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ParkingEye County Court Defence- I have proof?

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    Hi Coupon-Mad

    I have to attend court on the 9th August to defend a case against CEL.

    I parked in a hotel car park that had a reciprocal arrangement with the gym I attended at the time, the day I attended I had no idea about the new system and it was not until I started receiving letters that I was told to ignore (I know big mistake) that as I was aware.

    My future visits to the gym and before I received the fine I was told to enter my reg number in an ipad, which i did. I spoke to the hotel to complain and they just said I had to go through CEL there is nothing they can do.

    The Gym provided proof that I attended and I have asked them to write to me now and tell me a) If CEL still have the contarct at the hotel b) what is there contractual/noncontractual arrangement and c) A very clear statement informing the court that I had authority to park in the car park.

    I have been through mediation whereby they asked for £300 and I refused and now I have a court date and need some help :(.

    I was not aware about these threads until a lady in the court pointed me this way as she said they are being inundated with these claims.

    hopefully you can help me.
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    Sally - you need to start your own thread and not hijack someone's thread otherwise it will get very confusing.

    have you read the Newbies thread about defending court claims?
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    I have to attend court on the 9th August to defend a case against CEL.
    You shouldn't have a hearing at all, had you defended it as per this forum.

    We see no hearings at all. We do see court dates allocated, but they always discontinue when we help someone defend a CEL case.

    So you need to read the second post of the NEWBIES FAQS thread as you are at Witness Statement (WS) and evidence stage and TODAY is 14 days before the hearing...and you know from the hearing letter that you have to get all evidence and your WS in (to the Court and CEL) on time. Thus far you have merely written some random words in defence - no evidence!

    Spend the day doing the WS and evidence (please don't ask how to do that, the NEWBIES thread has examples!) and in fact get it taken tomorrow morning in person to the court, before 1pm. One day late, in the morning, is gonna have to be OK.

    Don't reply here at all please, you need to read what I pointed you to then start your own thread showing us:

    - your defence words

    - your draft WS and evidence (if I am right and you've dropped that ball & need to kick it again).

    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
  • I've received a letter from debt recovery plus. Basic story is, my wife went to toys r us and parked up, went round toys r us and, being pregnant, had a sudden urge to use the toilet. There wasn't a customer toilet there so her friend drove her over to burger King. They decided to have some food then head back to shop, meaning in the end she went 19 minutes over her 2 hour time.
    Silly me, I forgot to change the address on the V5 when we moved two weeks later so the fine was sent to our old house (now correct, realised about a month later).
    Issue now is, toys r us are closed so I can't go to them to contact the G24 Ltd. My fault for not changing the V5 so it's not like I could have appealed it initially. Now I'm threatened if I don't pay I'll go to court and it now stands at £160 which, with a baby coming in around 2 weeks, is something I can't afford.
    What advice would you have? The car park has about 150 spaces but if there was ever 20 cars there it would be deemed busy. There are no other stores there, just toys r us.
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    You need to read the Newbie section, two clicks back third post down, where you will see all the information you require. After careful, comprehensive & repeated reading of the sticky and if you still have questions, start your own thread and ask your questions(s).
    Never reveal who was driving, the driver parked, the keeper is responding to the NTK
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    What advice would you have?
    PlasticLegs, the best advice for you is to read the NEWBIES FAQ sticky thread.

    If, having done that, you still have questions then please start your own thread.

    Trying to address the different issues of two different people can only lead to confusion.
  • Le_KirkLe_Kirk Forumite
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    Need to type quicker Keith! Wow, it ain't often I beat you!
  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    1) You are politely asked not to post until after you have read and understood the advice in the newbies faq thread near the top of the forum

    2) Your questions are all covered in the FAQ

    3) If you have need for further advice you must start your own thread and not hijack someone else's like this

    Please delete your post above which is irrelevant to this thread
  • Sincerely apologies as i was not aware will have a read and consult if i need further advice and will delete the post thanks
  • Since this has been resurrected, is there an outcome to the OP's case? Some interesting arguments put forward by Coupon-mad and it'd be useful to know how well they floated.
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