afford to change the colour as often as you wanted.

    Spending that money might make it look different but it won't increase the longevity of the cabinets themselves and would therefore be a waste of money, in my eyes.

    EDIT: I've just looked at some pics of resprayed kitchens. My idea is WAY better! The kitchen cabinets look better then they did but they'd look just as good, if not better, simply painted.
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    I agree with doozergirl.. that sort of money just to spray 20 doors and end panels sounds quite crazy to me..:eek: you could probably employ someone to prepare and paint them with a cupboard paint for much less if you really don't want to do it yourself... We did this as our wooden doors looked dated and we prepared and painted them , they actually look fine and the kitchen is much brighter...
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  • Too much money to spend on a paint job for kitchen doors. Employ a painter to do it at a fraction of the price. The end result will be just as good.
  • I wish I had seen this post earlier:

    I have done some property developing and always use these guys for refurbing kitchens:

    They do professional spray finishing and only charge around £700 for a complete kitchen!!! Much better than £2300 - and no messy brush marks or worries about the paint falling off or cracking. They always use ultra-hard lead free, food and child safe polyurethane coatings which you can wipe down with Flash or Dettox without removing the paint too.
  • £700 sounds better - I'm guessing that's for quite a big kitchen though?

    What would they charge for a 7 door, 5 drawer front galley kitchen for a flat?
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    i painted my own kitchen units for less than 50 quid.
    BQ primer and then satin topcoat.
    Get some gorm.
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    We've used Spraycraft in East Sussex
    Phone 01580 831 866.
    Very professional - great job.
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    Argh the wiff of frying SPAM.
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    Yes, Farrow-Ball and B+Q both mentioned in the same topic thread.
  • rooftop wrote: »
    We've used Spraycraft in East Sussex
    Phone 01580 831 866.
    Very professional - great job.
    rooftop wrote: »
    We've used Spraycraft in East Sussex
    Phone 01580 831 866.
    Very professional - great job.

    Result rooftop! What did Spraycraft charge? It would be nice to compare like for like with spray/re-face kitchen companies. ;)

    I've now had three kitchens done by the mob mentioned previously and I've been very satisfied! Very friendly and efficient. My mother's small galley was £235.00, my neighbour's big shaker style kitchen (plus some new panels) was £800.00 and ours was was £1300.00 including a cute little Quaker style cabinet and blackboard which they custom built for us.

    Great to see that there are still genuine trades-people out there. :T
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