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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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    I think perhaps the secret of using tinned veg is to mix it in with some fresh veg is something like soup where the flavour all tend to blend together.  If you have fresh veg with a strong flavour  like onion, garlic,  celery In a liquid mixture some of the other flavours are dissipated.  Not really soup making weather but perhaps worth a try when the weather gets colder.
    Alternatively  try mixing some of them in a cottage or shepherds pie mixture where you have other strong meat flavours to distract. 

  • boazuboazu Forumite
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    I've dried mushrooms very successfully in the dehydrator but only the ones from the shop and they reconstitute with a different chewier texture which we don't like.  If I dry any more I'll bone dry them and then grind them very fine to use in soups.
  • PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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    Yes, all varieties of dried mushrooms do have a chewier texture.  You get used to it but it does seem a little strange at first. 
  • nannygladysnannygladys Forumite
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    I have been restocking my cupboards as I used quite a bit up over 'don't go out' lockdown. So its all the tins and dried stuff already mentioned and the cleaning, washing and toiletries oh and OTC medicines, but only stuff I like and will use, I have learnt the hard way and ended up with some toiletries I couldn't stand the smell off and some tinned carrots! mind you my daughter benefitted and thought it was great!!!

    I have started doing my grocery shop once a fortnight, so I always buy an extra four things when I go, I have been concentrating on tea coffee and sugar the last couple of times, I think it may be tomato related the next couple of times! and I make sure I don't use them by keeping them separate I know its a slow way of building up stocks but as an oap its the sensible way for me. 
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  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    As someone who is younger I agree with your sensible way nannygladys, I get 2 extra things a week, been topping up herbs and spices last month, cleaning stuff is this months aims.
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  • missychrissymissychrissy Forumite
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    I think it’s important to remember to rotate your stores and use the oldest first. It’s so easy for things to get pushed to the back or the bottom and get forgotten about. I know I’ve done it. Even dried foods, herbs and spices and tinned goods have a limited lifespan. I try to go through all my food cupboards once a year and make sure all things with shortest date life go to the front and anything that’s passed it’s bb date goes out on worktop to remind me to use it. 
    I clearly hadn’t done every cupboard for a while. About 3 weeks into lockdown my youngest son asked me if I had any bread flour and yeast as he couldn’t get any. I went through the cupboards and found a full 1.5kg, unopened bag of strong white flour dated bbd 2016  and some dried yeast in the fridge bbd 2017. He gave them a go and they made perfectly good bread. Because the
    flour was in a shallow wall cupboard I thought I knew everything in there and had missed it.

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