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2019 Wedding

edited 28 July 2019 at 4:24PM in Weddings & Anniversaries
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  • Aw congrats, FW
    *hugs returned* & Thank you so much :)

    Tramadol was fin on wednesday evening but thursday I couldn't stop being sick but it was because of that and all the other meds i was taking at once(as told so by the dr) so now I only take it at night if i need to but i'm on neproxen & paracetmol for day time as well as antibiotics. they also gave me med to take once a day with anti-inflamatorys to help line the stomach & protect it from stomac acids.

    Yesterday was awful I was sick 3 times ; twice people rushed over to see if i was okay...bless them
    in public then 4 times at home. I was knocked out all day , my sister came over but i didn't really see her as such as i was so ill

    Today I am slowly progressing, I've got some of my appetite back after not eating for 3 days & although i feel drowsy i can wash up & sit up. the pain is slowly going but still rather painful.

    Not done much wedding planning though i was sharing bits of my wedding on facebook wedding groups to help others & got a lot of tips & ideas . I'm reworking my budget as i found a helpful guide from hitched about a £5,000 wedding so I'm readjusting prices for everything to see if i can cut down the costs a lot more.

    I can't wait until October as we can finally put a date in place ready for next year ! Well i hope , anyway
    Wedding Fund: £1107.23 / £2,500 Xmas'18: £100.00 / £300.00 Emergency Fund: £100.00 / £1,000H2B ISA: £30.50
  • Exciting!!!
    Mtg Balance £147,000 : Savings £7,000 / £10,000

    Getting married in October 2018 :beer:
  • Can't wait to hear about the final bits of your wedding planning, FW!

    TODAY I am over the moon;
    I feel so proud!

    I've just put £65 away into our wedding fund.

    That now means we have

    The deposit for the registry office , The money for the room we'd like to get married in & the cost of it for a saturday (There's an £115 difference between firday & saturday) , The marriage notice for the both of us ,The marriage certificate on the day

    and finally today I was able to put £95 away for the reception venue deposit!! (This was the last thing and thought i'd have to wait until next month to fullfill this)

    we would have more than enough to cover if needed or if extra costs arise between now & then or if they don't , I'd love to have money for the wedding rings saved by then too or at least most of it.

    I'd like to say we'd only spend £150 on the rings each but I've budgeted £250 each as I've seen a few that over slightly over budget.
    Wedding Fund: £1107.23 / £2,500 Xmas'18: £100.00 / £300.00 Emergency Fund: £100.00 / £1,000H2B ISA: £30.50
  • Sorry I am blathering on, but I am getting stupidly excited now.

    We bought Mr FWs suit yesterday. Reduced from £280 to £135. Extra discount because we knew the man when we were younger!

    Notice being given end of July. The same day we are going to the reception venue to finalise menu's and stuff like that. Only thing now is SIL doesn't want to book time off work to come. So we'll see, told her she has to let me know by the time we go to finalise with the venue.
    Mtg Balance £147,000 : Savings £7,000 / £10,000

    Getting married in October 2018 :beer:
  • Raging MIL is moaning to partner about cost of the suit, that I bloody well paid for. So fed up, I really wish she'd stop going on about how much this wedding is costing me when it truly is nothing to do with her (she is not contributing to anything). I'm not bitter that she isn't, far from it, but sooooo fed up.
    Mtg Balance £147,000 : Savings £7,000 / £10,000

    Getting married in October 2018 :beer:
  • Sorry. needed the rant yesterday. Feel calmer today.
    Mtg Balance £147,000 : Savings £7,000 / £10,000

    Getting married in October 2018 :beer:
  • elleJay42elleJay42 Forumite
    165 posts
    Fifth Anniversary 100 Posts Name Dropper
    I sympathise with you Financialwizard, I've got both ends of the spectrum to contend with, my parents think nothing of spending £1000 on a dress and thousands on the 'right' venue and the in laws think we should just be doing it in their back garden (2 hours from anywhere, no hotels near by and no parking)

    I told her I'd managed to make the save the dates for £6 which I was really proud of and she just said I shouldn't have bothered with them *face palm* We have guests coming from America and Australia, I guess we could have just emailed them but it'll be nice to get it in the post
    Total debt at LBM = £4861.03

    DFBXmas2018 #91 - £3342 / £3500 (95.4%)

    HTB ISA - £0 withdrawn for house purchase! :D
    Wedding Fund £2550 / £5000
  • It's okay Fw, I'd be fuming too!

    As you all know , my mum dont give a care of I'm getting married or not so I know how that feels , fw.

    That's really good,Elle!
    It's still a nice memento.

    I'm probably going to S.T.Ds as for an example, my MIL is a carer for the elderly and has a strict Rota so shed need a massive heads up.

    I'll probably send these out after we finally choose a date.

    I'm taking a step back from wedding planning as I have a lot of paper work to do in my work as I've got school leavers reports and their development books to update and I've got parents evening coming up so I'm extremely busy for the moment.

    My relationship is more than okay just need some time to get myself sorted in work
    Wedding Fund: £1107.23 / £2,500 Xmas'18: £100.00 / £300.00 Emergency Fund: £100.00 / £1,000H2B ISA: £30.50
  • Totally misread S.T.Ds for a minute...ha ha ha ha ha

    Threw my toys at the pram at mil yesterday so she is now clear that I will not tolerate interference any longer.

    Anyway, everything now sorted apart from music, which we are agonising over. Had a not so last minute inclusion but as she is my child I will forgive her :)

    Truly cannot wait to be Mrs FW now :)
    Mtg Balance £147,000 : Savings £7,000 / £10,000

    Getting married in October 2018 :beer:
  • I hate the term s.t.ds for save the dates (I was in a rush to type so that's my excuse) I always giggle at immature I know but it's so funny on wedding planning boards , trust .

    Aha nice one , Fw !
    Aw that's nice .

    I'll need to sit down with my F.h and ask him what dates he wants to book off to sorted wedding stuff out . I can only get some dates in October... perfect time to book our date though.

    I got tons of holidays to use.
    Wedding Fund: £1107.23 / £2,500 Xmas'18: £100.00 / £300.00 Emergency Fund: £100.00 / £1,000H2B ISA: £30.50
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