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    Living proof I had to have a little chuckle at that last part. My home is a 168 year old two up two down with bathroom terrace that was built for coal miners. I'm a prepper and have been stocking food to stand on my own two feet in a crisis. My home is small but food can be stored in many, many places. I wouldn't say we're hand to mouth but I would say we're careful to ensure we're not hand to mouth.

    It's all well and good having the idea that food banks are the way forward but spare a thought for the Ill amongst us.

    I'm 39, live on a hill and have a problem with my heart. I can no longer carry my shopping up the hill to my home. I can no longer carry shopping at all for any distance. I have a shopping trolley but it would cost me £4 in bus fayre to get one lot of food bank stuffs. If I'm ill or the weather is too bad, then if I leave the house I'm likely to exasserbate my problems. I also have asthma and stay indoors when the pollen is very high as being unable to breathe properly puts more strain on my heart. Add in the mix my asthma flaring in cold temps and my reaction to chimney smoke, life is a bit of a struggle for a lot of the time.

    I am one person with health issues. There will be many more out there in similar situations based on their need.

    So I'll continue to store food in my small pre common market built house and I'll still try to stand on my own two feet as best I can. I do this anyway, well before the Brexit word was ever invented. Life taught me a lesson y'see.
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    Remembering also that if we all send our spare food to the food banks then we ourselves will end up in the queue!
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    What I meant was that if there is such an increase in food bank usage at this stage, when everything is still relatively stable, where will the goods come from to fill them in the event of shortages post Brexit? I think we should all prioritise our own households but I hate to think that there may be starving families as a result. It will be worst for very rural poor as they have to travel such a long way, and maybe the shelves will be bare. Let's hope it doesn't come to all this and we will all be eating our sensibly store stocks throughout 2019!
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    I don't see how my buying a few extra tins of beans now will lead to starving families in the future. If there were shortages and I tried to take more than my fair share in the future I can see the injustice of that but we have a time of plenty of available food and if I have housekeeping left at the end of each week because I've managed to get something YS or on offer or because it's 2 for 1 then I invest that money in 'futures' which make the amount I have available go further. How would it help anyone if I just left things on the shelf now? I manage my finances as well as is possible, make choices on food and lifestyle and do without if I can't find what I'm after at a price I can afford to pay. That's life and always has been, in retirement you have to be frugal and make choices that are right for yourselves. I wouldn't like anyone to starve for any reason but we're not rich by any means and I'll be stocking up with what I can afford to ensure it won't be us.
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    Hi guys
    Personally I think I’m better buying a couple of extra bits a week now and carrying on that as needed. If everyone panics at the last minute emptying the shelves that helps no one.
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    cuddlymarm wrote: »
    Hi guys
    Personally I think I’m better buying a couple of extra bits a week now and carrying on that as needed. If everyone panics at the last minute emptying the shelves that helps no one.

    I agree. Now's the time to start seriously thinking about getting in extra stores. Most of the preserved items will have a very long shelf life. If you don,t have sufficient cupboard space, get down that suitcase from the loft.. Think about the essential long life items you would find it difficult to manage without or substitute and initially start now with one of each item. Then gradually build your emergency stocks from that base.

    Buying now will enable you to take advantage of special offers as they occur. And keep an inventory of exactly what you've got
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    great thread...there was an article in the mail ( I know) yesterday showing a lady with her stash got to say I'm getting a few bits in I have an asd son so I like to have in what he likes to eat as hes fussy

    I have a fair bit of tinned food and pasta also have not really doing it because I think prices will go up although I'm sure they will it is things being unavailable that oncerns me

    thankyou to all who list their stash its very useful
    onwards and upwards
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    I've basically adapted my "Ebola/zombie cupboard" to be a bit more Brexit specific; ie checked my main cupboards for which items are imported from the EU (fewer than you might think). I've mainly been buying more tinned tomatoes, pasta and a few extra bottles of olive oil. Just one extra tin per weekly shop will mean you can avoid any hideous last minute panic-buying chaos in late March.
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    And don't forget the Parmesan cheese !
    Would this freeze successfully wrapped in aluminium foil if there is no spare room in the fridge ?
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    Primrose I don't know about freezing in tin foil. It might OK but I never put open tins in the fridge and I have the same instinct with foil. Hopefully someone will know for sure.

    My preps are heavily for winter issues but no deal Brexit is a real possibility. Even if people aren't a believer in prepping I would say that come a no deal there will be a panic and at the very least get yourselves a stock in ready to avoid the crush, the empty shelves and the stress.
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