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Green Motion Car Hire {Edited by Forum Team}???

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edited 6 November 2018 at 10:50AM in Flights, Currency & Car Hire
{Edited by Forum Team} After renting with Green Motion in Glasgow I returned the car and the agent got a camera out and started to check UNDER the car, finding a scuff mark on the underside of the bumper. I got hit for £769 in charges for a new bumper. The damage report form has no facility to record damage on the underside of the vehicle and the agent who rented me the car and walked me round the whole thing checking it certainly didn't get on the floor to look underneath nor get a camera to look. I've complained to no avail and have escalated it to the BVRLA, but am not optimistic. In the meantime, be careful if you rent from this company.


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    There was another post on this form recently of someone who'd been done over by Green Motion. If I remember it was something like a windscreen chip. When they asked for a repair invoice, so they could claim from their car hire excess insurance, Green Motion provided an invoice from a few months previous - before they'd even hired the car!

    They've also featured on national TV for their sharp practices. Charging huge amounts for tiny "damages", looking for damage in crazy places, charging multiple customers for the same defects - and never repairing it etc

    Definitely a horror show of a company to stay away from!
  • Just got back from Florida after booking (and paying in full for) Green Motion through Zest. Arrived at Miami , went to their off site office and was told that they had run out of cars! To cut a very long story short they were less than helpful and we ended up having to get another very expensive hire through National. We also lost a couple of days of holiday trying to resolve the matter. Currently trying to get compensation.
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    In early March my wife booked a rental car through Green Motion (Gatwick) and paid them a non-refundable deposit (equivalent to more than one day of the fourteen day rental). The booking was from noon to noon but, when we turned up to collect the car (at 4pm) we were told that we were a "no show" as we were more than two hours late.

    In order to get a car we had to pay an additional £193.20 for an "upgrade" as they claimed they had no more small cars left, our reserved one having been taken by another customer. They pointed out the "two hour rule" on page six of the eight pages of small print at the back of the rental agreement.

    My contention is that, since we had paid a non-refundable deposit for more than the first day of rental they should have, at least, held the booking for us until the close of business that day.

    In addition, the risk of losing the booking for a "late show" should be spelt out in the main conditions on the first page of the Agreement, not tucked away in small print on page six of eight. None of the other major car rental companies has such a tight restriction and, by hiding this "abnormal condition" away, Green Motion are using it as a way to extract penalties from unsuspecting people.

    Bearing in mind that the majority of people renting cars at Gatwick are probably from outside the UK and do not have English as their first language, expecting them to read through and understand eight pages of terms and conditions is unreasonable. If a restrictive condition such as this one is not spelt out in normal print on the first page of the contract then it should have no legal validity.
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    I saw a newspaper article about this only (last?) week, in the online Guardian I recall. There's plenty of dirt on Green Motion with many people recounting the same sort of stories.
  • Do people rent from these people for a bet or is it just an attempt at money saving . The stories just keep coming about these gash outfits I will just stick with Hertz ,Avis or if I am feeling a bit adventurous Alamo/National.
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    I also had terrible experience with Green Motion - their Gatwick branch. And perhaps I was lucky that because they don't take Amex (which I had booked the car with) I ended up leaving without a car. And with the manager shouting at me that she didn't care!
    Here's what happened with me. And yes, I was suckered in by their amazingly cheap headline price. I won't be again.
    Green Motion try to sell you expensive insurance that you don't need, and will use scare tactics to do so - basically telling you how punitive their charges will be if there is any damage to the car on return, and that you need to protect yourself from these excessive charges by taking out their over priced insurance. Astounding! I heard several customers being borderline bullied using this hardline tactic. When I took a photo of the laminated point of sale information detailing the different insurance packages, they freaked out and got incredibly aggressive and threatened to both call the police and blacklist me. They also don't take Amex, which is what I had used to book the car, and I ended up leaving without a car and with the manager shouting at me in front of everyone that she didn't care. The manager then followed me outside and - treating me like I was a criminal (my crime, to only have an Amex card) - she shouted that I had to delete the photo on my phone right then, showing her that I was doing it, and also showing her that I didn't have other photos. She told me unless I did this immediately then she was going to call the police, and also flag something against my name which would mean that no UK hire companies, not just GM, would rent to me. I felt that she had no right to do this, and doubted that she could do that. But I was quite upset by this time, and feeling flustered by her threatening behaviour while I stood outside their cabin wondering what I was going to do. So I deleted the photo and showed her. But before I did that, I emailed it to myself :) I've never experienced anything like it in a so called service company. While I was there, 3 other customers were also having arguments about their charges. Avoid them at all costs is my advice.
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    Hello, I also got {Edited by Forum Team} by Green Motion and prepared this form (I'm not allowed to post links here so search in Linkedin for "green motion {Edited by Forum Team} report") so everybody can compare their {Edited by Forum Team} car number and details and see if they were charged for the same "scratches" and "damages". Please fill the details of your {Edited by Forum Team} in this form, this way we hope to match the {Edited by Forum Team}and bring the people of Green Motion to justice and Please share this with your friends so we can get as much {Edited by Forum Team} as possible from their customers
  • Hi, Similar problem on May 13, 2018. In Glasgow. We actually did cause some damage and they kept 2,500 GBP to cover what was probably 300 GBP of damages. However, they have refused to have any communications with us since the week after the accident. Does anyone know who the authorities are that should be contacted for assistance? We don't live in the UK or have easy access. Jim
  • Do not deal with company they are DISHONEST.
    We were unlucky enough to choose the above company from which to hire a car last week.
    Upon returning the vehicle, the employee went directly to look a rear wheel and ‘found’ a tiny nick in the wall of the tyre. We stated that we had certainly not caused the damage. Whereupon we were asked if we wanted to dispute the damage to which we replied that we most definitely did, and signed a form to that effect. We were then told that an 'investigation' by head office would be carried out and that we would be notified.
    Upon returning home that night however, we found to our dismay that the sum of £306 had already been debited from our credit card. (We have subsequently discovered that the replacement cost of a tyre for this vehicle would be approx. just £80)!! We have not received any details of how thie company arrived at this figure.
    Being astonished at this cavalier attitude, we then found many other similar complaints from customers regarding this company's practices dating back as far as 2012.
    Several reputable companies have removed them from list of recommended partners.
    Please do beware and don’t not get conned as we were.
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    There are so many threads on tripadvisor about Green Motion. None of them favourable
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