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    Whatever happens is really out of our control, we'll get what the EU will allow and what our government will 'allow them to impose on us' not I feel what we were asked in the initial referendum question. I think we were naïve to believe otherwise.

    It's not out of our control. We elected these MPs. Whether you agree or disagree with them, now is the time to say it! There are still votes to come.

    I put pen to paper and informed my MP what I thought of TM's proposal, three days later I received a response of how she planned to vote based on our area and the Leave/Remain vote.

    Whether you voted Leave or Remain, I think we can agree that the government is not doing a good job here. That is why I sent my MP a letter to inform her how I felt on the issue. They cannot work miracles but they need to know how their constituents feel.
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    3.500 troops is a bit silly when there are 67 million people in the UK I think we will survive as we always do no matter what as we are a pretty stoical race ,but as a previous poster said unfortunately the younger folk amongst us have never ever gone without or made do.

    They may find life a bit tougher than they are used to but the older generation will buckle to and just get on with things It may be the making of a lot of people in that perhaps there will be less 'fast foodstuff ' and more actual home cooking done when we have to streeetch our rations a bit

    I grew up during and after WW2 so it won't be too much hard work and maybe an interesting challenge to be trying to find different stuff .

    Long as I have the staples, plus a good cupboard of herbs and spices I daresay I won't starve

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    As an European person, resident in the UK since 1983 and a full tax and NI payer until retirement, having contributed fully to the British economy and community until retirement, my biggest fear when brexit comes is the rampant racism that has accompanied the whole campaign since the vote results.

    I have always worked (for the council, in the community and in the voluntary sector) and now that I am retired I volunteer. I have only claimed benefits when Mrs Thatcher pulled the carpet from under my working feet (twice!) by making me redundant with the abolition of the GLC and then the ILEA. As soon as i could i found work again. I'm no scrounger. But the way some newspapers talk, I'm being made feel like one, and I am deeply offended. And scared.

    It might not be ALL the leave voters who are racist and xenophobes, but for someone like me, who thought I was a fully integrated and valuable citizen, it is a very VERY scary time.

    I just thought I'd give an insight in what it feels like "on the other side".
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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    The standard reply from people that voted to leave was they “wanted to stop immigration”.....but i would like to bet that the majority of leave voters couldnt give any facts and figures to back their vote up.

    Caterina, im sorry you are scared of the racism......i like to think that only a small minority are actually racist but unfortunately social media gives these few people a large platform to sing from, which is a shame. I hope as a country eventually we can stamp out these small minded people and live together peacefully once and for all.

    I am angry at our politicians who are paid extremely large amounts of money to make decisions for our country and yet they let the people of our country decide on brexit when the majority of the country have absolutely no idea of how it will possibly effect business’s, jobs, imports, exports etc etc , which is why people’s standard reply was “immigration”!!!!

    Things are such a mess now and i actually feel sorry for Theresa May (and I never thought I would say that) as she is trying to do an impossible job as the polititions know that Brexit will leave us worse off, in the short at least.
    :j :j :j :j :j
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    After Christmas has come and gone I'm going to stock up with basics like tea, flour, dried milk etc. everyday things I'd really mind not having and then stop worrying and wait to see what actually does happen if or when the UK reaches whatever agreement it reaches with the European Union. I am not racist, ageist, anti European or particularly patriotic all I want is as good a life as it's possible to make by my own efforts as we get older. We've lived in Europe and loved it, I love going back to visit, I love living here in the UK too. I value the working people, the NHS staff, The professionals who come to work here from Europe and the rest of the world as they make very valuable contributions to that life in the UK and would fight to my utmost to have them allowed to stay and still come to make all our lives better. I'm older and won't take being blamed for the 'leave vote' I won't be called racist either people can be any colour creed and race and if I dislike them it will be because they aren't my kind of person NOT because of their colour, creed or race. I want both the EU and the UK to thrive and go forward successfully in all ways but in harmony not in anger as that achieves nothing. It is all an unknown and getting distressed with worry over what might happen only makes things worse. I'll wait for the end of March and actually see what DOES happen and cope with it!
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    I can't feel sorry for little miss 'go home vans'. She's driving us over a cliff because anything else means letting go of the wheel.

    We have a supply of basic medicines, and I've managed to save a couple of months antidepressants. We keep a solid stockpile of carbs (rice and pasta) and tins of chick peas, kidney beans, butter beans and tomatoes at all times anyway.

