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trick or treat??

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
just dont answer the door



  • sairzsairz Forumite
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    does my head in dont mind if i only get a few but usualy they start at about 4 and can go on till about 10 knocking every 2 minutes,dont take my kids dont want them knocking on strangers doors asking for money too dangerous these days so i just throw them a little dress up halloween party,my other half dresses up and tries to scare the trick or treaters away ;D
    Sairz xx
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  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    My little un loves it gets dressed up and friend whose own kid is now too old to go goes with him (cos I don't think I could).
    Money saving for me, saves me loads in treats in following weeks!!! ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    When we used to live elsewhere used to get knocking from mid sept onwards. Not one of em knew when Halloween was - moved away before my own had to go yo local school!!!! ;) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Seriously - we have family in Canada where Halloween is big and there the rule is if light is on at front eg porch,hallway, lounge then treak or treaters are welcome. If these lights are off (even if others in house are on) you don't call.

    Would be simple to adopt that 'rule' here.
  • mink35mink35 Forumite
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    When we used to live elsewhere used to get knocking from mid sept onwards.

    Maybe not quite that early here but definitely not just on 31st. Bit like Christmas carollers - they start on 1 December! Does my head in. (Once got four carol singers at door and was so fed up I told them I would give them a fiver each if they could sing the whole of the carol they had started - silent night. Needless to say it was a silent night! ;D )
  • Tim_LTim_L Forumite
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    Oh, do what I do.

    When they ask trick or treat, smile pleasantly and say "oh, trick, definitely".

    Then take your head off and chase them down the road.

    Works for me every time.
  • Lucie_2Lucie_2 Forumite
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    My brother in law has been known to stick a sign saying "No trick or treaters" on the front door!! It worked too.
    I buy a few chupa chups lollies if I remember & don't mind giving them out to the little ones who call early on, around teatime.
    It's the teenagers who come knocking at 9pm with just a mask on under their burberry cap saying (adopt Kevin the teenager type bored voice now) "trickertreat" that I ignore.

    I like the porch light on idea Spendless. The bulb's gone in mine ha ha!
  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
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    just dont answer the door

    ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • GladGlad Forumite, Board Guide
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    If anybody knocks before 31st for halloween, or 5th Nov for 'penny for the guy' etc, I just say I'm sorry I havn't stocked up yet, please come back on the correct night,
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  • I generally get some cheap sweets and stuff in - making sure I have some stuff suitable for asian children too. (Although as we have moved house recently it mightn't be as necessary) Otherwise it costs an awful lot more to give them cash. I also have some vaguely healthy options, and make sure little ones don't get things with nuts in. I have a couple of mixing bowls of stuff in the hallway, so when I answer the door I can offer them easily.

    I tell any kids who come round beforehand to come back on the right day - but I do it with humour in case they decide to play a nasty trick a day or two early ;)

    Oh, and if I'm working that night, my husband doesnt' answer the door in case it looks 'weird'... :(
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  • bugsbugs Forumite
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    The theory I don't mind but the reality is that virtually nobody makes any effort, so in this country, in most places, it comes down to begging with menaces!

    I actually see every year in our street, parents pull up in cars, dump a load of children in the street, and drive off leaving the children to go trick or treating! There is so much wrong with that I don't know where to start.

    As an insurance policy I buy fun sized chocs but I've never had to use them yet. And I frankly don't bother about peanuts or quality stuff: it's all labelled and if you're begging for stuff it's up to you (or your parents) to check out if it's OK. If you're that delicate, don't spend dark evenings knocking on strange doors.

    We plan every hallowe'en, if we're in, with something good to watch and all the lights off. With our thick curtains and double glazing you can't see anyone's in, and our house looks pretty intimidating as it is because we're still doing up the inside.

    I dare say someone will come along and say we're all being miserable, weren't you ever children etc? I wish I didn't have to do this - I'd be happy to have the local children call round and happy to give them treats and act (badly) being scared - but I spend all year being scared of them as they hang around and wouldn't recognise a local child from a non-local one, even if you showed me their police record.

    I find it all pretty depressing really.

    I like the performance-pay for carol singers idea though!
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  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
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    i must admit, i wouldn't let my kids go out trick or treating. far too scary to be knocking on stangers doors.
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