Is Aqua Credit Card as Good/Bad as people make it out to be?

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    Aqua is connected to Noodle so eventually you still end up there. Every month they send me Aqua Noddle updates of my report. I've had Aqua CC since the beginning of this year. Absolutely no problems so far. I don't even know what my APR is because I pay it in full every month. I have other CCs but I use Aqua whenever abroad. Practically this is not a card to borrow from (though none of them is if you think about it), it's a card to be paid in full in order to build you some positive history.

    I have an Aqua Reward card and I'm very pleased with it (in fact we have a various assortment of credit cards and this is my favourite.) I've had absolutely no problem with them whatsoever and have found them quick and efficient with their pending transactions, their statements and the operation of the direct debits.

    The interest rate charged by them is of no consequence to me, as I always pay in full every month and I'm looking forward to getting the cashback due from them.

    I haven't needed to contact customer services, as everything about the card has worked extremely well, which these days I find very refreshing.
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