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Top 10 PC games

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Suggestions for the top 10 PC games of all time


  • OzzukOzzuk Forumite
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    Probably a variant of the Command and Conquer series would be my top, especially if I could get the mods working again (for Generals they were amazing). Not found many newer games to hook me quite the same.
  • TheLastMongooseTheLastMongoose Forumite
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    Another vote for C&C here.

    Another RTS I put a lot of hours in to with my friends was Total Annihilation. The genocidal little robots were so cute!

    Football/Championship Manager could easily kill a few months!

    Half Life.

    And finally, 17 years after release i'm still playing Diablo 2.
  • jonnygee2jonnygee2 Forumite
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    AOE 2
    Ocarina of Time
    Shogun Total War
    Civ V
    Theme Hospital
    Witcher 3
    Starcraft II
    GTA V
    Breath of the wild

    Actually these are just my favourite games. I wouldn't take them in the scenario you've described as I've already played them to death!
  • ChickabiddybexChickabiddybex Forumite
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    Theme Hospital was a cracking game!

    I can't say the top 10 of all time as I'm a console gamer so I have probably missed a lot of PC games but I have been a PC gamer twice and I'd say my personal favourite 10 from those times are...

    GTA Vice City
    GTA San Andreas

    Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
    The Sims
    The Sims 2
    Zoo Tycoon
    Civ II
    (Sean O'Connor's) Critical Mass
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    JamesZxrJamesZxr Forumite
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    I think you'll have people arguing until the cows come home on this one! My personal top 10 in no particular order (well that came most easily to mind anyway!)...

    Transport Tycoon
    Half-Life / Counter strike
    MS Flight Simulator
    Max Payne
    Hidden and Dangerous
    C&C series (Red Alert was my fave)
    GTA series

    Edit: Resident Evil, how did I forget the original resident Evil?!?!

    To my point, there are just sooo many and I think it is likely to be a generational thing :)
  • Left 4 Dead should be in the top 10
  • Carrot007Carrot007 Forumite
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    All your lacking of monkey island saddens me!
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    Icarus01Icarus01 Forumite
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    1= Deus Ex / Deus Ex: HR (I've played the series every October since release, except Mankind Divided because I hated it with a passion. It's something I originally did with my dad back in 2000, and I can't separate these two)
    2. Fallout 2
    3. System Shock 2
    4. Fallout: NV
    5. Max Payne 2
    6. Civilization 4
    7. Half Life 2
    8. Diablo
    9. Supreme Commander 2
    10. Total War: Shogun 2
  • i sometimes also play in games, but don't have many time for this. But, sometimes i play on Lineage2 =)
  • cookie666cookie666 Forumite
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    C&C without doubt, the Decade pack for £5.99 is a steal
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