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    Yes I thought it was very cheeky! But no harm done. 

    Mr Cheery is NOT a planner and gets quite overwhelmed at the thought of planning and lists... Good job one of us is organised I say.

    Anyway. First coat of sealant is on, hooray! You'll be pleased to hear we are having a cuppa while it dries 😁

    It was actually really easy to put on. The hardest thing about this whole job has been trying to get the suds rinsed off after the industrial cleaner - they recommend a wet/dry vac which we don't have 🙄 The sealant just went on with a paint roller on a long pole in about 30 seconds 😁

    It's as clean as it's going to get now. I can't get rid of those stains in the middle without hiring an industrial buffing machine, which I'm not doing now. If we decide to do that in the future then fine, but in reality I suspect we'll just live with it.

    Cladding isn't in the garage yet... 
    Taking a break from the internet for May
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