    It's the Acting out from angry people I'm most nervous of. Frustrated and hungry people can turn aggressive fast. I'm worried for people with mental health problems and other vulnerable folk. How can an expected rise in suicide rates if no deal Brexit goes ahead be thought of as acceptable?
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    Farway wrote: »
    In a no deal situation we control what comes in, so customs would be up to us to implement, or not

    Same with Irish border, we would not close it, maybe the Irish would like to? In that case it would be nose & face job for them as a lot of their exports use UK as a land bridge to the continent

    Keeping a tank of fuel would be common sense, but AFAIK the oil wells on the continent will still be dry[ joke] and oil will continue to flow from North Sea, Norway and as it does now, by tanker from Middle East


    In my mind the question isn't whether "We've made the rules - and so we can break them if it's necessary" re customs - but as to whether we are still a coherent enough country to "fight back and do so".

    I think we are still - just. It feels to me like Britain is at a distinct "tipping point" as to whether we are a coherent/united enough country to stand up for ourselves and take whatever action we need to to defend our right to leave the EU and "stand on our own two feet" again and make our own decisions for ourselves.

    We will get through this and I tend to think those "panicking" and "worrying" as to whether we will are probably those that voted to Remain - rather than being a realistic assessment as to what will happen when we leave. They are "worrying" in order to put pressure on us to have a 2nd Referendum and change our votes. I do not see it as any realistic basis for "OMG - the sky is falling in said Chicken Licken".
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    Personally i think it is the fact that this has been going on so long now and just keeps getting pushed down the road by those in charge that is the problem.
    We just need to be able to get on with it. It is the fear of the unknown that has been the problem and now all of a sudden the government and the EU both starting prepping for a no deal it has unsettled lots of folks.
    We are a highly educated and skilled country and once businesses know what’s happening they will plan accordingly. I think there will be hold ups in the supply chain and at the borders but we will cope until they sort themselves out.
    It’s not the end of the world if we need a travel document to go to Europe, we do it now for The US, Australia etc. We are a small country and a lot of us like to travel and other countries aren’t going to stop us visiting. Also with goods from abroad and going to Europe, for instance French farmers will soon make their voices heard if we can’t buy their goods.
    In the meantime I aim to stock up and be ready so that if there are holdups in the food supply I am ready and if not then it’s all stuff that won’t go to waste.
    Also I think it’s time to raise our voices a bit about the nastiness starting to happen. This has always been a tolerant country and it is beginning to be acceptable to abuse other races and religions and that’s not on. It we turn a blind eye it will grow and become the norm and that isn’t right.
    Sorry about my little rant. The powers that be are pathetic but it doesn’t mean we should be,
    Cuddles 😃
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    I'm sure we will be able to buy whatever we like from abroad. Watch all that money leaking out of the economy. In terms of generating money though, selling is gong to be trickier, as we are basically sticking two fingers up to our biggest buyer. They *don't* need us. British people don't even buy the stuff we make, why would anyone else?

    We can make our own food. Except the farms in the U.K. rely heavily on funding from the common agricultural policy, money from Europe. The government has agreed to maintain funding at that level for one year, and then overhaul. Studies I've read mostly suggest ditching the subsidies entirely, with the loss of things like sheep farming as an acceptable loss.

    Ireland stays European, Europe creates the border, that means people too, not just goods. If we no deal, we are no longer a convenient land bridge to the continent, why would they go through two borders, two sets of customs instead of a new less fussy route. And TBH I don't really care about economy, it's people I'm worried for. Anything that could precipitate a return to the troubles makes my blood run cold.

    This we'll make the best of it business all sounds very stoic and post war romantic, but there are complicated issues for specific groups this glosses over. You may be ok, but what about the very vulnerable?

    Where I live there's been a group of Roma move into the area. The blatant racism they face has shocked me. I grew up in a super multicultural area, I taught in multicultural schools, I've seen racism before plenty, casual and more explicit, I've never seen this level of vitriol. People are publicly emboldened to say things that they'd have only muttered to their friends before the vote. This racism harks back to the era of Enoch Powell. It's deeply unpleasant. Not all leave voters are racist, but the racists have become more brave.

    If everything is going to be so hunky dory, why the need for a prepping thread, why comment on it? Why have zero other European countries voted to leave? Why are supermarkets told to stockpile, and drug shortages expected?

    Sky might not fall in, but to sit out a potential hurricane because it might not be that bad seems unwise.

    Long dated tins and packets, essential medicine and kindness as an antidote to the unpleasantness surrounding this whole issue seem like the best preparation.
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    The point is that prepping is for just in case. If everything turns out ok it won’t go to waste and if we do need it then we are putting less strain on the shops so that others can buy the goods.
    Maybe this country will have to start producing more of its own food with less subsidies. That’s probably not a bad thing with food having to travel less to get to the plate but the overall problem at the moment is the interim period where nobody knows what is going to happen.
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