Is Aqua Credit Card as Good/Bad as people make it out to be?

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    I have had this card for a year with no problems, i received £10 loyalty reward this month, i'm not sure how much iv'e spent over the year maybe 2-3k, does anyone know how much i will have to spend to get the max £100, i'm guessing a lot though,
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    No need to guess. You can work it out from your cash back rate.

    For example, 5% cashback would get you £5 per £100, so £2k needed for £100.
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    I have a aqua card for about 15 months now.....had regular credit limit increases along the way.

    Never had any problems with it, I like the fact that when I make a payment from my Halifax account to the aqua card it shows on the account within seconds.

    Don’t really care much about the interest rate as I don’t tend to run a balance with it.....however have paid a couple of quid on a few months....nothing to much though.
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    Alas, it's only 0.5% cashback!

    To the OP, another Aqua user here with no problems. When I signed up, I had never had credit before, and so got an interest rate of a staggering 49.9%! However, I've always paid on time and so never get charged interest anyway. And although the cashback rate is small, it's a lot better than nothing. Quite pleasant to get £20 off the bill every now and then. :j

    The credit limit has extended gradually over time, which is also nice. Overall, only good things to report about Aqua from me.
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    I had one and the APR gradually increased from 34.9% to 49.9%. When they proposed an increase to 59.9% last summer I took great pleasure in clearing what balance I had on it and telling them where to shove their increase

    I now have access to more borrowing at much lower APRs than Aqua. They can be good for credit building but they can also take the pee in my experience
  • Quick Question, do these come with free access to credit reports or does that depend on the type of "Aqua" that you choose? Is it even an option to have access to your reports free of charge?
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    You can access all three credit reports for free.

    Experian - MSE Credit Club
    Equifax - ClearScore
    TransUnion (Ex CallCredit) - Noddle
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  • You can access all three credit reports for free.

    Experian - MSE Credit Club
    Equifax - ClearScore
    TransUnion (Ex CallCredit) - Noodle

    Yeah, I was already doing some of the above, I just thought there might be another (better) way.

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    Aqua is connected to Noodle so eventually you still end up there. Every month they send me Aqua Noddle updates of my report. I've had Aqua CC since the beginning of this year. Absolutely no problems so far. I don't even know what my APR is because I pay it in full every month. I have other CCs but I use Aqua whenever abroad. Practically this is not a card to borrow from (though none of them is if you think about it), it's a card to be paid in full in order to build you some positive history.
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    I'll add my story with a "positive" review as well.
    Two years ago.. no life. Aqua and capital one offered me cc's. I choose aqua advance for 0 fees abroad with 34.9 apr. After 7 months they automatically increased from 300 to 900. After another 3-4 months went up to £2700. I always paid fuel or abroad with it, fully cleared after statement, no problems with it at all. I will keep it only because of 0% fees abroad. My wife applied last year and got accepted again to aqua and capital one but I told her to choose aqua and she got a 49.9% apr but again.. it doesn't matter, we clear our cards in full. We use them only for credit file/history and not to borrow money.
    To compare aqua with capital one (because I told you about it earlier) I need to say that I still have the same 200 limit since I got accepted and same apr 34.9. I will close it soon because i.m not using it at all and dont need it. After 2 years with aqua and another virgin 27mts 0% with 3k limit (no increase yet) took this March I really don't have what to do with Cap1. I got pre approved for a Barclaycard platinum 6.9%apr and I refused it. I dont need their money. I just want credit file/history to be eligible for a large loan/mortgage and that's it.
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