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  • the_cross_rabbit
    drum roll please...............................DD2 is still off school:eek:. She is full of cold, sore throat and is coughing like she smoke 40 a day. It been almost 2 weeks since she's been to school, but on the bright side I have a very clean house as I've not been able to get to the allotment. All plans of a bike ride (what a shame :rotfl:) are off. Need to visit a shop today so slimer will have to come with me as we need yeast, but that's it for the week.
    DD1 blazer done, but had to do it by hand. Need to sort trousers tonight, but will do them on the machine.
    Getting DD2 to do jobs for pocket money is going well only missed one day and the money went in the cycling holiday pot rather than be asborbed into the general budget.
    Had a good look at DH wage slips over the weekend and I feel there is enough money from his overtime to add an extra £50 to the holiday fund (£100 this month), a £100 in the Christmas budget (new pot needed) and an additional £50 OP to the mortgage(£100 this month):T.
    Shoes for wedding bought in the online sales, £30 for 2 pairs, very happy with that price as I'll probably never wear them again. DD1 might wear her's.They are covered in silver glitter. I'll be like Gretel instead of bread crumbs I'll leave glitter where ever i go:p except instead of finding my way home it''ll be the bar:beer:.
    Sent DH dental receipt off to the medical insurance company so hopefully the payment will land in the bank next week. DH has left sorting his car insurance to the very last day:mad:, feel I'm going to have to go into nag mode to make sure he sorts it tonight.
    Still waiting for student finances to be sorted hope they look at it this week as it starts friday. Will harass them tomorrow if I've not heard by tonight.
    Well have a good day everybody ,enjoy the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D while you can.
  • the_cross_rabbit
    Decided to phone student finance and mine is been looked at manually so will take abit longer even though I've applied on line and applied before. Also they have to send me declaration forms which need to be signed and sent back. Thought this applying online was supposed to speed up the process. At this rate I may have to defer as they are saying it might not be sorted for another month and my course starts this week, although they (OU) give you an extra 2 weeks to pay. Pity I've paid the deposit for the residential course module as well due to places been limited. Ho - hum
  • the_cross_rabbit
    Housework done, supported DD2 to do pocket money jobs and do homework. Just spent as couple of hours snuggled up the sofa with her watching ballerina. It's her favourite film and would love to go to classes. I think if she'd been able to walk and move freely she would of been a dancer. It was nice to snuggle up not done that in ages since she says she's too old for that sort of thing since becoming a teenager.
  • greent
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    That's a shame about SF :( We have to fill forms in on ours too (the joys of OH being a contractor with variable income) every year. Fingers crossed it's sorted asap for you x
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  • the_cross_rabbit
    Got up at 630 am to do our run went reasonably ok and we saw a beautiful sunrise, made dragging myself out of bed worthwhile .:dance: WHOOP WHOOP she's gone to school It was touch and go but I said she was going and I would take her in the car. Shopping done, dog walked, emails done and now i need a cup of tea and a biccie to celebrate.
    Hope you all have a good day and are taking advantage of the wind to dry your washing.
  • the_cross_rabbit
    Watched drowning in plastic on the I player yesterday. Made me cry seeing birds that have starved to death because their stomachs are full of plastic but also gave me hope seeing some of the wonderful work people are doing to solve the various issues caused by plastic pollution.Would recommend watching it, really made me think about how we can reduce plastic coming into our house. Already made a start when blue planet 2 was televised earlier this year. A lot of organic food is shrink wrapped in supermarkets so ordered a box and it's due tomorrow. We are still getting lots of stuff off the allotment but fruit is becoming harder to get. Wish they did a wonky veg/fruit version like another supermarket is doing ( although it's not organic I think it's a fantastic idea). My sister and her mum are coming for lunch and then we're off into town to look for jewellery to go with the bridesmaids dresses.
  • Crumpets
    Crumpets Posts: 1,014 Forumite
    Hi Cross Rabbit,

    I just read through your diary and it looks like you've made a great start, especially with your DH being on a lower wage. I hope he's enjoying his new job. Life is too short to be doing something which makes you unhappy!

