MSE News: Ryanair reduces check-in window to two days - unless you pay to reserve a seat

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Budget airline Ryanair is reducing its check-in window from four days before flights to two days from Wednesday 13 June - unless you buy a reserved seat...
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'Ryanair reduces check-in window to two days - unless you pay to reserve a seat'
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  • Just pay to reserve your seat, it's not going to break the bank is it.
  • zagfles
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    Thanks for the warning. Not such a big deal these days with most people having smartphones and so can easily use the Ryanair app with free roaming or wifi to checkin and get their mobile boarding passes.
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    Call me all the names you like about not being a true money-saver... but I refuse to even look at Ryanair flights on comparison websites anymore. A holiday is not a holiday if it starts with a feeling of dread in your stomach as you arrive at the airport, worrying in case you have fallen foul of one of Ryanair's many underhand tactics. This kind of unnecessary, spiteful profiteering just further proves it.

    If you think I'm soft because 'if you just follow the rules, you'll be alright', then save your words; just be glad that I'm leaving more of the cheap seats for you.
  • prowla
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    Most airlines only allow check-in on the same day, don't they?
  • stevie11
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    prowla wrote: »
    Most airlines only allow check-in on the same day, don't they?

    Within 24 hours.
  • jpsartre
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    prowla wrote: »
    Most airlines only allow check-in on the same day, don't they?

    But those airlines also allow you to check in at the airport free-of-charge.
  • jackieblack
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    Already a thread on this (started before this one)
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    MSE says "If you do want to cancel, Ryanair says you must notify it by Saturday 19 May – you can do this by calling its customer service team on 0871 246 0000."

    Why isn't MSE making a huge fuss about

    1. Ryanair changing the rules in the middle of the game (can they legally do this?); and

    2. Using an 0871 Service Charge number costing up to 68p per minute for Customer service purposes in breach of the Consumer Contracts: Information, Cancellation and Additional Payments Regulations 2013 ?

    It seems that MSE or Ryanair have quoted the wrong number. The 0871 number is for NEW bookings, where it is legal to use a rip-off number provided that the mandatory Ofcom price warning is also given. However, Ryanair have the Basic Rate number 0330 1007 838 for post booking enquiries.

    I'm disappointed that MSE haven't spotted this.
  • JasonLVC
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    I thught Ryan Air/O'Leary made a big statement a couple of years ago about how they were goin to be nicer people to deal with.
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  • PasturesNew
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    I don't even know what this is/means... how can you check in if you're not there? To me, the language "check in" means "Hello, here I am, standing in front of you, so I can check in, to get onto the plane I expect to shortly be viewable through the windows".

    You can tell I've never flown .... and I never expect to as it's really not my level of affluence to travel where a plane would be required.
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