Cheery's country living adventure

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    Was that the Amex card Cheery? We’ve always put that one off because of the restricted places that take it but it might be worth doing just short term to get the cashback - it’s not like there’s any others out there offering hard cash these days is it! 

    We’re looking to trim things a bit in November too - probably just ordinary frugal rather than Uber frugal but more than happy to keep you company on a belt-tightening month. For us it will be mainly the food spends I think, plus working to get ahead of ourselves on the CC thing. Plus for me chipping away at that 0% card - the sooner it’s gone the sooner I get the money I’m paying to it back each month! 
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    Such progress on the house, Cheery, that's great!  And the bills, well I guess there's some to be trimmed off food and household, but not much, really not, especially in light of the huge increases in some items recently - my 250g of mango chutney went up from £1 to 1.59, and I was so shocked I cancelled it for my Thursday delivery  :D I'd like to see if I can make my own fruit chutney at one stage or another.  Or at least plump up some raisins overnight and chuck them in an ordinary chutney  :D

    As for actual belt tightening - I was thinking of you yesterday, as my niece in law that I met up with now goes to SW :) though no gym any more, not with a 7 month old baby  <3  

    Good luck with the November figures :) 
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