    We watched drowning in plastic too...such a sad and depressing programme, it really feels like all the little things we do at home have very little impact when the problem is so vast. I'd recommend watching The secret life of landfill on the iplayer too, really interesting and also shows great promise for the future too :T

    Anyway best of luck on your journey, we have the very similar sized mortgages with the same end date! We can do it :D:money:
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  • [Deleted User]
    Hi CR....fingers crossed the student finance gets sorted in time for you to start - it would seem very unfair if you needed to defer due to their processes :(

    I haven't seen the drowning in plastics programme and in all honesty I don't think I'll watch it....we're pretty much as far down on plastic use as we can be now and I've spent too much time over the years depressing myself with the environmental impact human existence has on the planet although I am really grateful I did - the knowledge I gained back then has led to me living a very different lifestyle than most people I know for the past 30+ years.

    I agree with Crumpets that what we do at home feels that it has very little impact but I have always had the opinion that even if I can't change it, I don't have to contribute to it.....

    Hope dd had a good day at school yesterday and that you took the opportunity to have a bit of a rest ;)
  • the_cross_rabbit
    :hello:hi crumpet yes he's really enjoying his new job and has looks and feels so much better. Thanks for signposting the documentary on the secret life of landfill just finished watching it. I have to say I burst out laughing when they were talking about the dog poo fueled lamp post light, they were so enthusiastic. I see you've been a MF wannabe since 2013 how do you keep motivated? I think because our MF date is such along way away that motivation and life will have a huge impact on us continuing if I'm been honest.
    :hello:hi squirrelgirl yes DD2 enjoyed her first day back at school and even better the 2 girls are actually getting on, like they may actually like each other:rotfl: My fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes are all crossed that SF will come through. Totally agree with crumpet and you about how little impact we have by what we can do at home but i do feel all together it adds up (hopefully) and my main priority also is not to add to the problem , but probably I am:(. I have however put pressure on my eldest who wants to become an environmental scientist and said she needs to come up with solutions to reduce the impact humans have on the planet. If she can't do this she is to train as an assassin and take out major polluters :rotfl:. For some reason she just rolled her eyes at me.
    Went to the allotment and harvested apples, pears, kale, carrots, leeks and a cabbage.
    Made a gluten free lemon drizzle cake as my sister and her mum were coming for lunch. She didn't like the shoes I'd ordered for the wedding (advertised as silver and they were more pearly white) so managed to find some more at Debbiehams in the sale. The toes are that pointy they could be used as a lethal weapon. Will need to take the others back Her mum bought the 2 brooches for our bridesmaids dresses which are ok but not my taste.
    Only 2 more sleeps till I go on holiday:j:j:j:j:j:j:j
  • gallygirl
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    Watched drowning in plastic on the I player yesterday. Made me cry seeing birds that have starved to death because their stomachs are full of plastic
    I live in Spain, on the coast, and every time a dead sea creature is found the local coastal charity do an autopsy. They have often starved to death because of plastic or there is so much it has cut down room for food so they've been more susceptible to disease :(. There is a local campaign to 'pick up three' bits of plastic every time you go on the beach. The beaches are still being cleaned every day so it's rare I find three but that will change soon and there is always some in the car parks :(. Plus on quieter stretches you find fishing line :mad:.

    Re keeping yourself motivated, I found the best way was to keep making overpayments, however small (2p anyone :rotfl:) and also to monitor progress in lots of different ways. For example, total paid off mortgage, total overpaid, % paid, original days to pay off, new days to pay off, days saved, original daily interest, revised daily interest etc. That way there is always a milestone being reached :) . Oh the joy when the daily interest drops into another £ figure :rotfl:, also when you only need £2.68 to knock another day off the mortgage and manage to miraculously find it :rotfl:. It takes time to set up a complex spreadsheet but then it only needs a little maintenance to update :T.

    Have a great holiday :)
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
    :) Mortgage Balance = £0 :)
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