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I’m hoping someone can help.

We have a 9 year old collie/lab cross. He was insured until he was 6 in another country. When we moved back to the UK the insurance stopped.
He has a cruciate ligament injury from years ago so we know anything affecting that won’t be covered (as it was in the previous insurance)
We didn’t get round to insuring him straight away and now we need to as he’s getting older.
We want a pet insurance that will pay for things like cancer, diabetes and heart problems, things older dogs get.
I’m a bit confused as to all the different types of insurance, does anyone recommend one?
We are in Scotland if that makes a difference.
Many thanks


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    Look for lifetime cover that renews the vet fees each year. Some so called lifetime policies allocate a sum of money to each condition but once that is used up there is no more cover for that condition.

    Some insurances will consider a cruciate injury in a second limb as a linked condition to the first and not cover it. Nor will they cover any condition arising in the injured leg at a later date such as arthritis.

    Petplan are the Rolls Royce of pet insurance companies. They are not cheap but they do not increase premiums if you make a claim. Many companies do.

    Like all companies they do increase premiums based on increased running costs, vet fee payouts etc.

    Co-op insurance used to do the same as they had the same underwriters but I haven't checked their policy documents recently.

    Bought By Many negotiated premiums with established companies on the basis of a large number of applications getting a discount.

    They have recently brought out their own policies which offer some advantages over others. This is not a recommendation as I have not used them-( it is only when you claim that you really know what a company is like) but are worth looking at.!!!!OaygIHg3AIVxUPTCh0KIwmiEAAYASAAEgLFifD_BwE

    Avoid any that are cheap- they re cheap for a reason- and any that have links such as underwritten by E & L as there are many reports of them avoiding paying out.
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    I am with Bought By Many and can definitely recommend them.

    Had to claim recently and the whole process took just 10 days - all done online, so no printing and manually filling in form then having to take it to the vet to complete their bit. They also keep you notified as to the progress of your claim etc. Very efficient.
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    That is good to hear
  • With your dog being 9 you might find that you can't get lifetime cover so any new conditions will only be covered for the duration of the policy.
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    I think bought by many will cover it as they are doing lifetime cover for my very old cat.
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    You also find with older dogs that not only are the premiums higher, the excess is bigger and sometimes you still have to pay a percentage of the final bill on top, so it's important to check the small print.
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    there is an article on the main site that can help you choose pet insurance :)

    Cheap Pet Insurance
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